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buttocks gaze Temilade

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The guy eyed her, shook his head and hissed.
‘Help me now.’
He walked away and couldn’t wait to get home to tell his
siblings. What was the world turning into. A beautiful young lady
was on the street in broad day light begging for s*x.
‘Ehen-hen bros …’ Temilade put up a smile as he stopped.
‘How far? ‘
‘Please I need a favor. Help me please, I want s*x.’
Taken aback the guy look at her scrutinizingly. ‘How many
months you get to live? ‘
‘No …no …I’m fine. ‘ She beamed .
‘You don carry one yamayama disease abi? Oh you don get HIV?

‘No bros, I am A okay.’
‘How Fine girl like you go de for road de beg for s*x. E bi like say
dem don de follow you from your villa. ‘ He quickened his steps.
She frowned and look around. She crossed to the other side of
the road.
Temilade flagged down the private cars, but none slowed down
talk more of stopping.
Where are all the sugardaddies? Where are all the young men
who couldn’t do without s*x? She wondered. ‘I am available for
s*x.’ She said aloud but no one seem to pay attention to her. She
narrowed her brows and did a slow cat walk. ‘I should have
come with a placard. ‘ She sighed and scratch her hair. ‘What do
I do now? ‘ She muttered .
Temilade continued her cat walk until she saw a discarded bottle
of yoghurt and then like a bolt from the blue, an idea struck!


She ran home, she was going to use a bottle to deflower herself.
She needed s*x badly, if she didn’t do it, she felt she might die.
self-service was not satisfying anymore.
Few minutes later,
She applied pressure to the bottom and the bottle head went in.
she gasped. Drops of blood touched the floor. ‘Yuppie, I am
deflowered! She laughed hysterically.
‘Deflowered? ‘ Temilade woke up with a start and sat
immediately. She was panting. ‘Deflowered! ‘ It sank and pulling
the duvet, she scrambled out of bed.
She was horrified as she inspect the bed spread and the back of
her night gown. No blood.
She inhaled and exhaled. ‘Oh God! It is a nightmare. ‘ She
muttered trembling and took steps back until her back touched
the wall. Then she sat and hug her knees. “What has become of
me? What has become of my life? ” Temilade felt so cold and
rock herself. “Where do I go to for help? ” she pondered.

Omoefe was all tensed as he watch his friend glanced at Ini’s
medical folder.
He finally spoke up. ‘It is an adolescent depression. No
permanent damage from all investigations. She will talk again.’
He exhaled and smiled for the first time, after he welcomed
Indifreke. ‘Thank you very much Osaro. ‘
‘Efe, there is something that bothers me.’ The psychologist sat
back on the chair.
‘What is it? ‘ He adjusted himself on the chair.
‘I fear her withdrawal might be due to abuse. Are you aware of
any? ‘
‘What! Of course not …!’ His reply came on impulse. Then he bow
his head and his forehead as grief overwhelmed him. ‘I can’t
really say.’ His voice was lace with disappointment. ‘Though I
expect my wife should have told me if any had occurred. ‘
He smiled. ‘Come on now Efe, don’t beat yourself over something
that might have not happened. Besides there is no problem
without a solution. ‘
He nodded.
‘She needs more of her family than she need us. I ain’t surprise
she sent for Junior. Ini needs love, care, patience, attention and
all the understanding she can get.’
Omoefe exhaled and sigh.
‘Nonetheless, I will have to ask Ima and Junior, they may have
more info since you have been around. ‘
‘No problem man. Thanks.’
‘Always remember it could have been worst. Encourage yourself
man, you are the head, you need to be positive and calm.’

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Prince was on both knees with tears rolling down his cheeks.
‘You want to kill yourself abi, ewor omojatijati? Eniola was sitted
on the hospital bed.
‘No ke …mmmmh.’ She place a palm under her chin and regarded
him momentarily. ‘You don’t know if something worst had
happened to me …what am I even talking about? ‘ She paused to
rephrase. ‘If my dad finds out that a man dared to place his only
daughter on a hospital due to his frivolities …’ she burst into
bouts of laughter, shaking her legs in the process.
‘I am deeply sorry. ‘His head was bowed.
‘You are a very wicked man and you deserve to be taught a
lesson. ‘
‘I know but forgive me. ‘ His palms were opened before him.
People who knew him would never believe he could be so
‘How many girls have you raped? ‘
‘I …emmm …I …’ He scratched his head wishing for anything that
will prevent him from answering the question.
Eniola eyes widened. ‘What! You have lost count? ‘
He lowered his eyes before nodding.
‘My God! ‘ She gasped and covered her mouth flabbergasted. She
adjusted herself to the edge of the bed. It was the third day of her
admission in the hospital. She was free from infusions since she
was stable but still under observation.
Curiosity took charge of her. ‘Prince, have you been cheating on
me? ‘
He felt his heart sink into his abdominal region. He swallowed
‘Answer me Prince …answer me.’ Tears formed in her eyes as
she searched his expression.
It was better for him to bare it all out since fate has not spared
him this day. ‘I did …’ His palms became sweaty.’I did with
ladies, women and men.’
Eniola flinched and tried to process the information but couldn’t.
‘What do you mean?’
‘I am homosexual. ‘
She felt her head increase in size, overwhelmed with emotions,
she lost control and slapped him twice and was about to hit him
with both fists when he held her.
‘How could you put me through all this when you’re a pervert!
You want me to be a saint when you dine with the devil.’ She
sobbed, ‘Oh Eniola …’She moaned, ‘you should have known
better. ‘
‘Sweetheart I am sorry. ‘ He sobered. ‘I didn’t know what I was
doing. ‘
‘Get your filthy hands off me! ‘ She snapped and freed herself
from his hold. ‘You handsome can of maggots!’
He broke down and wept, Which was something he had not done
in over a couple of decade.
His new state took Eniola aback.
‘Please stop crying, don’t hurt yourself for my sake. I an not
worth it.’ His voice was croaked.
She glared at him.
‘Yes I am a psychopath, I am arrogant. ‘ He wiped his tears with
his palm. ‘I can be associated with lying, cunning and glibness. ‘
He exhaled and more tears came. ‘I lack self control, hence, I
Molest and am violent with both females and males. I lack empathy
and remorse.’
Eniola use her arms to hug herself, viewing him through glassy
He sobbed. ‘Go ahead, tell your dad. I deserve to die, I have
ruined many lives. I am a disgrace to humanity.’ Prince wipe his
nose.’ I am an embodiment of everything negative. ‘
Though she wasn’t bluffing about her father’s identity, she didn’t
approve of his lifestyle and wasn’t willing to partake in his evil.
Her heart went out to him on his new resolution. ‘How did it all
start? ‘
He glanced at her. ‘It is not necessary Eniola, my lines are dotted
and useless. if you had not challenged my selfishness and
violence, I would continue my gruesome cycle. ‘
‘I need to know Prince, we all have a past. There is no smoke
without fire, there is no situation that is past redemption. ‘
Prince stared at her, she had not condemned him.
‘Come and sit beside me.’ She patted the space beside her.
He began to sob again and his body shook.
Eniola reach out and took his hand.
‘I am an only son, the only child of my mother … ‘ He began after
some minutes.


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