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Her parents had refused to give their blessing to their marriage
but after much persuasion, they obliged.
For seven years , there was no child . She could not face her
older siblings without the look of – I warned you, didn’t we? Just
compare your life with Bode. silly girl!

She blinked severally.
‘Oh honey, thank God you’re awake! ‘ He sat beside her on the
‘Jide? ‘ She narrowed her brows.
‘I’m here.’ Olajide touched her face.
She was panic stricken as she placed a hand on her abdomen.
‘My baby …’ Tears formed in her eyes.
‘Shhhhhh …’ He hushed her. ‘Our baby stayed. ‘
‘Thank you Jesus. ‘ She sobbed.
‘No babe … no. ‘ He kissed her. ‘Doc said No emotional strain. ‘
Morenike smiled.
His phone rang.
‘It’s Temilade. ‘ He picked.
‘Good morning uncle Jide, I’ve been trying mum’s number since
yesterday, she is not picking and I’m worried. ‘
She is with me and we are in the hospital.’
‘Hospital? ‘ She choked. ‘What happened to my mummy? ‘
‘Relax baby T, your mum is fine. We are expecting a baby. ‘
‘What! Mummy is pregnant? ‘
‘Yes dear.’
‘Woah! Let me speak to … you self Uncle Jide, where have you
been? ‘
‘Emmm …’ He stammered. ‘I’m sorry girl, do forgive me. I won’t
do that again. ‘
‘Okay o, mum please. ‘ She was ecstatic.


Chidubem Ugorji touch the tear drop on the frame like He was in
a trance. He reached up to touch his face as if to prove that the
tear drop on the frame was his.
He didn’t bother wiping them away, instead He pulled out a
hanky from his pocket to wipe the frame. He touched her cheek
and smiled.
It was framed photograph of Cynthia and He. She was smiling up
at him with a hand on his shoulder and another on his chest with
her stunning smile and confident look and he had been smiling
back. He chuckled remembering.
She had won tickets for two to attend a summer jam, they had
attended together. As they came out of the galleria, Cynthia had
given her phone with plea to a guy to take snapshots of them. He
had been pleased and like a photographer, He had suggested
their various pose.
Here was one of them framed with some words inscribed.
I met you, I met the rainbow,
Thanks for adding color to my life.
Many many many fruitful years
ahead Sugarplum .
Tears stung his eyes and He blinked. What was happening to
him, he couldn’t remember when he was this emotional. His
phone sang and he looked at the screen, it was a strange number
but he got that all the time, he picked.
‘Hello oooo!!!’ A male and female voice drawled.
‘Hello? ‘ His brows narrowed.
A bell rang, ‘Happy Birthday Chidubem!! They chorused
excitedly. They sang the all popular birthday song for him
He smiled but was still in the dark, ‘Oh, thanks so very much.’
The bell rang. ‘This is our bell of huge blessings !’ The masculine
voice said.
He laughed their excitement winning him over. ‘Who am I
speaking with please?’
Do you have a special lady in your life? ‘ The feminine voice
‘l do.’
‘Her name is …?’
‘Cynthia. ‘
The bell rang louder this time. ‘We are Rufai and Bellarose of
Inspiration fm and Cynthia wishes you all God’s best on this
great day. Happy birthday!
‘Oh… ‘ He became speechless.
‘Don’t be like that now, say something to Cynthia, am sure she is
listening. ‘
‘When I think of that is so right in my life, I think her.’
‘Wooah! ‘ The bell rang once more.
He walked into his house an hour with all documents and was
now a proud owner of a Toyota Camry 2013 model courtesy of
the Senator but somehow he was not elated.
He decided to cook to distract himself.

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He fondled her bosoms and smacked his lips, he kissed deeply
the next, embraced another and his hands roamed her body and
got in between her thigh, she moaned. He squeezed the other
buttocks, on and on he went until the last of the girls. The oldest
was 20 years of age. They all giggled excitedly and he dropped
some dollars in their panties.
‘Be right back ladies! ‘ He grinned and winked.
They were all in bikinis, it was a beach party in his house and
they were by the pool.
About three well builded men were in strategic positions .
Prince Akubor slid into his Mercedes hybrid and as to the gate,
the security man opened the gate and Eniola drove in and came
Prince came out and removed his sunglasses. ‘What are you
doing here? ‘
‘What am I doing in my own boyfriend house? ‘ She glared at him.
‘Have you not caused me enough heartache? Now I have to hear
from someone that you are having a party without me Eniola
knowing! ‘ She shouted pissed.
‘It’s like you are becoming mad, How dare you come to my
house and raise your voice? See, ‘ He eyed her, ‘ I don’t have time
for your ranting, I’ve a meeting. ‘
‘Emi? Ranting ? Eniola touched her chest and her anger reached
its peak. ‘Prince you’re very silly! ‘
He approached her. ‘Repeat that.’
Her hands descended on her waist. ‘Yes! You’re silly, it’s only a
silly man that will treat his lady the way …’ The words died in her
mouth as two slaps hit her face. She felt blood and lost vision
‘Guys if by five minutes this car is not out of my territory, set it
ablaze. ‘ He drove out cursing, he had a meeting with a member
of the house of assembly in a hotel. With s*x as the agenda, male
-male s*x.
‘You have to leave. ‘
The bass voice got to her the second time.
She went to her car and reversed as hot tears flowed down her
well made up face. ‘I swear you will surely pay, !

Morenike dialled his number once more and got same response.
She stood from the bed and pace the room.
Her brows creased. “How can this be happening to me? How will
I reach him now … hmmm, God. “She exhaled. She coughed and
her chest tightened. She quickly reached for water and took quick
She needed air and fast. She trembled down the stairs and when
she got out, she sat on a chair. She took deep breaths and the
tears came in torrents, Helplessness and hopelessly, she wept
holding her head.
His visit had been planned for about two months. Efosa had
called around 6:39 am that the bus was already on its way and
she prayed with him for his safe journey.
A supposed 5 hours journey at most had become 9hours journey
and counting …
She called severally but it had either been switched off or
At the eleventh hour, his call came through. and the only word
she could make out from 23 seconds call was “accident “. Since
then she had been trying to no avail.
‘God please have mercy on me and protect him.’ She managed
Fifteen minutes later, she slept off.



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