Meet the Quokka: The Happiest Animal On Earth

Humans are scared of some animals because they could hurt us, while also some animals are scared of us cause we could hurt them, but there is this particular animal, their kinds are one of the funniest and happiest ever seen, you don’t need to train them before they relate with us, Meet Quokka, the worlds happiest animal.

#1 Meet And Greet

Meet the small marsupial from western Australia, called a Quokka.

#2 Front Pouch

Including kangaroos and wallabies, Quokka carries their young in a front pouch.

#3 Unique

These are such unique animals that they have their own genus and species called Setonix and S. brachyurous.

#4 Small Guys

These are very small animals, weighing between only 5.5 – 11 pounds, and 1-3 feet tall.

#5 Don’t Touch

Due to their status of the IUCN Red List, if you handle these animals, it is a crime.

#6 Selfie Style

They are very friendly with humans and will just walk right up to you.

#7 Check Em Out

If you are ever in Australia, you have to visit with these cute little critters.



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