Must Read: Campus Mess (18+) Episode 16


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Who is there?”

“Come on open the door”

“That is not the answer to my question”

“Hey stop it with the joke already and open up” I said impatiently.

“Still doesn’t answer my question”

“Ok, its me” I said heaving a big sigh.

“It’s you? What’s the name?”

“I swear Shania you are going to pay for this”

“Ok we will see about that, but give me a name”

I wanted to walk back to the room because I was tired of the jokes. Maybe when she is ready, she will open the door. Just as I was about to take the first step out, the shower started running. Images started forming in my head.

“This girl is serious o” I said to myself.
“Ok fine, its me Purity”

“What?” she shouted from inside.

“Its Purity, can you open up already”

After a while, I heard the lock click and I turned the handle. I saw the shower running while she sat on the toilet seat away from the shower laughing. The whole thing was funny. If only I knew.

“You are going to pay for this believe me”

“Don’t worry, I accept any consequences that may accompany my actions.”

She stood up and dragged me to the shower. We stood under the shower kissing like our life depended on it. Turning off the shower, she moved to collect the soap before I stopped her.

“Let me take it from here”

She looked at me in surprise and smiled, “As you wish your highness”.

I collected some soap and started with her right hand. I scrubbed and massaged the right hand down before moving over to the left. I ignored her two big melons staring at me with her dark hard Tips pointing out. The man below was rock hard and threatening to revolt but I ignored him.

I turned her back and got more soap. I scrubbed and massaged her back down to her butt region. She gave out soft moans while I worked on her back, but I ignored her.

When I got to her waist region, I got more soap and lathered her bum, yes her huge bum. I turned her to the wall so that she will be relaxed while I worked on her bum. I massaged and kneaded her butt, while she started moaning out. At interval, I slipped my finger into her butt crack and touched her kitty lips while she pushed her butt back wanting more.

I smacked her bum to bring her back from her already lost state. She looked down at me and muffled “F**king tease”.

I kept a straight face and continued with my work. I told her she was going to pay, and I meant every word of it.

I got more soap and washed her laps down. Before I could finish with her laps, she was already on cloud 8 as she was mumbling some gibberish.

Done with her lower region, I turned her around to face me. Bringing my face down to hers like I wanted to kiss her, she caught the hint and rushed with her parted lips but I withdrew before we could kiss. She gave me a hard stare and cursed under her breath.

I got more soap and lathered from her neck line down to her waist line. I carefully avoided going down further and started massaging and caressing her Bosom at the same time. At first it was light, then I increased the pressure on my fingers. I caressed her Bosom and flipped my fingers on her Tips interchangeably. This got her moaning and squirming rather a bit too loud before the main action.

“Purity please stop, please” she pleaded with me but gave no resistance. Her pleas didn’t get to me. She changed and started pleading with me to suck her. I paid deaf ears to her pleas and continued handling her Bosom for like three to five minutes.


I traced down my hand from the hair below her belly button to her kitty region. Parting her laps, I started caressing her already protruded lips. After a while of teasing her lips, I parted her labia major and inserted my forefinger into her dripping holies. She gave out a gasp as she felt my finger inside her.

I started flipping and teasing her already swollen clit. With one hand working on her kitty, I took the other one up and started handling her Bosom again. After a while I doubled my fingers inside her kitty and increased my thrusting pace. Curving my finger, I located that spot inside her kitty. Immediately I started touching that spot with my finger, she started shouting and shivering. That was a typical Shania, the screamer.

After a while, she stopped screaming and went stiff. I kept caressing that spot and after a little while, she brooded loud as her first orgasm came. Her fluid kept dripping while she held on to me for support.

After she regained herself, she held my face and gave me a deep kiss. We held unto each other as the water cascaded down our body. I turned off the shower, while we resumed kissing.

Taking her hand down, she held and squeezed my hard Joystick. I felt a pain mixed with pleasure while She started stroking my Joystick lightly again.

Disentangling herself from me, she bent down and enveloped my Joystick in her warm mouth. She sucked my tip, squeezing my balls gently at the same time.

The feeling was crazy. I held unto the wall for support as she continued giving me the Mouth Action of my life. She concentrated on my Joystick cap for a while before moving down my shaft. Kissing down my shaft, she gathered my balls into her mouth while I moaned out in complete ecstasy as she sucked on my ball sack.

Withdrawing her mouth, she looked up at me and said “you are in for a very long thing”.

I gave her a weak smile urging her on as she went back to work. She tried to give me a deep throat but couldn’t get half of my Joystick into her mouth before she started choking. That didn’t deter her, she continued sucking my Joystick with her bulged eyes. She got her lips tightened around my Joystick sending some crazy feelings into my head.

After about five minutes of sucking, she withdrew her mouth, formed her finger into a ring around my Joystick and started giving me a hand job. She made her fist so tight that each stroke got me close to Cuming. After some minutes of extensive stroking, I felt my volcano gathering.

As she noticed that I was already at the verge of Cuming from the way I was shaking, she stopped and pinched my Joystick. As she did that, she stared straight to my face as I opened my eyes to know why she was cutting my pleasure half way. I met her smiling and she said “calm down boy, the show is about to start”.

“Jeez!! I might just poison this girl after this” I said in my mind.

After about two minutes that lasted for a life time, my volcano condensed back.

Taking back my Joystick into her mouth, she started lubricating it for like thirty seconds.

Still massaging my Joystick, she drew me closer while she sat on the toilet sit. She caressed my Joystick for a while before sandwiching it into her two soft succulent Bosom. I screamed out in pleasure. She commanded me to f**k her bosoms and just like a slave, I obeyed without resistance and started f**king her bosoms.

I started thrusting slowly before I increased the speed of my thrust. I was so lost in pleasure as my thrust increased to 120/sec. I kept thrusting up and down so fast with both of us moaning like people influenced by something.

I felt my Pour building up and announced it to her. Amidst her moaning, she shouted “Pour on me baby, spill it all over me hun” I gave like ten more thrust and started erupting. The first shot aimed at her face but got blocked by her jaw.

She released my Joystick from her Bosom and took it into her mouth as I continued erupting while she was sucking and gulping it down. She sucked till there was no ounce of Pour left in my Joystick.

She stood up and kissed me. I could taste my Pour in her mouth. She hugged me turning on the shower behind me while we both stood under the shower holding unto each other.

To Be Continued…



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