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Darling, what is wrong? ‘
Ima heart skipped a beat. ‘Ini has been unable to talk for six
‘What! ‘ He glared at her like she just spoke a strange language.
‘What did you just say? ‘ His eyes didn’t leave her.
‘It is true. ‘ She lowered her gaze.
‘My God! How …how come? ‘ He managed before looking back to
his daughter. ‘Oh baby, what happened to you? ‘
Ini entwained her palms.
He look back at his wife. ‘What has been done about this? ‘
‘Nothing.’ She replied flatly.
‘Nothing? ‘ He almost thundered. Then he saw the crumbled
paper on the rug. He went ahead to pick and straighten it.
‘Please send for Indifreke. ‘ He looked from his wife to his
daughter. ‘You wrote this? ‘
Iniobong nodded.
‘Your mum crumbled this? ‘
She nodded once more.
Imaobong felt herself tremble as Omoefe penetrating gaze settled
on her.
‘Have you called Indi? ‘
Ima swallowed before shaking her head.
He took quick breaths to calm himself. ‘Put a call to him right
She understand the tone of his voice as she ran to the bedroom
to get her phone.
Omoefe sat beside her and took her hand. ‘You will be all right
Sweetheart. I’ll make sure you are. ‘
Ini nodded.
He fetched his phone from his pocket and began to scroll through
his contact for the number of a friend of his who was a
Ini rested her head on his lap. Her burden felt lighter.
‘Eeeya … Babe thank you so much.’ Temilade stroll into the
kitchen and sat on a stool.
Ifeoma continued offloading the fruits in the nylon into the sink.
Then she began washing them. ‘Anything for my girl! ‘ She


‘It was a day after Temilade was discharged from the hospital.
Ifeoma and another friend, Dorcas who were doing same
professional course in an institute had come to visit when they
found her lifeless on the floor. They had been the one who
rushed her to the hospital and had kept in constant touch until
she was discharged. Dorcas had drove her home.
‘You and Dorcas have tried so much for me. It is obvious what
would have become of me. Thank you dearie. ‘ Temilade
‘Thank God dear. I am sowing care and I expect to reap same
and more in future. ‘ Ifeoma winked at her.
Temilade chuckled.
Eventually she was done and she arrange cucumbers in a tray
and groundnuts in a saucer. They went to settle in the sitting
‘I am worried about you.’ Ifeoma said after few minutes of
She met her gaze.
‘You are such a nice and intelligent person. I admire how you
take time to help me out with our course, if not I would have
dropped out by now . You are so patient and it hurt me deeply to
see you suffer the way you did because of a guy.’
Temilade shrugged before scooping groundnuts.
‘I was a victim babe, twice … ‘ She raised two fingers of her right
hand for emphasis.
She raised her eyebrows.
‘The last relationship landed me in a psychiatric hospital for one
week, the guy made away with my heart, resources and dignity a
day after he got me engaged. ‘
‘I am sorry. ‘ It was hard to believe the always smiling Ifeoma
had suffered such.
‘Yea dear.’ She exhaled. ‘I decided it was never going to happen
to me again.’ Ifeoma beamed.
‘Good to hear.’ Temilade narrowed her brows. ‘What did you do?

‘Hmmmm …’ Ifeoma chuckled. ‘I took charge of my male
Temilade frowned. ‘I don’t go into relationship because of s*x.’
She laughed heartily. ‘Not s*x dearie. ‘
‘Seriously Ify, I’m getting lost. ‘
‘Welcome to the lovely world of satisfying your body, S#xual
cravings, and male neediness. ‘ She displayed a set of newly
polished teeth. ‘Welcome to the world of self self-service. ‘
‘What! ‘ Her jaw dropped.
Ifeoma begin to unbutton her gown. ‘Relax girlfriend, let me show
you. Seeing is believing. ‘

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From Mama Bisi to the other older women. My parents didn’t
take cognizant of the signs I tried to show them. So the chain
started till date.’ Chidubem tears kept flowing. He was on his
knees before her having narrated the story of his S#xual
escapade. ‘I tried baby, I tried …I have done everything I know
…’He bow his head and sobbed.
Cynthia listened and watched his every action with tears stained
‘There is nobody I can run to without them being so disappointed
…Cindy my life is so dotted and I don’t know to fill it with the
right things.’ His palms opened before him. ‘Please help me,
don’t abandon me, you’re the only right thing in my life. My life
will be empty if you go …I will die, I will meet my doom.’
Tears formed in her eyes, she had never seen a man this way.
The photos had been that of him and a couple of clients. He had
been to a couple of her family gathering and had met with some
of her cousins. One was a hotel manager in Benin and had took
the snapshots.

She knelt and tears rolled down her cheeks.
‘Baby please don’t leave me. I am sorry for lying and cheating on
you. You’re such a great girl and you deserve none of such. I feel
so so guilty. I love you Babe. Help me get help …help me make
my lines whole.’ He sobbed.
Cynthia opened her arms and managed a smile.
He went into her arms and his whole body shook as relief surged
through him.
‘I know a place we can go to, I know a Rock we can run to that is
higher than us.’


‘I have never been so humiliated all my life! ‘ Eniola entered the
sitting room and bag dropped to the ground before her hands
descended on her waist. He had half carried, half dragged her
out of the party.
Prince followed behind closely. ‘How dare you flirt with a guy?
‘I beg your pardon! ‘ She face him completely disappointed.
He remove his blazer and threw it to the nearest sofa. ‘You think
I actually went to the gent, right from the time we walked in, his
eyes has been on you. I left for just three minutes and you were
laughing with him.’
Eniola gave a short laugh and clap her hands understanding he
was jealous . ‘A relationship is not also known as bondage. Even
pregnant married women get wooed talk more of a single lady. A
good looking me should attract male admiration. ‘
No one dares challenge him. His other girlfriends never did why
was so damn headstrong His anger reach his peak. ‘You are a
hopeless and helpless Sl*t! ‘
‘What! ‘ She glared at him feeling like she had been stung.
‘After everything I have done and how special I made you, you
dare to allow another guy approach you.’
Eniola rolled her eyes beside herself with control. ‘You sound like
we were having s*x.’
‘What more was left, you hopeless Sl*t! ‘
She shook her head. ‘The evidence are now clear, I know better
and I pity you.’ She picked her bag. ‘You are a helpless and
helpless psychopath! ‘
Her words hit him hard and he felt exposed.
She made to leave.
Prince grabbed and hurled her .
She hit her back against a stand of home theatre and fell hard on
the floor. Not giving her a chance to recover, he dived and pinned
her down. He grabbed her bosom.
She fought him off, scratching his face but he was unperturbed
like he was use to it.
He reached for her trousers belt and begin to unbuckle. ‘I’m going
to make you mine for the rest of your life.’ He smacked his lips.
She stopped struggling and her voice came clear and strong .
‘You want to die like a cat? ‘
His hands froze as the story Ambrose told him flooded his
senses. He got off her.
Eniola groaned as she managed to sit up. She held her head
momentarily. She knew she must have been injured but she
couldn’t wait to confirm as she crawled to take her bag. Using
the sofa she supported herself up.
Eniola lurched, steadied herself and exhaled. ‘Prince Akubor, I’ll
be last woman in your life because you just messed with the
wrong lady.’ She managed a smile.
Prince eyes almost pop out, he scrambled to his feet panicked
surging through him. ‘Eni … Eniola …what are you talking about?

Eniola stopped and sized him up. ‘You heard the story of the
University guy who died barking like a dog?’
His heart beat quickened and he began to sweat despite the air
conditional. He nodded.
‘The man whose wife the guy messed with is a member of the
fraternity my dad is heading. ‘ Her vision became blurred.
His bladder gave way and he felt wetness in between his legs. He
glared at her mouth agape.
Eniola blinked severally, lurched and fell.


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