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Their joy knew no bound! The nature of his job didn’t allow him
much time for his family but it angered him. If not that he was
passionate about his job, he would have quit. He even tried to,
but the authority wouldn’t hear of such. He was a specialist in
handling emergencies and that was one of the characteristics of
his work. He was a marine engineer but he worked with the
Nigeria Navy.

Chidubem Ugorji washed the plates whistling. Mama
Bisi watched him smiling, she loved the child. He had insisted on
washing their plates after the meal of Amala and Vegetable soup.
He was free spirited and well brought up. It didn’t take an hour of
being with him to notice that. ‘My dear what do you enjoy doing?’
‘I love dancing, knowing the make up electrical appliances,
reading and helping out my parents.’ ‘Woah, dancing,’ Mama
Bisi,’I love to dance but I do’t know how to.’ ‘It is not hard, we all
can dance. It is all about learning to move with the rhythm of the
song.’He wiped the plates and arranged them on the rack. She
folded her arms beneath her bosom and listened raptly. ‘When
you dance you move some or all part of your body, it is an
expression that can be quick, slow but lively, usually with
gestures. That’s why you can pass messages via dancing alone.’
He turned to look at her and laughed at her seriousness,
‘mummy, you make feel like a teacher.’ She laughed too and
hugged him. ‘You’re a wonderful child!’ ‘Thank you ma.’ He
thought she was a wonderful woman too, she appreciated
everything he did like he was doing something extraordinary. She
took his hand and led him to the sitting room. ‘I need you to
teach me how to dance.’ She approach the music player. ‘No…
No ma, theory first then practical.’ He led her to seat and went to
stand across the centre table. The lecture began… he talked and
gestured. At 9years, he was handsome, tall and acted too
matured for his age. It was hard to believe he was an only son,
the last born and his immediate elder sister was 15 years older.
He was his parents’ bundle of joy when they least anticipated.
They decided to bring him up well.


‘He goes to the female rest room of Basic 1, 2 and 3, from a hide
out, he watches them. Prince sometimes tells them he wants to
see and offers biscuits and cakes. He slapped a girl buttocks the
other day and because she reported to her teacher, the news got
to Prince class teacher and she brought it to my table. I ordered
the punishment.’ The headmistress sat back on her seat. Shadia
met the woman’s gaze. ‘Yes I did. If you needed to strangle
anyone, it should be me not Omolola.’ ‘I didn’t strangle her.’ Her
voice rose. “what in the world was wrong with everyone?”she
wondered. ‘Oh yes u did!’ She returned firmly, ‘if she was
asthmatic, that action would have triggered an attack. As an
educated mother I expected your any grievance about the
handling of your child should come to me.’ Her voice conveyed
her plea,’Prince’s only a boy, what does he know? I expected that
I should be consulted before he is punished. I didn’t like the way
he wept, he could have come down sick.’ The older woman
couldn’t help but smile. ‘Mrs Akubor, this is an educational
institution and there some degree of lessons and discipline he
should leave here with to make him a better individual.’ ‘I just
don’t like the way he was disciplined.’ ‘Frog jump and 4 strokes
of cane, hmmmm… Mrs Akubor one of the motto of this school is
discipline, we cannot come to take permission from you or
anyone else before a child’s disciplined. Did you think of the
implication of his action on those girls?’ ‘Whatever it is should
not warrant killing my child!’ She almost hissed as she shifted
from one side of the chair to another. The headmistress shook
her head more out of pity. ‘Your action was not a good example
to your child. Prince is your child and you’re his mother. It your
right to decide what is best for him.’Her voice was calm, ‘This is
my school and I cannot and I will not lower the standard of this
school for any child or parents. Madam, the ball is in your court.’
Shadia was taken aback momentarily, she had not expected the
conversation to turn this way but long ago, she had resolved to
protect her only child fiercely. ‘I withdraw him.’ She was not to
beg anyone. ‘Thank you Madam, extend my greetings to your
husband. Please see the secretary on your way out.’ Without
another glance at her, she punched some numbers, picked the
phone and relay instructions to the secretary.

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Shadia was the second wife to Mnenga. He had 4girls by his first
wife, after the last girl, the gynaecologist had advised him against
his wife taking in again, reason being that it might cost her life.
He had met Shadia while executing a project in Jos. They had
s*x and 2 weeks later when she told him she was pregnant. As
an only son, he had decided to marry her. Hence, he carried out
the proper rites. After the birth of Prince, all other pregnancies
didn’t get to term. She made Prince her life jacket and didn’t care
about what anyone else thinks.


Morenike stared at the strip and didn’t know she had been crying
until she felt wetness on her neck. She brushed off the tears with
her palm. “Oh God,” She muttered, “was I wrong to have chose
love?” Her eyes welled with tears. This was what they had prayed
for and anticipated for over 7years, she had prayed, gone to the
hospital and did all she knew but had not missed he menstrual
period, not even for a month. Now the strip confirmed it twice
and he was no where to be found! It has been 3 weeks since he
left the house, she had done all she knew to contact him to no
avail. His office refused to divulge information about his
whereabout. She was sick with worry and the pain of not having
anyone to tell the good news. Her only friend was out of the
country. She suspected Olajide had left the state or worst still the
country. She shivered… Morenike poured out the urine and
flushed the toilet and discarded the strip. She washed her hands,
face and head for the sitting room. The TV was on, Temilade was
lying on the sofa and had slept off while watching. The remote
was hanging loosely to the chair. She took the remote and
adjusted her hands gently not wanting to wake her. Morenike sat and was about to change the channel for fashion
TV. ‘Love.’The Man on screen repeated and laughed. It got her
attention, how could someone laugh with so much abandon when
she felt awful.
“Love is the mistake so many young people
make today. Love is a deep affection or fondness. Most single
look out for love before marriage. Mind you, you can love
anyone, anything so much that you become attached to them in
such a way you hurt, skip meals or weep when something bad
happens to then. Have you ever wondered why the rate of divorce
now is way overboard and alarming?” He paused momentarily,
“Then, it was more of arranged marriage but it lasted long and
well. Listen, it becomes interesting barely one moth after death
of a spouse the other follows.” He laughed again. “Love grows,
fondness grows. Just get the qualities right- the Intelligence,
emotional, religious attraction and the understanding. Love
comes.” “Are you trying to us that love is not a priority?” The
Presenter asked. Morenike switched off and her mind drifted

“Sweetie…” He knelt, “I Love you, I love our daughter. Allow me
to be your husband, please let me be the one to be there for you,
to protect and cherish you, till death do us part.” “No… Bode, I
can’t do this. I don’t love you.” “Baby love grows, please let our
love grow.” “It kills me when you do all you do and it just irks
me. I feel guilty. It is not fair to you.” He pulled her close via her
waist. “Temi, I can wait, I love you that much.” “I can’t wait, I’ve
found someone I love.” He broke down into tears and wept like a
baby. The magazine… the very one that she kept beneath her
box, it flashed back. The photo of the very man who wept for her
love was posed with a beautiful lady with their 5 year old twin
boys. His eyes sparkle, his dimple and gap tooth was all out, just
like her daughter’s. They looked perfect! It was obvious Daddy
Temilade had found a reciprocal love. Back to reality, “Where is
the man she loved?” She sobbed and ran into her bedroom.
Temilade must not see her like this.



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