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Morenike was baffled when she turned the handle and the door
opened. She was sure she had locked the door, she was not
expecting Temi anytime soon.
It dawned on her and heart beat quickened. Jide… Olajide! She
quickened her steps into the room expectantly.
Olajide place the last shirt in the bag and his hand was on the zip
when the door opened.
Relief rushed through her and she almost ran to him but stopped
short when she sighted the bag.
‘Olajide!’ Her bag dropped.
He turned to look at her, she looked pale and thin, her face held
horror, making guilt swept through him. He knew he could never
muster enough guts in her presence to move out, that’s why he
chose a time, he was sure she won’t be home.
Some minutes passed between them.
‘It’s good you are here Morenike, it is goodbye from me.’ He
lifted the bag from the bed and made for the door.
Morenike kneel. ‘You can’t leave me like this, I will go crazy.’ Her
palms closed in front of her.
‘Seven good years Nike, I need to move with my life and you need
to move on with yours. Looks like we’ve been cursed.’
Tears filled her eyes, ‘No Jide, there is something you need to
know.’ Morenike stood
‘No.’ He was not ready to go soft. He dropped his bag, grabbed
her shoulders and pushed her away.
She screamed and landed sprawled on the floor. For a moment,
she remained motionless.
He hadn’t expected to push her with so much force. He could
hear his heart beat as he watched her.
Morenike gnashed her teeth, she tried to sit up but groaned and
laid back. She raised a hand beckoning.
Olajide saw blood. ‘Nike!’ He gasped.
He picked her bag and searched for her car keys. He found it and
lifted her.
‘I am pregnant.’ She whispered.
‘Oh Jesus, Jesus Christ. Baby I’m sorry.’ He hurried out broken.
‘Oh God please… have mercy.’ He fought back his tears.
‘I won’t pay an extra. If you like change his school a thousand
and one time in a school session.’ Mnenga slipped his legs into
the sandals. ‘My wife and I didn’t run to school all time the girls
were spanked. We never changed school for them.’
Shadia frowned, she didn’t like the way he had been comparing
anytime he got wind of Prince misbehavior. ‘Darling, don’t be like
that, he is your only son.’
‘Shut up Shadia! I never have the headache you and son are
giving me when I’m with my family. Do you think they ask me if I
have a son before I’m awarded a contract?’ He hissed. ‘If you
want to turn Prince to a rotten piece, be my guest but tell me no
more!’ He stood and adjusted his Buba.
She dared not talk back to her 15 years older than her- husband.
She stamped her feet murmuring as she picked her bag. His
voice was laced with so much disappointment.
At the door, he practically eyed her. I’m giving you and your son
five minutes to be in the car if you want to still attend the
Shadia took a glance at the mirror and dashed out to Prince’s
room deciding to have a one on one with her son later in the
day .
In the car,
‘Mummy can I get icecream?’
Mnenga gave his wife a burning side glance. The car descended
the bridge.
‘Dearie we can’t now, probably on our way back.’
‘Okay.’ Prince unbuckle his seat belt, stood and began raising the
tennis ball he had come along with.
‘Pp sit, I’ve told you not to play in the car.’
He ignored her and continued raising the ball.
In a swift moment, the ball hit the windscreen and onto Mnenga’s
lap. The car swerved to a halt.
Before Shadia could recover, Mnenga had pulled Prince out of the
car via his ears and landed him a heavy slap.
Shadia scrambled out. ‘Mnenga haba..,’ she snatched him away.
‘you want to kill him ehen?’
Prince tear gland opened. ‘Oh mum…my.’ He sobbed.
Nmenga glared at them, he was so angry that he couldn’t talk. He
had not not parked well, he got back into the car, took his wife
bag and threw it out. ‘Find your way to the occasion.’
‘You can’t…’
The car sped away and her mouth went agape.
‘Daddy hate… me.’ He sobbed holding his head. ‘my head hurt.’
She picked her bag not hearing what Prince said. Her mind was
occupied- her husband action and how she had to trek back the
road on heels to the nearest taxi park.
Prince held both cheeks. ‘ Mummy, daddy hate me.’

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Ini had told him the food will be ready in five minutes, fifteen
minutes had gone yet No summons. His stomach was rumbling.
‘Hahan! ‘ He exclaimed in the kitchen, the plates for two was out,
the serving spoon was on the floor. He picked it and place it in
the sink. He opened the pot and the aroma made him smile. His
sister indeed was a born cook.
He went in search of her.
She laid on both knees with both hands clutching her abdomen.
She was wincing.
‘Ini… ‘ Indi was beside her, ‘what is it? ‘ He touch her neck,
‘maama your body is hot. Do I call the family doctor? ‘
He didn’t hear her response at first, He brought his ear close.
‘No.’ She muttered.
‘Do I call mum? ‘
‘No… she doesn’t even know I’m enough… to see my period. ‘
‘Oh menstrual pain! ‘ He became thoughtful. ‘Is it normally like
this? ‘
‘I’ll be right back. ‘ He rushed back to his room to pick his wallet.
She groaned and laid on her abdomen.


Ini was seated on his laps gazing at him as He narrated a
Youtube video He had seen. A smile formed on her lips.
After He came home from buying dolo meta B, He had dished her
food and fed her, after a couple of spoons, she threw up.
He helped clean her and gave her saline water to rinse her
mouth. Few minutes later, He fed her again and she ate, He gave
her prescribed dosage of the drug and soon she slept.
It was then, he was able to eat. ‘Olajide Adekanbi, how could you be so callous, selfish and
irrational? ‘ He mused. “What will his defense be if his wife
miscarried the only pregnancy she had in seven years? ”
‘Oh Nike forgive me.’ He sobbed on the palm that was free from
cannula and infusion. ‘God do forgive me, I know that have
disappointed you but in your wrath, remember mercy. ‘
Mirror opened her eyes and her environment went round in swift
motion. she close her eyes and it came back to her, from the
beginning .
He took her hand in his and bend to kiss it. ‘Can you organise my
life? ‘
She blushed outrightly.
They were in each others company for few minutes, she did most
of the talking and He laughed while she observed He was less of
a talker. she had a good laugh when she got home, Bode
Johnson had not believed that she would refuse him her contact.
Morenike was in 300 level in the university, she had planned a
book launch in which she had been introduced at the end of the
event. Afterwards, she was talking to some of her friends when
He excused her.
Two months later, they had met at her school gate. Bode had
come to see his eldest sister who was a lecturer. Then, it was
Bode turn to smile, she didn’t refuse him her contact.
One month afterwards, He made his marriage intention known to
her. She considered him too cold for her, yet she didn’t turn him
down. She just decided to leech to him until she got the right
man, after all, He was kind hearted, a giver and handsome.
They had s*x two months later and she got pregnant. She had
never seen a man so excited when she broke the news to him.
Bode introduced her to his family and met hers. He wanted to
marry her immediately but she kept coming up with excuses. He
had no choice than to respect them.
He took up her responsibility even her education and continued
after Temilade was born .
Her parents cater for the child while she was away in school.
Sometimes, she spend the weekends with him along side their
child. Those were wonderful weekends for Temilade, she love
him so much!
When she was about graduating, she met and loved Jide, He
loved her too despite the fact that she had a child.


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