Must Read: Campus Mess (18+) Episode 17


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I woke up almost around 6pm to find Shania snuggled into me sleeping or so I thought. I made to shift away quietly so as not to wake her, but she threw her hand around my waist pulling me back.

“Hey, thought you were sleeping” I said caressing her cheek.

She purred and snuggled the more into me without saying a word.

“Hey come on, I have to go, it’s late already” I said again planting a kiss on her head.

She raised her head and looked at the wall clock.

“It’s still after six, let’s sleep small ok?” she said hiding her face on my chest.

“Come on, I need to tidy up some stuffs this night before school tomorrow”

“Ok don’t worry, you will go with the car, just stay small”

I laid back on the bed cuddling her. After a while, she stirred and propped herself up.

“You are very bad Purity, you nearly wasted me today”

“Hey I should be the one saying that. More like you planned everything out before I got here”

“Hmmmm!! Purity about that your friend, what is that her name again?”



“Yea Precious. I will advise you on this as a friend and like I will advise my own brother. It takes a great deal of courage for any girl to come out and express her feelings for a guy. That said, this is someone you have known for a while and has been swimming in her ocean for a very long time now. So it is more like you know everything about her. And also with the things you told me that she has done for you all these while, believe me such girls are rare to come by.

Let me tell you the truth, feelings grow. If you decide to give her a chance, you never can tell, those feelings you had for her might resurrect. But if you ain’t going to give her a chance, don’t push her away because you want to start something with the other girl. A bird at hand is worth more than ten in the bush. Also, the devil you know is far better that the Angel you don’t know. I don’t want to make decisions for you but be wise and make the right decision. At least this one confessed her feelings for you. How sure are you that this other one has similar feelings for you, be wise hun” she said and kissed my head.

“Hmmmm!! You just made the whole issue more complicated”

“Olodo, what is the complication there?”

“Anyway, thanks so much for those words. I feel a whole lot better now” I said standing from the bed.

“You are welcome”

“I think I have to get going” I said picking my trouser from where I left it on the floor.

“That’s the key on the table. I don’t know when I will be through with classes tomorrow so maybe anytime am through, I will call you to come pick me.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not that late, I can still find my way around moreover I will like to see someone inside school before heading home.”

“Ok if you say so. Do you mind if I don’t see you off? I still need to sleep, feeling so weak and used up.”

“Don’t worry, it’s ok sleep” I said and pecked her before leaving her house.

I left Shania’s house by 7:30pm and took a cab which dropped me in front of Cindy’s hostel. I needed us to talk. I dialled her number but the line was busy. After waiting for a while, I re-dialled but after the first ringing, it was again busied on the second.

“What is the meaning of this?” I asked myself. “Why this girl dey carry me dey do mumu like this na?”
After a while, I decided to go up to her room.

“Who is there?” a voice asked from inside when I knocked on the door

“It’s me”

“You, who?” she asked again.

“Why not check and see for yourself”

“Hold on”

After a little while the door opened and behold the least person I expected to see.

“You gats be kidding me. What are you doing here?”

I was surprised and dumbfounded. How do I explain this? I didn’t know what to say rather than to admire the beauty standing before me. How people change sha.

“At least a welcome should be in order, don’t you think so?” I said when I found my voice.

“Oh! Sorry, my bad, welcome” she said leading me inside.

I braced myself for any other surprise to come as I walked into the room. She was saying something which my mind wasn’t interested in. I surveyed the room when I entered but there was no sign of Cindy anywhere. Am I in the wrong room or what?

“Welcome and make yourself comfortable” she said interrupting my thought.

“See as you don fine finish, omo you don gather o” I said settling on her bed and admiring her once again.

“Look at you. Look at your muscles. You now gym? She asked touching my muscles.

“Not really, just some slight workouts”

“You really look good. How long has it been? Like one year?”

“Come on it’s not up to one year na. Remember I called you a couple of months back when I got stuck in the rain and needed an umbrella”

“Yea it has just been phone things and that just happened like once or so.”

“Do you stay here alone? I asked diverting the topic.

“For now yea. I had a roommate but she got an off campus accommodation and packed out yesterday.”

“Hmmm!! So you gonna be staying alone abi?”

“Dunno yet sha, might ask one of my friends to come stay with me. So tell me, whatare you doing here?”

“Actually I came to see a friend but it seems like I have the wrong room number or something.”

“No wonder, what is your friends name and which number did she give you?”

“Her name is Cindy and she said she stays in room 335.”

“That’s my roommate and you are in the right room but she has packed out. How come you didn’t know? Didn’t she tell you?”

“Nah she didn’t tell me. Well we ain’t really that close and it has been a while we talked last” I lied to cover my pride.

“Hmmm!! Purity, Purity, how did you know Cindy? This your eyes sha, Na better thing go kill you for this world” she said laughing.

“Come it is not what you think. We are …………..”

“Don’t bother explaining. I don’t want to hear. The less I know the better. What do I offer you?”

“Hey you don’t have to bother yourself, Let me not inconvenience you. Let’s leave it for next time”

“You never stop this your behavior abi?”



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