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She served me biscuit and some juice. While I ate, we talked and did the whole catching up thing and other talks. We intentionally or unintentionally avoided our last romp. As we were talking her phone rang. From the way she talked and how long the call lasted, I knew the caller must be her boyfriend.

“Sorry, that’s my boyfriend” she said when she dropped.

“Hmmmm!! I go love o”

“Abi na”

“Tell me about him na. Abi you don’t want me to know him”

“Hey come on. It’s better we keep that part of our lives away from each other. The less we know about that part the better.”

After the whole catching up thingy, I announced to leaving for my house.

“You still stay in that your lodge?” she asked as we came out from her room.


“That reminds me, how is that girl, Precious?”

“You want us to talk about that now?” I asked looking at her.

“Or sorry, forget it. But I still have something to settle with her”

“Come on Oge, thought we were over that?”

“Yea we are, but……. Don’t worry.”

“But what? Tell me”

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious”

“Oge come on, can’t believe you are still carrying first year grievances. What happened then should be forgotten and moreover I’m to be blamed for everything. I’m the person that left, it’s all my fault. That she came into the picture doesn’t mean that she was the reason why I left.”

“Purity let’s just forget about that. But have you ever asked yourself why I never blamed you for what happened to us?”


“It’s because you ain’t the person that left, it’s I”

That sounded like a thunderbolt in my head. “What do you mean?” I asked

“I’m the person that left the relationship. The whole break-up thing didn’t have anything to do with you”

“What…… wait, what do mean? Like I don’t ……..” I started to say some something before she interrupted me.

“Purity come on that is in the past now. But on a very good day we will discuss that ok.”

After we said the good nights, I left for my house while Oge went back to her hostel. I didn’t know what to think. Here, I was thinking that I was the person that left Oge not knowing that reverse was the case. I felt very down. I was so much in thought till I got home. After I had my bath that night, I relaxed on my bed to think things through.


I met Oge almost two weeks into our first year. We met at our faculty officer’s office. We both came for clearance. We got talking, one thing led to another and we started dating.

We had something good going on. We were always together and doing everything together though we were not in the same department.

After I met Precious during the second semester of our first year things started changing. At first Oge didn’t have any complaints but along the line she started withdrawing from me. Anytime I’m with Precious she wouldn’t want to come around. It got to a point that it became a big issue to us. At a point she stopped taking my calls. I couldn’t understand her behaviors. When I couldn’t take it with her behaviors anymore, I asked for us to quit.

The surprising thing to me was that she didn’t even fight it. She accepted it whole heartedly.

The twist of everything was that after we broke up, we never acted it. She didn’t give me attitude rather we started being close again. It was after we broke up that we even had our first s*x, which was almost in our first year ending. But after that, Precious took over from second year.

But the girl I thought I broke up with today of all days told me that she was the person that broke up with me. What a crash to what I believed all these while. Does it mean she saw someone better than I am and started acting up? But if that was the case, why did we suddenly become closer after the break up and even had our first s*x?

After so much thought, I concluded that there is more to what happened between me and Oge and that I must find out..


Third year was coming to an end. I didn’t want to carry the issue of Cindy over to my final. Precious still had another one year to stay after the semester because she had a little issue during her change of course.

After keeping to myself for two weeks after I met Oge, I decided to call Cindy. I needed to know where I stand with her. I called her on a Saturday and we fixed a time to meet.


“Hey” I raised my hand signaling to Cindy who was looking around for me.

“Look at where you are hiding” she said as she got to my table.

“Yea, I like it here. It gives me a clear view of anybody coming in or going out”

She sat down while we placed our orders.

“You are beautiful” I said to her.

“Thanks and you look good yourself” she said smiling.


After our order has been served, I started

“Actually Cindy, there is nothing I will tell you now that you don’t know already. You know we have not actually had time to talk since after our last date. I don’t want to beat around, I love you and will like us to build something serious like a relationship.”

Silence hovered around us while we stared at each other. I would have given my index finger to know what was going through her mind that moment. After a while of staring, she cleared her throat.


“Purity, I will be lying if I tell you that I have not been expecting this from you. I already have my reply for you, but before I give it to you, you have to give me time. There is something I want to take care of before I give you my reply.” She said looking me in the eye balls.

“Come on, since you have already made up your mind on what to tell me, why not say it out and not keep me on the edge.”

“Purity please don’t push it. I sure will give you a reply but not now”

“Are you seeing someone currently?” I asked.

“Purity please it’s kinda complicated and I wouldn’t want anything that will have to do with us meddle into it.”

“Why not be open up and tell me about this complicated thing and not play with my emotions.”

“How can I explain this to you Purity? See you have to trust me and give me a little time ok?”

“You know what, you don’t have to give me the whole ‘give me sometime thing’. I already know where I stand with you. I know you have a boyfriend. That’s the only explanation to it”

“Hmmm!! Who told you that trash?”

“ It’s no trash girl. After we went out the last time, you left school for a whole week and you couldn’t be reached. Now you have moved out from school hostel. In all this you never cared to give me heads up as a friend. I saw you the day you came back from your boyfriend’s house.”

“Purity you have to calm down and listen to me. Things ain’t the way they are supposed to be now. That is why not minding how sincerely I want to be you, I still need a little time to take care of something.”

“Cindy, are you planning to use me as a fall back on or something?”

“Come on, I can’t do that to you”

“You know what, you can take the whole time in the world. I’m not waiting for you one bit. I gats move on while you take care of whatever it is you want to tidy up”

I stood up and dropped a thousand naira on the table and told her it’s for her cab and before she could say another thing, I walked out without looking back.

To Be Continued…


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