Mainland Tv Fashion Show and Awards 2018

Mainland Tv Fashion Show and Awards

Here are 50 Prestigious Award Categories to look out for at

Mainland Tv Fashion Show And Awards 2018, 5th Anniversary

as Nomination kicks off August 15th and expected to end September 10th 2018.

Here are the Categories:

1, Fashion Designer Of The Year

2, Fashion Make up artist Of The Year

3, Fashion Accessory Designer Of The Year

4, Most Fashionable Artist Of The Year [Male]

5,Most Fashionable Artist Of The Year [Female]

6, Most Fashionable Tv Personality Of The Year

7, Most Fashionable Radio Personality Of The Year

8,Fashion Fascinators Of The Year

9, Most Fashionable Actor Of The Year

10, Most Fashionable Actress Of The Year

11, Model Of The Year [Male]

12, Model Of The Year [Female]

13, Commercial Model Of The Year

14, Modeling Agency Of The Year

15, Fashion Stylist Of The Year

16, Fashion Hair Stylist Of The Year

17, Most influential Actress of the year

18, Fashion Supportive Brand Of The Year

19, Most Fashionable Beauty Queen Of The Year

20, Most Fashionable Pageant King of The Year

21, Fashion Supportive Blog Of The Year

22, Fashion Entrepreneur Of The Year

23, Fashion Creative Student Of the Year

24, fashion photographer of the year

25, fashion Event decoration of the year

  1. Most fashion supportive Government of year

27 Most Supportive Mother of the year

28, Most Supportive Father Of the year

29, Most Supportive Television of the year

30, Most Supportive Choreographer of the year

31, Most Supportive Publisher of the year

32, Most Fashion Bead Designer of the year

33, Most Fashionable Motivational Speaker of the year

34, Best House of Assembly of the year

35, Best Hotel and facilities of the year

36, Supportive Comedian of the year

37, Most Fashionable skin therapist of the year

38, Most Supportive Actor of the year

39, Most Supportive Actress of the year

40, Most Supportive Fashion Designer of the year

41, Best Fashion illustration of the year

42, Best fashion Cosmetic of the year

43, Best Environmentalist of the year

44, Best dress of the year. Female

45, Best Dress of the year Male

46 Most influential blogger of the year

47, Most fashion blogger of the year

48, Most InfluentialTv Personality of the year Female

49Most Influential Tv Personality of the year Male

50, Most Sponsor of the year

#Nominate yourself, your favourite Star or someone who have elevated you or someone around you. ‎

Send details(Nominee name,category & contact details) to ‎SMS +2348024106169 and WhatsApp only to +2347063770435 follow instagram @monnelmodelingagency1 ‎


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