Mourinho – It is time to stop the hero worship



Mourinho – It is time to stop the hero worship

So, Chelsea fans, can we finally put the Mourinho obsession to
Let’s be quite clear, Mourinho will always be appreciated for what
he has done for this club – for all the titles he has brought, some of
the unbelievable players that we have watched under him such as
Robben, Drogba, Lamps, Terry etc.
There were some great times. And he should be remembered
fondly. But I urge it is only fondly, and here are my reasons why:
1 – In my opinion, we have had an extraordinarily talented team in
the last couple of years that could and perhaps should have
matched the way of playing that we see at Bayern Munich and
Barcelona. With Hazard, Oscar, Willian, Costa and Fabregas, we
should have been playing some of the greatest football on the
planet. But he couldn’t bring himself to open up. Instead, he drove
the players into the ground, grinding out any verve and exuberance
in favour of defensive functionality. Post-Christmas last year, I am
struggling to remember too many games that have been truly
2 – Secondly, that team could have been even more talented if we
had kept hold of a crop of unbelievably gifted players that were
sold. I am talking, of course, about Mata, Lukaku and most
obviously De Bruyne. He started De Bruyne once, in a game
against Manchester United, hauled him off presumably for not
doing his defensive duties, and we never saw much of him again.
The story is that he kept comparing De Bruyne’s goals and assist
records to his peers at the time, which seems pretty harsh given he
wasn’t actually playing. Again, I feel it is the fans that have been
robbed of seeing some of our most creative talents ever properly
playing for our beloved club.
3 – Thirdly, his much documented inability to bring through any
young players. We have had the most decorated youth team in
history, and yet none of them came through under Mourinho.
Which is a massive dereliction of duty. And then Mourinho comes
out today with a list of 49 players he has ‘brought through’ in his
career. Just to be clear, that included Jimmy Smith, Anthony Grant,
Michael Woods, Ben Sahar and Lenny Pidgeley. I am not sure
what his definition of ‘bringing through’ is, but it certainly isn’t the
same as mine.
4 – Fourth, there were stories before he joined us for the second
time, that he had been absolutely desperate for the Manchester
United job, and had actually cried when Moyes got it over him.
Which made all his noises about being ‘home’ and ‘loyalty’ when he
re-joined us feel empty to me. But now, with all his hugely irritating
platitudes about Manchester United being the greatest club in the
UK and the one everyone wants to work for, it only confirms that
he had his eye on this job all along, and has no more loyalty to
Chelsea than Harry Redknapp does.
He is not Chelsea through and through, so can we all drop that
idea right now? I would have expected him to be slightly more
graceful in his sound-bites since joining Manchester United but he
clearly doesn’t give a stuff about Chelsea. I know we sacked him,
but we sacked him quite justifiably, because he drove a hugely
talented squad into the ground.
We desperately need, for the benefit of this football club to end the
cult of personality around Mourinho. We really suffered after he left
last time for years as everyone painted him out to be the messiah
who we all missed, all harked after, and manager after manager
came and went suffering from trying to undo the system and way
of playing that Mourinho had driven into them. It will be so
unhelpful, if, at the first sign of trouble under Conte next year,
people start chanting Jose’s name again. Unhelpful and unjustified
Jose’s actions since leaving the club. Let’s all move on.
Remember him fondly for what he has done, but don’t be fooled
into thinking he is Mr Chelsea and we were mad to get rid of him.
He isn’t and we weren’t.
Source: Forza Conte

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