Must Read: Dotted Lines…. Episode 5


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‘Show me your bosom.’
Queenette laughed and continued applying the lipstick, she
smacked her lips when she was done.
Prince took her hand and swing it. ‘Show me now.’ He was in the
room of the house help.
‘Pp leave me I beg, I’m going out.’ She pulled down the hem of
the sleeveless, short gown like it was going to cover more than it
already did. It was skin fitted emphasizing every curve.
‘To see who?’ He demanded. The authority his voice commanded
made her to look at him, but she decided to ignore him. ‘If you
don’t tell me where you’re going, I’ll tell mummy when she gets
Once Prince has spoken, her Madam wouldn’t bother verifying
before skinning her alive. She indulge him.’I’m going to see my
‘Boyfriend.’ He almost sang and his eyes shone.
‘Yes, see Prince, I really need to see him.’ She face him and touch
his shoulder.
‘Aunty Queen I don’t want you to go.’
Was that a plea or was she mistaken? That was strange because
Prince never begged for anything.
‘My boyfriend will be angry, I already told him I was coming.’
‘I will be angry if you leave and I will tell my mummy.’ He pouted
and folded his hands.
Queenette exhaled, what was she going to do?
‘Can’t I be your boyfriend?’
She could have laughed in spite of the anger that was brewing in
her but his expression was serious.
‘Teach me to be your boyfriend.’ Prince tugged her hand with a
plea in his voice.
Queenette remembered what her colleague her told her when
they had met in the market. It wouldn’t be bad if she tried it out,
besides, Prince had volunteered and it’ll give her an edge over
other workers in his favor book.
‘Pp lock the door.’ She told him and looked for a comb.
Prince ran to the door.
She gave him the comb on his return, climb the bed and lifted her
gown. She beckoned and he joined her in bed.
Queenette removed her pant and his eyes widened.
‘comb this for me.’ She pointed and open her legs.
Prince got to work immediately.

The blast from the speakers continued and the boys and girls in
groups gave it their best.
Iniobong sway her hips from side to side and whistled joining the
uproar of the crowd of youths all gathered to watch the dance
‘I thought I could dance until now, I don’t even know a jot of
dancing.’ Indifreke nudged his sister before throwing his hands
got the air.
Ini laughed eyes not leaving the stage and clapped while Indi
joined in the dance steps they were now displaying.
Ini sipped from the can guava juice. ‘Thanks big bro, I really had
‘You are so welcome dear, anything for my baby sister.’ His eyes
were focused on the road, he turned on the travigator light.
‘Hahan Indi that’s not the way home.’
‘There is a restaurant I want us to check out.’
‘No na, it is almost 5pm mummy will soon be back.’
‘Is it that you’re not hungry?’ He slowed and stopped as the
traffic light turned red. He glanced at her and winked.
‘Oh big bro I am but…’
‘My sugar level is low, I’ll faint soon.’
She could say same for herself, at least if she was going to cry, it
was best to do so on a full stomach. Ini relaxed as the car was in
motion again.

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Imaobong watched then from her room window upstairs
expecting to be shivering like trees in harmattan.
They had come out of the car almost at same time. From what
she saw, Ini had said something to him and his reply must have
been mischievous because She laughed and chase him into the
They had indeed swore to see her worst, is it that they didn’t
know she should she should be home by now? She sat on the
bed and shook her legs. She will teach then never to mess with
her again!
The door bell rang for the fourth time and she strolled to the
door. Ima opened,
They stared at her.
She glared at them.
Even Ini, her own Ini dared to stare, things were really getting out
of hand!
‘Open defiance.’ She smirk, ‘very well then go back to where you
are coming from and sleep there!’ Ima slammed the door and
locked it.
Indi burst out laughing hard and long.
‘Do you think she’s bluffing?’ Panick surge through her.
‘What do I care!’ Indi managed in between bouts. ‘We won.’ He
clutch his abdomen.
‘We can’t sleep outside.’Ini fetched her phone. ‘I have to call dad
and tell him everything, he has to know we are now prisoners in
our house!’ Pacing in anger, she dialled the number.
Indi rest on the wall and watched in his sister, that was a rare
part of her.
‘No…’ She dialled again. ‘Oh No … His number is not available.’
‘We had a great time and nothing will make me regret.’
‘Let us beg her.’ She raise a hand to press the door bell.
Indi pulled her towards him and she faced him. ‘We didn’t do
anything wrong and we are not begging her. Didn’t you see those
younger than you’re out there?’
‘I did Indi but…’ She gestured towards the door.
‘We will sleep in the car, enough is enough.’ He look down to her
arms, the marks were still there. ‘She abused you Ini, let her
sleep in the house alone.’ He led out by the waist, ‘Sleeping in
the car won’t kill us.’
Somehow she felt strong. ‘Thank God we ate.’ She whispered.
Indi grinned.

‘Good morning ma.’
Mama Bisi embraced the Child all in smiles.
‘Good morning my love. How are you? what have you eaten?’
‘Mummy…’ Chidubem chuckled as he led her to a seat, she sat
and placed him on her lap.
‘I’m fine, thanks. Dad made chicken stew last night, I ate it with
‘Nice. I ordered pizza, popcorn and icecream.’
‘Woah!’ He went wide eyed with excitement. ‘It’s going to be a
jolly good day.’ He sang patting his abdomen and that made her
laugh heartily. ‘Thank you ma.’
‘I missed you so much.’ She drew him close and kissed him on
the cheek.
He felt so loved and looked forward to mornings when he saw
‘Chidubem didn’t you miss me?’ She pouted
‘I did ma.’ He smiled.
Later when he had settled, she gave him the popcorn and slid the
DVD. She hid the remote and went to the bathroom.
At first he watched baffled, then the Unclothedness and moaning
started, it grew louder. He became scared. He called her and
searched for the remote to no avail. In his panick, he switched
off the wall socket.
Chidubem sat close to the door hugging his kneels dazed.
An hour later, Mama Bisi came out stark Unclad. Chidubem
stood to flee but the door was locked and the key was no where
in sight.


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