Must Read: Dotted Lines…. Episode 13

buttocks gaze Temilade

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Omoefe strolled into the sitting room after taking a nap, on
sighting his children, he stopped short. He studied them- Ini had
slept off with her head placed on her brother’s lap while he
concentrated on the tennis soccer channel was showing.
He had observed a strange distance between them and his wife.
His wife stayed out of their way while they treated her most time
like she wasn’t there. He was in a dilemma, he knew something
was wrong but didn’t have knowledge of the right approach to it.
‘Hey Daddy’s boy.’He touched him on the shoulder.
‘Hi dad.’ Indi looked up and smiled.
‘I suppose the drugs has swing into action. Let me take her to
her room.’
‘No dad, allow me.’ He lifted her swiftly. ‘Oh gosh! ‘He couldn’t
help but exclaim.
‘What is it son? ‘ Omoefe brows were narrowed.
‘She is so light.’ He replied before heading for her room.
He sat back ,inhaled deeply before exhaling. He closed his eyes
with the aim of keeping his mind blank.
Indi descend the last of the stairs when Omoefe yawned.
‘Ehen -hen dad, your food is on the dinning table in a warmer.’
‘Food?’ He raised a brow. ‘I thought your mum said we are taking
toasted bread with beverage. ‘
‘Yeah. I don’t feel like it and I told Ini, she cooked beans and yam
with this very delicious crayfish stew.’Indi face glowed.
Omoefe stifled a yawn before groaning. He stood and head to the
dinning room.
Indi followed closely behind.
‘When my baby girl start cooking? ‘ His eyes shone with
‘I don’t know dad, all I know is that she is good. ‘
He settled down the meal. After slowing masticating the food and
savoring the taste, he shook his head delight and pride. ‘This is
fabulous, it is nothing like what I have had before. ‘.He smacked
his lips.
Indi shrugged his shoulders before giving his father the -I told
you expression.
He sipped water. ‘How did she learn to cook so well? ‘
‘If an individual can be talented with cooking, I’ll say she is.’
‘Lovely. I will find where she can go to improve herself and make
a career for herself. ‘
Indi pursed his lips momentarily. ‘Ini already made all the
inquiries. She wrote them down on her diary even her own
recipes. When she showed mum her dream, she got hysterical
and slapped Ini.
‘She did what! ‘ Bewildered, he stared at his son.
‘Yes dad.’ He returned calmly.
‘How can she do such an outrageous thing! ‘ He buried his face
in his palm, trying so hard to fight the anger brewing within him.
Indi quietly cleared the dishes.

Does Jesus care when my heart is pained
Too deeply for mirth and song;
As the burdens press, and the cares distress,
And the way grows weary and long?
Temilade was seated on the bed with her back rested against the
wall, staring into space oblivious of her surrounding.
O Yes, He cares, I know he cares!
His heart is touched with my grief;
When the days are weary, the long nights dreary,
I know my Savior cares.
Chidubem all cuddled on the rug, too exhausted to get warmth
for his cold extremities, he stared blankly.
Does Jesus care when my way is dark
With a nameless dread and fear?
As the daylight fades into deep night shades,
Does he care enough to be near?
Prince stared into space blankly, his eyes sore and swollen, and
his body ache. Yet seated on the hospital floor, he cared less.
Does Jesus care when I have tried and failed.
To resist some temptation strong;
When for my deep grief I find no relief,
Tho’ my tears flow all night long?
Ini stood outside the door as she listen as her father sobbed and
muttered some regret. Tears formed in her eyes, knowing there
was still more to come that will make him heart broken.
Does Jesus care when I have said goodbye
. To the dearest on earth to me,
And my sad heart aches till it nearly breaks,
Is it aught to Him, does He see?
Cynthia blinked severally, drowsy but couldn’t sleep. Her mind
void yet occupied.
Her head on the soft pillow, basked in the warmth of the blanket,
Eniola stared at white wall, lost in thought.
O yes, He cares, I know He cares!
His heart is touched with my grief;
When the days are weary, the long nights dreary,
I know my saviour cares.

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I really need to know what is happening to my family … I need to
know. ‘
Ima felt the palpitation she had being having recently return.
Indi felt his heart quickened, atlas, the moment has arrived.
The trio were seated in the sitting room. Tension saturating the
Omoefe place a palm across his chest. ‘I can’t wait for another
psychological session to discover some things about my family.
I doubt my heart will take it if I am sprang with surprises. ‘ He
exhaled and directed his gaze to his wife. ‘Honey, has Ini been
abused? ‘
‘No … of course not! ‘ It came out quick surprising her too.
‘No.’ Indi mouthed and chuckled. That would have passed
unnoticed if not that his father had his eyes on him at that
‘Indifreke? ‘ He called scrutinizingly.
‘I am sorry dad, I am only humored that my mother,’ He gestured
could give a spontaneous- No… ‘ His voice was laced with
sarcasm, he shook his head before giving a short laugh.
Imaobong flinched. ‘What the hell are talking about Indifreke? ‘
She was angry.
‘Hell is what am talking about mum.’ Indi sardonically, all his
agony raw and fusing to form a rare confidence. ‘The hell you
have put Ini and I through. ‘
Overwhelmed, Impede watched in bewilderment.
‘I am warning you Indifreke Okoh, be very careful of the way you
talk to me and what you say to me!’ She was now seated at the
edge of the sofa, her stare cold but fierce.
He raised a brow with a grim. ‘What are you going to do that you
have not done already ? You think any other sore would be more
painful than the one you’ve inflicted ehen …dear momma. ‘
Ima couldn’t contain herself as she rose and in flash covered the
distance between them, grabbed his collar and pulled him up.
Just then, Ini descended the last of the stairs without being
noticed. She stopped short, took in the scenario before her and
sat on the last of the stairs.
‘Are you crazy? ‘ She demanded.
‘I am crazy! I am crazy!! You have made me crazy!!!’
Her hands froze.
Omoefe opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything.
He broke free. ‘You have made me crazy and Iniobong dumb! I
hope you’re fulfilled. ‘
The slap came full and hard almost touching his eyes, he
‘Imaobong! ‘ Omoefe managed, drained of strength.
‘I warned you didn’t I? ‘ He made a quote sign with his fingers.
Tears in his eyes but his voice strong.

‘You think s*x is the only abuse …right …right mum? ‘ He smiled
sadly. ‘How about mental abuse, how about physical and verbal
abuse, how about social deprivation? ‘ He met her cold stare. ‘Do
you need me to call Uncle Osaro to confirm if those are abuse …?’
He waited. ‘I didn’t think so too.’
Uneasy she turned and shifted her weight from one foot to the
‘You deserve to be jailed, you deprived us of some of our
fundamental human rights. You ruined our lives!’
Tears filled Omoefe eyes, he couldn’t blame her, it was his fault
Ini bit her lower lips fighting back her tears. Her mind was
already made up.
‘Authoritative mum, Mummy Perfect, Mummy Know all, Never
considerate mum, Pushing her children and pinning them against
the wall mum …’His voice trailed off and his tears came down in
full force.
Ima opened her mouth to protest but words didn’t come out.
‘You ruined our lives, you have ruined our destiny and probably
our generation to come. Oh mum, you have destroyed us! ‘ He
slumped on his knees and sobbed. ‘You – have – made – us –
prey – to – the – devil. You have decisively made our lines dotted

‘Indi …?’ Omoefe sprang to his feet and panick surge through him.
‘Indi …?’
Brow beaten with now puffy eyes, she turned. ‘Indi …?’
‘Indi …what are you talking about? ‘ He dropped down on his
knees beside him.
‘We have been marked, Indi and I had s*x.’
The trio directed their gaze to the direction of the voice, and for
minutes, Ima and Omoefe tried to absorb the news and the
Ima threw herself on the ground and place both hands on her
head. She let out a heart rendering scream.
‘Oh God, I am finished …Oh God I am finished. ‘ Omoefe muttered
holding his chest still staring at his daughter.
Ini wept. ‘This is too much for me …’ She began screaming.
Indi scrambled to his feet and rushed to his side, he took her into
his arms.
The wrapped paper on her lap fell off and some of the drugs
They were the combination of the psychotic drugs she had been
given in the hospital. she had the intention of swallowing them



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