Meet Ugandan Boy Who Built A Land-Rover & Laptop From Wood.

Meet Ugandan Boy Who Built A
Land-Rover & Laptop From Wood


A young boy from Mubende, Uganda has invented something
worth talking about. The young boy carved out a range-rover and a
laptop from wood. This got lots of his community people amused
at his highly creative stance.
While others struggle with imaginations, for this boy, 12, it’s
a dream come true given that he was not equipped with
technical skills required to advance in the world of
technology before he made the historic invention.
The boy is creative, no doubt about it, but who’ll expose
him to the world!
The Land-Rover above is capable of being driven for
some distance before it comes to a halt,the laptop too
can perform basic functions of a normal laptop.
Africa is full of talent but resources are limited.In this era
of technology there are a number of youths who have
several ideas but implementing them become hard
because of lack of good will from the leadership or lack
of enough resources to push them to the level where they
could be noticed.
Unlike their counterparts from the most developed
nations like China,USA,Japan and UK,African children are
not in a position to fight for a position in the global
platform due to limited resources.
Not long ago, two Nigerian teenagers, a 13-year-old Osine and 15-
year-old Anesi Ikhianosime built a web browser named Crocodile
Browser Lite.
Earlier this year, Adebambo Oyekan Oyelaja, a Nigerian-born
software developer, who founded a social network that allows
users to share prayer points, testimonies and religious activities
with friends and people from around the world.
With these good reports, the future seems brighter for the African
society in terms of science and technology.



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