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You want to play smart and wise with me abi?’ The belt cracked
on her buttocks and then to her head and over and over it came.
‘silly girl, you want to corrupt yourself in my house!’ The whip
descended emphasizing her anger. ‘I warned you, didn’t I? I’ll
teach you that have been in the world before you!’ Ini used to
hands to shield her head, face and eyes. ‘Gbam gbam gbam…
Mummy open this door! Open the damn door!’ Having use his fist
for long, he used his legs but the door wouldn’t bulge. He was no
longer hearing his sister’s plea and wailing. He felt every crack
of the belt, “what was he going to do?” He pondered. ‘Kill her, kill
her o!’, Indi couldn’t hear his sister’s plea nor wailing. The door flung
opened and Indi almost fell into the room, he had not heard the
key turn. Their gaze locked for a while, he wanted to confront her
but on sighting his sister’s lifeless form on ties rug, he thought
better. ‘Ini!’ He shook her and she open her eyes, he exhaled. He
lifted her to the bed. She groaned. ‘Pain.’ she whispered ‘God!’
He gasped on seeing the raw flesh, serum and blisters on her
hands. ‘what kind of thing’s this?’ he muttered exasperated and
ran out. He came back with Ibuprofen and a table water. He
assisted her up to take the drug.


‘She hate me… She wants to kill me… Big bro I didn’t do it, she
doesn’t trust me.’ He saw the pain in her eyes, there was
apparently no tears to cry. He held her and listened, he had been
on a phone call when he had heard her screaming and calling his
‘Went to buy mum drugs, met the guy putting drinks in the fridge.
He begged me to wait, the power supply just came on… ‘ She
sniff.’ You know how the light is and in this hot weather,
everyone wants cold water. I understood and waited… It wasn’t
up to 3 minutes.’ Ini swallowed ‘mummy passed to see her
friend, she said I was chatting with him, I was exchanging
contacts, that I was now a pros …’ Ini sobbed, ‘you know me,
that is the truth.’ She looked up at him.
Tears had formed in his eyes, ‘I believe you babe.’ He stood with
a new resolution. ‘I’ll be back.’ He left her room.
He knocked twice and didn’t get a response, he opened.
‘What is it?’ Her look was stern.
‘How could you not trust her? How could you beat your own
daughter like an animal?’
She dropped the cloth she was about to fold to look at him. ‘If
you know what is good for you, you’ll leave this instant.’ Ima
pointed an index finger.

‘so what if she was chatting with him and she was chatting right
back, they have a right to expression. It’s not like they were
caressing and having s*x.’
In a flash she covered the distance between them in a flash and
hit him hard across the face.
He held his cheek locked gaze with his mother fuming. ‘Go
ahead, hit me more or get daddy’s belt. I am not… We are not
proud of you. I wish those that adore you out there know who
you truly are.’ Indi left the room half expecting to be grabbed.’
Ima wanted to grab him but his words had cut through her like a
knife. “no… no.” She won’t let down her guard, she wasn’t to
going to allow them make her feel she failed by not bringing
them up properly. Ini saw his tears and could guess what happened. She lifted a
hand and beckoned.
He laid beside her and his tears flowed. He held her and they
slept off.

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Morenike looked up from the Ipad, a pen posed on one hand. She
was an event planner and had been planning a wedding.
‘Mummy,’ Temilade entered the room beaming, ‘Daddy sent me a
‘Congrats dear, I’m so happy for you.’ She smiled up at her
‘You know what mum,’She chuckled before pulling a seat. ‘Daddy
is very funny, he put the choice back to you despite me telling
him we have already talked about it.’ Bode did respect her and
her decisions despite all. ‘All righty dear, the ball now lies in
your court.’
‘Hmmmm.’ Temilade exhaled and stretched out her legs. ‘In as
much as I’ll like to go across the Atlanta for my tertiary
education, have a better standard of education, hang out with my
family over there, make new friends but I can’t.’
The word “family” hit her and she felt guilty for depriving her.
‘Why not?’ She managed.
Temilade met her mother’s gaze. ‘I can’t mum, I can’t leave you
all by yourself.’
Morenike wished she could have laughed heartily to reassure her
daughter and take off the worried expression off her face but it
ended as a short laugh. ‘Temilade, I’m a big girl, I can take care
of myself. Besides, Olajide will soon be back.’
‘Mummy you don’t even know where he went! I am your baby but
I’m not a baby anymore. I see how you’ve been recently.’
Morenike looked away feeling so fragile, she couldn’t even think
of something to defend herself with.
‘I choose Obafemi Awolowo University, can always come home to check on you and you can do
same for me.’
Like Father, like daughter, making her top priority and being so
selfless.’ Thanks.’ She patted her back.
‘I love you mum, you mean so much to me, you were in school
and deciding to keep me where many girls would aborted, I’m so
‘You’re my Jewel, I love you and I’m grateful you esteem me so
high to remain in Nigeria.’ She had suprised her, she had thought
she would chose the opportunity to be closer to her father. The
tears were slowly making their way to her eyes.
‘Daddy and Aunty Modupe did shopping for us.’
‘Us?’ Morenike went wide eyed. Modupe was her daughter’s
Father’s Wife.
‘Yes mum. For my school and for you too, few cloths and shoes.’
She couldn’t believe her ears.
‘Mum,’ Temilade called reading her facial expression. ‘My step
mum is a wonderful person, I hope you meet her someday.’
‘Hope so too.’ Morenike believed her daughter hook, line and
sinker. She had expected her daughter’s upkeep to stop as soon
as Bode got married, it never did and everytime Temilade went
over, she came back with packages for her and knowledge of
what she had learnt from her step mum. Now, she got packages
even in her daughter absence. ‘
I’m looking forward to DHL visit.’ Temilade cooed and her mother
She did looked forward also.
Temilade stood and head out. ‘Hope you’re not going to raid my
fridge.’Morenike called after her.
‘I’m right behind you to supervise.’
They both laughed.



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