Married Episode 14

Mr. Williams paced his sitting room slowly with a wine glass in his
hands. His thoughts were in disarray. Thinking back, he was not happy
with what he did. When he had planted that camera, he hadn’t
expected to find something so pathetic. The couple had portrayed the
act of close intimacy when he saw them. The look in his son’s eyes
when he stared at his wife was one of longing and desire. It had been
so perfect. Little did he know then that it was all a script. That his
son could act so perfectly was so unbelievable.
Love. He remembered that Andy had mentioned something about being
in love with Jessica. ‘He’d better not’ he thought firmly. He knew
that that woman was so stunning and that any man would fall
senselessly for her. Even he himself was floored when he saw his
daughter-in-law, but he later realized that the little wench was using
her exquisite beauty for other means. How perfect it is to make Andy
fall for her; it would be easier for her to extort money from him. 20
million was nothing but he could not allow a woman to toy with his
son’s heart. The poor boy hadn’t been able to get over the death of
his love, it would be terrible if he falls in love with the wrong person
this time. Mr. Williams drank from his cup slowly. He felt a little
guilty for turning the tables, making the girl to bear all the
consequences by publicly disgracing her but he had no other option. He
didn’t want his family name to get soiled, so he decided to coin a
believable lie out of the truth. The mere fact that the contract was
already known by an outsider like Sonia, made Mr. Williams know that it
was only a matter of time before everyone found out. He had to quickly
find a solution and…
The door burst open, making Mr. Williams turn instantly.
“Where is she?” Andy growled as he stormed the massive sitting room,
moving to his father and covering the space with charged long strides.
“Where is who?”
“Don’t play coy with me dad, I am warning you. Where is Jessica?”
Andy barked
“She is your contract wife, shouldn’t you know her whereabouts?”
Andy’s dad threw back.
Andy fisted his hands and gritted his teeth. “Damn it dad” he hit his
fist furiously on the bar stand. “If you have done anything to Jessica,
I promise not to spare you. What did she do to you to deserve this? I
proposed this contract, not her; why can’t you carry out your
frustration on me?” He yelled. “Tell me dad”
Andy faced the exit and walked towards it. He paused and turned. “If
anything happens to Jessica” he breathed and pointed at his dad. “If
‘anything’ should happen to ‘my’ Jessica” he looked like he wanted to
say more but just stood, fuming and pointing at his father. He dropped
his hand and stalked out
Lizzy marched into the small building with anger roaring inside her.
She couldn’t recall ever being this angry in her life. Sonia had betrayed
their friendship in a very disheartening manner. She had suspected
Sonia’s jealousy when she would not stop ranting about how rich
Jessica had become but Lizzy had shrugged it off. If she had been told
to guess what the quiet Sonia was capable of, not in a thousand years
would she assume that Sonia would do something as grievous as this.
Lizzy had taken Jessica and the other girls like sisters but she saw
Lizzy as more of a sister to her even though Jessica seemed to like
quiet Sonia more than everyone else. But even at that, Lizzy had always
wanted the best for Jessica.
When Lizzy got to the door, she paused for some seconds and took
three calming breaths before raising her hand to knock the door but
the knock was still harder than she had wanted. She swallowed and
waited, hearing nothing. She raised her hand again and pounded the
door harder because the lights made him know that the house was not
empty. She tapped her right foot restlessly as she waited.
“Who is it?” Lizzy heard Sonia’s voice loud and clear, just behind the
door and decided to keep quiet. The door opened slightly and Lizzy
pushed the door forcefully and it went ajar, making Sonia to stagger
“Lizzy” Sonia gasped, frightened.
Lizzy rewarded Sonia with two resounding slaps on each cheek and the
sound echoed round the room. A startled cry escaped Sonia’s lips and
she forcefully shut her mouth.
“You” Lizzy grounded. “How dare you” she said through clenched
teeth. Lizzy grabbed Sonia by the neckline of her dress, shaking her
like a ragged doll.
“Let go” Sonia gasped out.
Lizzy laughed and held Sonia’s cloth more firmly in her arms, making
Sonia struggle. “And if I don’t, are you going to beat me?” Lizzy
laughed the more. “You see bitch, unlike you, I cherish the people I
call my friends and I don’t stab them in the back, but when they
betray me, like you just did to Jessica, I bounce back. I can squeeze
the living daylight out of you” Lizzy shook her head in disgust and
pushed Sonia away, leaving her cloth. Sonia tried to regulate her
breathing and Lizzy look around her for the first time. She saw
travelling bags and packed things. She smiled tightly and glared at
Sonia. “There is no peace for the wicked, is there? How perfect of you
to destroy someone’s life and run away. Tell me, how much were you
paid? Say it Sonia; how much are you worth?”
“None of your business. At least we know that Jessica is worth 20
million Naira” Sonia croaked out.
“I am very sure you are worth less than that” Lizzy returned,
astounded that the filthy girl could still open her mouth.
Lizzy’s phone rang, shattering the exchange of glares. She fished out
the phone and her anger instantly turned to surprise and anxiety.
“Hello Andy” she breathed. “What do you mean?” Lizzy’s frown
deepened and Sonia became agitated. “Well, of course she is not with
me. I thought you went after her” Lizzy’s voice is high now, with
confusion. “Oh my God” she breathed. “Oh my God” Lizzy’s hand
dropped and she became blank and pale. Lizzy looked lost for some
seconds as she stared at the ground, trying to process what she had
just heard. She raised weary eyes and bubbled with anger when she saw
what looked like worry on Sonia’s face. What a bitch!
“You better pray… You better pray that nothing happens to Jessica.
Pray that nothing happens to my friend because if not…” Lizzy
advanced towards Sonia, glaring at her until they were just a breath
apart. “I will find you. Even if I have to comb the entire planet, I
would bet you, and then, you would wish that you never knew Lizzy.
You would seek death and you won’t find until you wish you had never
been born. I Promise You” Lizzy passed that same message with her
eyes and marched out.
“Funsho” Mrs. Adams said as she climbed out of the car. “Just accept
that you made a mistake, that is all”
“Well, I have not done anything wrong. For God’s sake woman, are you
blind? Can’t you see what Jessica has put herself into? Not to mention
what she has put this family into”
Florence shook her head. “I am not saying that she did the right
thing, all I am saying is that you should have at least given her the
opportunity of defending herself. She is our family and we should
believe her above every other person.”
“Come on, didn’t you see her eyes? It was obvious that it was the
“But even at that, I won’t blame her terribly. She has suffered a lot
in life, I can only imagine her reluctance about giving her heart out
again when men had made her life a living nightmare, especially that
fool that left her at the altar. She is going through a lot”
Funsho sighed and pushed his fingers through his hair. His wife had a
point, maybe he had been too hard on Jessica. He could have sought
answers in a more private environment. His phone rang and he frowned
when he saw the name. ‘Son-in-law’. His wife became anxious when
she saw the caller and she pressed the answer button, also putting the
phone on speaker.
“Hello sir” they heard Andy say and also heard the restlessness in his
“Hello Andy, is everything alright?” the question seemed odd since
everything was already in disarray.
“Not really sir, I just wanted to know if Jessica is with you”
The alarm sounded in Funsho’s head. “She is not here” he breathed
“Where is Jessica?” Florence asked, feeling a cold chill sweep over her.
Andy seemed to swallow. “I don’t know ma’am, I have been looking for
her but I can’t find her. She seemed to have just vanished”
“Oh my God!” Florence squealed. The call ended instantly and Funsho
started blaming himself, internally. His wife was right. He had been so
tough on Jessica and now, she has gone missing.
Andy was frustrated as he drove furiously. It was now very dark and he
could hardly see anyone on the street but he could not imagine himself
going to sleep when his wife was obviously missing. To crown up his
worry, Jessica’s phone was with him. He had seen it on the bed after
he had called several times. He could have had the phone tracked down
if the phone had been with Jessica. He could not tell if Jessica ran
away or if she was abducted. The latter seemed impossible though, as
he thought of it. Everything that had happened still seemed like a
really bad nightmare and Andy was having a hard time believing that it
was reality but someone would pay; someone had to pay for all these.
And who else would pay except the very person that started this
He parked outside the building. He had only been there once before the
wedding but now, as he marched towards the door ahead, he formed
his palms into fists, trying to control himself. When he got to the
door, he pounded loudly. When he got no response, he pounded again
and the door shook but still he got no response.
“Open this damned door Sonia” He roared but still got no response. Andy
moved back and with enough strength, kicked the door. The door
seemed to be more cooperative as it flung open instantly. He looked
around in horror but could not find Sonia. He noticed that the house
was in disarray and most of the luggage was not there. There and
then, he realized that he had come too late. Sonia had saved herself
by running away. He groaned and turned round. He saw two to three
people who had come out of their own apartments to confront him.
Immediately they saw him, they all seemed to register who he was and
they all held their tongues. He swallowed and marched out of the
house, entering car in anger and zooming off.

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