Mercy Johnson full biography, Profile, life history and movies

Mercy Johnson full biography, Profile, life history and movies

Mercy Johnson


Mercy Johnson is one the most intelligent Nolllywood actress who shot into lime light very sudden.she actually work as a housemaid in order to end a living, she is now the popular and progressing Nolly wood actress.

Early Life.

Mercy Johnson Ozioma was actually born on August 28,2984 in to the family of Mr Daniel, a former naval officer and Mrs Elizabet Johnson.from calculation,mercy johnson as of now is 31 .Mercy hail from Okene in kogi state,and she is the sixth born of her family among seven children.she had her primary school education, first in cabala,where  she stayed with her father, and later attended Nigeria naval primary school, lagos. She had her secondary school education in river state primary school and the Nigerian navy school, both in port-Harcourt, River state.  Mercy jonhson got married in 2011 to the man of her dreams. and her husband name is prince Odianose Okojie an indigine of Edo state and they are really blessed with two kids, a girl and a boy.mercy Johnsonis a joy to behold on the screen because she makes every script she acts comes alive. she is intelligent, talented and very creative.


Mercy Johnson actually started her career by playing the role in the movie, title ‘the maid'(2014) when she possessed the housemaid by demons.Her performance in the movie was terrific that she giving  more acting role regularly. That is how  her success started.
In 2004 she realize a half dozen movie. during the course of the following three years almost one hundred movie was release
She realism in 2009 that things were becoming serious with prince Odi then she accepting romantic role.she was really not comfortable with them,and she was terribly in love with  him that she did not even hesitate to give them up.

She has appear in more than 150 movie to date.
In 2013 November she was banned from acting in nollywood after films directors decided that her demand is coming too high, and she was too pricey.

Her most recent films is ‘Thy Will Be Done which was
release 2015 February.


Mercy Johnson Movie.
within a period of 8 years, mercy Johnson had feature in many home movie.few of them are listed below
(2004) The maid,into temptation,house,and house party.
(2005) Woman in power, lost to lust and kill the bride

(2006) 19 Macaulay street,Dear mama, Emotional night,last kiss, Married to the enemy,Oath of a priest, One bullet,painful world, pay day, Sweet Mama, Thanksgiving,Under control and under the key.
(2007) Area mama, Breath of anger, Evil agenda, Geneview,Crises in Paradise, desperate ladies, Kessiah, Look into my eye, my beloved son, She is my Sister,Sunny my son, Take me home, The last Tradition, The scorpion,Twist of fate and Wealth aside.
(2008) Act of faith, Corporate maid, Don’t Wanna be a player, Forest of promise, Kiss my pain, Sin no more,Strength to strength, Tell me why, Tempted of justice, the gods are wise , tiger king, beyond desire ,cash of twin, entrainment, heat of movement, royal tears, sexy gist.


Major works
After landing land the role in the first, mercy Johnson rose to a standard performance in a rapid rate. she is  one of the best actress in nollywood

Awards and achievement
in 2003,she won the best actress at the African magic viewers choice award for her role dumabi the city girl
she won the Africa films award for best supporting actress.


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