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“Look, Nicholas let me be, am not the only girl on earth na haba, why won’t you let me be? I have told you that i never want to be a part of your life so get that into your head and leave my room this minute” i said.
“Never! You are mine and mine alone and am going to take it whether you like it or not” Nicholas said and landed me a hot slap on my face and started struggling to get the file i held, he put his leg between mine and pushed me making me lose my balance and as i fell on a couch i let go of the file, he gave me a wicked grin with mocking eyes.
“You are mine, get that into that pea brain of yours. This divorce would never work” He said and turned to leave the room, but i couldn’t have him leave with the file, so i grabbed a pen knife on my make up table and rushed on him and hit him three times on his neck, he had a shocked expression with tears forming in his eyes, he raised his hand to his neck and pressed it against his bleedy neck and fell heavily on the ground.
“Wha..what..t..have i done? Oh my God! Help, help, somebody please help me” i screamed and rushed to the lifeless body of Nicholas and held him in his pool of blood.
“Jesu! Jesus!” i sat up on my student size bed and placed my right hand on my chest as if it would stop from beating faster, ignoring the droplets of sweat on my face i moved my head from one direction of my room to another searching for a proof of the incident. “It’s just a dream, thank God. Nicholas you shall not die, what kind of a dream is this? No it would not happen. Where ever you are, in the sea, in the sky, in the underworld i come against premature death from my life, from Nicholas life, from the life of his family and mine………..” i prayed like i have never done before that night and decided i’d go talk to Nicholas that day and make up for my actions.
I walked into NCL that morning, lost in my thoughts. I later put a call through to Deborah and left the office for the hospital, and getting there i met the doctor who told me that Nicholas has been taken home, ofcourse i thought she was lying and so i called his mum and she told me he was already at home. I thanked the doctor and left for the Omonaiye’s place which took me about thirty minutes to get there due to traffic.
I knocked on the gate on getting there, and the gateman welcomed me inside.
“Sister, good afternoon ma, how work? Abeg no vex say i never come see you, as concerning oga Nicholas accident. You know say he like you die, but now wey he don blind and paralyze i doubt say you go marry am” the gateman said.
“Afternoon to you too, i am not the type to run away from your oga you hear me? By the way where is he?”i asked politely.
“He and my oga and madam dey inside since they return from hospital. Sister Ronke still dey work, she never return” he answered.
“Okay have this” i sighed and gave him a one thousand naira note then walked to the main building and entered when the door was answered by a young lady in her early twenties.
“Good afternoon, please am here to see the Omonaiyes” i said and cleared my throat giving the girl a long look.
“Good afternoon to you too, come inside” she said giving me a rude look.
I met Nicholas parents who introduced the girl as Rita, the daughter of a late friend who has come to stay with them for a while. I knew deep down that i didn’t like her and concluded that she was a badluck as i knocked on Nicholas door and entered.
“Who is that?” he asked calmly.
“It’s Gloria sir, how are you sir” i asked as i picked a position on his bed and sat down.
“Why are you again? Why did they let you in? I told them not to let you in.” Nicholas retorted

“Please Nicholas, i know am the cause of your predicament and that you would never forgive me but i want you to find a place in your heart to forgive me” i said in tears.
“Forgive? Will i get back my happiness? Will i get a woman to marry me this way? Will i even be able to see and walk again?” he asked.
“Yes my love you would. I am going to be with you until this storm is over, this i promise with the whole of my heart” i said now on my knees
“Wait! Your love? Did i just hear that right? Did the almighty Gloria just call me her love?” Nicholas asked amused.
“Yes i did Nicholas, i am and have always been inlove with you, but pride wouldn’t let me tell you how i felt, am sorry i hurt you and i accept the blame for your accident and so i promise to be by your side till the end” i said.
“This is amazing, just like in the movies. Please leave when you are tired of mocking me my heart bleeds already” Nicholas said and sniffed.
“Why would i mock you? That is the last thing i would do, i am also hurt seeing you this way, i would do anything to see you smile again”I answered quickly.
“Oh, so you do it then because you pity me? Com’on Glory you can do better than this. I don’t need pity, i need true love. I want to get married before i go abroad for my operation and you are not even going to help me, so just go” Nicholas said calmly.
“How sure are you that am not for real? Baby i love you, and am ready to be your woman before and after the operation, please just give me a chance” I said making a funny face at him.
“I have a feeling you are not for real” Nicholas murmured.
“I am for real my love, i want to be your wife and the mother of your unborn kids” i said.
“Really? I heard you are a virgin how do you plan doing that?” he asked with a grin and i felt embarrassed.
“Make me your wife and you would know how i plan doing that, i also heard you are a virgin is that true?” i asked.
“Are you laughing at me?” he asked and tried raising his brow through the bandage face but end up whimpering.
“No i am not, i would never do that. Am sorry, am so sorry baby, please don’t move, just rest okay?” i said stroking his hand.
“Okay, thanks Glory, i would think about your proposal and give you a reply in twenty four hours” he said murmuring.
“Okay thanks. Can i kiss you?” I asked him as i sat back on his bed.
“Kiss me? Did you kiss me yesterday? I felt a lip on mine, and heard your voice, thought it was a dream” he pretended.
“Yes i did” i said shyly.
“It’s romantic, when you kiss without the person giving you the go ahead. Kiss me passionately, i want to know how you feel.”he said with a smile and when we kissed it was heavenly and it lasted some minutes without any of us breaking up the kiss until we heard the door open. “Yeah caught in the act you would say, but who cares? We are so inlove” i thought.
“Don’t you have some dignity? Why force yourself on a sick man? Are you sure you are okay?” Rita said to me and turned towards Nicholas. “Am so sorry dear, hope she didn’t hurt you?” she pushed me from the bed and sat there instead.
“No, Rita am okay, i told her to kiss me, i missed her you know but it was wrong of you not knocking, what if you had seen something else?” Nicholas said
“My love, please go with Rita to the kitchenand get me something to eat, i am hungry i want you to feed me too. Thanks Rita, for checking on me.” Nicholas said.
“Okay baby” i said and followed Rita out of the room.


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