Must Read: Campus Mess (18+) Episode 32


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We relaxed back on the bed staring at the ceiling. After staring into the space for a while she cleared her throat.

“It is true” she said.

“What is true?”

“Something went down between us then. I threatened her to leave you”

I wasn’t expecting her to bring up the topic anymore. I know something happened between them but I guess I didn’t want her to accept that she threatened Oge.

“Why?” I asked sitting up on the bed. I had this urge to shout at her. I had something good with Oge then. People knew us as the social science couple. Even she herself was happy for us then or so I thought. Oge was easy going and caring.

I suppressed the urge to shout at her and decided to know why she did what she did, because no matter the explanation she gave, she had no right whatsoever to end my relationship for me.

“If this incident never came up, I wouldn’t have ever told you this. I kept it away from you because I didn’t want something that will hurt you”

“What happened? Tell me”

“That time we met, you already know I had a boyfriend then. But I had this special fondness for you. I was happy with your relationship with Oge until I found out that she wasn’t the faithful girl she claimed to be.

It all started when I went for a friend’s party off campus. I saw Oge with a guy who happened to be my friend. It was a party that progressed into the night and I know there was no way Oge would have gone back to her hostel that night. I wanted to be sure that something was happening between them so I asked another of my friend who was close to the guy and he told me that they were dating.

After that I met with Oge and asked her what was going on between her and the dude but she denied knowing the guy. I allowed that to slide and told her to stop whatever she was doing behind you if not I will tell you.

After some weeks, I met her again with the same dude in cocacola villa with the guy’s friends. Immediately she saw me around, she became very uncomfortable and didn’t stay long before she left. Unknowingly to her I already took pictures of them. It was from then that she started avoiding me. That time you were always complaining about her behavior, I already knew the cause. I watched you loving her stupidly and showing her off not knowing what was going down behind your back.


The last straw that broke the camel’s back was on that Valentine’s Day that you weren’t feeling well. If you remember you told me that Oge travelled home when I asked after her. That night, I went for a show that was hosted at Manor hotel. It was in the middle of the show that I saw Oge with the same guy. This time around, they were kissing. I discreetly videoed them. After that I showed her the video and told her to leave quietly else I will show you the video.

She didn’t want you to see the video neither did I, so I promised her that I won’t show you the video if she walks. She also made me promise to take care of you, which I did. So that is what happened. I’m sorry for keeping you in the dark” she said apologetically.

“This sounds funny. Do you expect me to believe you?”

“I stand to gain nothing by lying to you” she said handing her phone to.

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Sometimes the truth can be very funny. You know, when you are expecting the truth and finally you get to know, it becomes funny. That was the exact thing that happened to me.

I laughed and rolled off the bed to the floor. I didn’t know what was funny, but I saw myself laughing. After a while self-pity took over me. I was claiming big boy and sharp guy but, my fate was already decided and sealed behind my back.

So I wasn’t good enough for Oge. So all those while, I was parading Oge as my girlfriend not knowing that she was having something with another guy.

After the self-pity, anger set in. I was angry with myself for not having the knowledge that I was being played. I was angry with Oge for pretending to be mine while she was ‘doing’ another guy. I was angry with Precious for deciding to take actions without informing me of what was going on. I was angry with her for keeping me in the dark. I was angry with her for not letting me end the relationship. I was angry with the both of them for making a fool of me.

Look at me thinking that I ended things between I and Oge, not knowing that they had already reached a truce behind me and ended things.

Anger was burning through me like a hot coal. I turned and stared at Precious. I wanted to say things to her, but no word seemed to form in my mouth. I went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of cold water. I gulped the whole content of the bottle down as I wanted to quench the anger in me. Whenever I speak through my anger I always say things.

After I got control of my anger, I went back to the bed and sat beside her.

“Why didn’t you tell me this all these while?” I asked staring into space.

“I didn’t want you to get hurt. I knew how you loved her. I know how sentimental and emotional you are when it comes to things pertaining to her that was the reason”

“You should have allowed me to be the judge of that. How dare you make decisions for me? It was my relationship, you should have allowed me make the decisions. You should have allowed me decide what will hurt me or not”

“Purity I’m sorry, I truly am” she apologized this time around with tears.

To Be Continued…


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