Married Episode 8

Jessica roused from her sleep with a lazy stretch. It took her some
seconds to remember that she was in Andy’s room, and with the
realization, she jumped out of bed. One quick glance told her that Andy
was not in the room. She wondered if he had gone to work like he
always did but hoped not because it would mean that she would have
to do all the dramatic scenes alone with Andy’s father if he doesn’t
leave early.
Last night flashed through her mind like lightening and she was struck
motionless. She sat down slowly on the bed, remembering every single
detail. She had flirted with him, wanting him to kiss her but not
being bold enough to say it. She could still feel his lips on hers,
demanding in a way she had never experienced. She had always known
that Andy was a lady’s man, the kind that all ladies would like to have
for themselves and the type of man that is not easily forgotten. In
fact, she doubted that any woman would be able to forget Andy.
Jessica’s scattered hair reminded her of how Andy had linked his
fingers with her hair and she shivered. ‘This is a wrong move’ she
thought, I need to get back on track.
Jessica entered the bathroom and saw new set of toiletries. She washed
her face and brushed her teeth. Repacking her hair, she walked out of
the room still in her oversized nightie. Andy was nowhere in sight but
looking outside, she saw his car and sighed.
“Good morning ma’am” Ada greeted as Jessica entered the kitchen. Her
mouth felt so dry and she needed water.
“Morning Ada, did you sleep well?”
“Yes ma’am”
Jessica filled a glass cup with water from the dispenser and satisfied
her thirst. She loved being in the kitchen and having a maid was
foreign to her. As a child, even though they had a help, she still did so
many things in the house and in the kitchen and after she lost her
family, she hadn’t lived in a house with a maid in it until now. Jessica
felt the urge to do the cooking herself. She quenched the thought
that said that Andy was part of her reasons for this sudden desire.
“Ada, have you seen Andy?”
“No ma’am but his car is outside.”
Jessica nodded. “He might be with his dad. I am starved. Please slice
some tomatoes and onions for eggs, I would be back. Please don’t fry it
till I get back”
Jessica left the kitchen and went straight to the guests’ room. She did
not know if she ought to disturb her father-in-law. The sound of
Andy’s voice in the room made her heartbeat quicken and she had to
pause for some seconds to compose herself before she knocked. She
heard the men’s laughter and almost smiled. She heard the ‘come in’ in
between their laughter and she opened the door slowly, entering with a
wide smile. Her eyes instantly collided with Andy’s and his laughter
died down as he stared at her. The big gown Jessie was putting on was
no longer unappealing; in fact, it gave him another kind of unfamiliar
hunger and desire. The past night flashed through them and for a
moment, the elderly man was forgotten. Jessica felt an instant heat
wash over her as she tried hard to break the eye contact. She
swallowed and turned to her father-in-law with a smile.
“Good morning sir” she greeted, going on her knees.
“It is nice finally being noticed” he had a mischievous grin on his
face. “What are you doing? Come and give me a peck” he invited. “I
have spent so much time abroad and actually fancy their own way of
showing affection”.
Jessica smiled widely and went to kiss her father-in-law on the cheek.
She instantly remembered her dad whom she always kissed when he was
either going out or coming in. She had to force away that memory.
“Did you sleep well sweetheart?” The elderly man behaved more like
her dad by the minute and she became upset that she was lying to
such a man. She had never been one to love lies, she always avoided it
but now, she had become a potential liar.
Jessica resisted the urge to glance at Andy. “I slept well dad, hope
this room was comfortable enough sir?”
“Yes dear”
They are doing it again, Andy thought. ‘They have forgotten about me’.
Anyone would think that Jessica was his father’s wife or daughter
with the way they seemed to get along so well. Jessica hadn’t even
said a simple ‘hi’ to him – her husband. He heard her ask his dad if
he would love bread and eggs for breakfast and heard him talk of how
hungry he was and how he could not wait to taste the inviting food.
He even called her ‘sweetheart’! Why should he?
“Don’t tell me you are jealous”
Andy suddenly noticed the two pairs of eyes staring at him. His palms
had balled into fists and he did not know that he was actually glaring.
“Why are you both staring at me like that?”
Mr. Williams looked at Andy and laughed. “Come on son, you don’t
honestly think that this old man would steal your wife, do you?”
Jessica whitened and stood up. “Of course not” she murmured for
Andy. Andy was just staring angrily at both of them, not knowing why
he was angry. Jessica managed a weak smile, wanting to vanish. “I
would see to the food” she was out of the room before anyone could
mention jack.
Andy’s father looked at Andy. “Did you two have a fight? You both
seem to be on the edge with each other, or is it another form of
emotion I am sensing?” Mr. Williams hid a knowing smile.
“Don’t be ridiculous dad. It would help if you two stopped making me
look like a boring furniture while you talk like soul mates”
His dad laughed. “It might help if you stop being utterly speechless
whenever she walks in”
Andy swallowed and stood up. “I would be back dad” he murmured,
heading towards the door.
“No sex in the kitchen Andrew”
“Dad” Andy warned.
“At least wait till I am gone, I need bacteria free food. I would be
gone soon and by then, you would have the house all to yourselves”
Andy marched out and slammed the door as his dad’s laughter followed
him. As Andy walked, he told himself that he needed the TV to
reposition his mind and make him stop thinking about Jessica, but even
as he walked, he found out that his legs were not moving in the
direction of the sitting room.
Jessica wheezed the eggs she had broken into a bowl. She had sent Ada
to get sliced bread because the one in the fridge would not be enough
to feed the hungry mouths. She was trying to concentrate on the food
she was trying to prepare instead of on Andy. Instantly, she became
aware of the slow strides that were drawing closer. She needed no one
to tell her that it was Andy because she had become accustomed to his
semi-slow and confidently calculated steps.
Immediately he entered the kitchen, she became aware of his presence
in a terrifying way. She knew that he must be standing at the door
because she could not hear any steps anymore. She swallowed and
continued her task, not touching the salt yet for fear of putting more
than expected in the eggs.
“Your hair looks more irresistible when it is without a band”
Jessica heard Andy’s words and tensed. Andy knew that she was aware
of his presence and smiled at her rigid back.
“Maybe I don’t want it to be irresistible” she gasped out. Is that my
voice? She wondered. The pounding of her heart became louder than
any other sound in her own ears. She did not know that Andy was just
behind her until he spoke into her hears.
“It is still irresistible this way” she jumped, almost toppling the egg
in the process. He laughed heartily, making her angrier.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”
“I don’t know, maybe you can tell me. You are the one who studied
medicine, test me and diagnose my ailment” he had successfully pulled
her into the circle of his arms. She squirmed and shook furiously in his
arms, brushing her body against his and tormenting him the more.
“Let me go Drew” she was shaking, trying to loosen his hold. Her leg
brushed against the evidence of his desire and she froze, standing dead
Andy bit back a groan as he stood with a lazy grin on his face. “It is
not a good idea to squirm like that in a man’s arms, his body might
get a wrong message” He grinned. He released her and she instantly
jumped out of his arms. He laughed and strolled out of the kitchen.
Jessica felt shaky and alarmed. Andy affected her senses in a very
strange way and it frightened the living day light out of her.
sitting at the dinning was not easy at all for Jessica but she did it
successfully, by never meeting Andy’s eyes. She felt his eyes on her
but never gave in to the temptation of looking at him back. He asked
her pointed questions but she never for once looked at him while
answering those questions. After eating, Andy’s dad got ready to leave.
“Oh, I did not tell you both. I have organized a party for both of you”
“A what?” Andy asked.
“A celebration party. Since I missed your wedding, I want to have
another celebration. It is coming up in three days time; all you need to
do is dress up and come. The invitation would be sent to everyone, you
don’t need to worry”
What the hell? Jessica almost said. “Sir, I don’t think it is necessary.
You would spend a lot of money, why bother when the wedding was
just two months ago?”
Mr. Williams smiled. “OH son, you married a virtuous woman. Even
knowing that she sleeps and wakes in money, she is still thinking of
spending wisely”
“Am I not lucky?” Andy murmured, unconsciously linking his fingers
with Jessica’s and brushing his thumb against her knuckles, making
Jessie’s pulse race.
“Yeah son. But I insist on hosting the party” Jessica almost groaned.
“I need to run now, see you two later”
They bid him farewell and walked back inside as he drove out. “What
are we going to do?” Jessica said as she paced.
“About what?” Andy relaxed fully as he sat on the chair.
“What do you mean by ‘about what’? About the party of course.
Pretending to your dad was one thing, doing the same with a large
number of people is a totally different person and I am sure I am not
that good as an actress.”
“Why are you worrying yourself about that now? It is still three days
away.” He paused. “There are better things to do now”
“Oh? And what is that?” If Jessica hadn’t been so agitated, she would
have seen the gleam in his eyes. Before she could think, he jerked her
until she fell, sitting awkwardly on his laps. “What are you doing
Drew?” she asked breathlessly
“Would you like me to show you or tell you” his voice was husky with
Jessica could not even think of a reply as Andy’s hand moved to loosen
her hair. “Your hair is so beautiful” he whispered huskily as he kissed
her earlobes. She gasped. He kissed her neck and she whispered his
name, not knowing if she wanted him to stop or continue. He raised
his eyes which were dark with desire to hers. He could see the desire
also in her eyes in her quickened breathing. He swore and crushed her
mouth with his. Jessica responded with equal hunger, not even
pretending to be impassive. Her slim hand went to his neck and held
him close. Andy’s hands were everywhere at once and she became lost.
Something flashed through Jessica’s mind and she tried to slow Andy
down. “Bose” she gasped.
“Don’t… Don’t worry… I gave her the day off” before the information
even registered in her mind, he was kissing her again. He stood up
instantly, carrying her in his arms and marching towards the masters’
bedroom, kissing her as he went. When he got there, he set her on her
feet. “Today, I would see what my wife has beneath this cloth”

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