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Do you have a girlfriend? ‘
She chuckled. ‘lie …lie big brother. ‘
‘Truthfully. ‘
‘How did you know about the drug you gave me for my menstrual
pain? ‘ She place a palm under her chin and gaze up at him.
‘Well I have lot of female friends, I can’t help but learn
somethings from them.’
‘Why can’t you choose one? ‘
‘Sincerely Detective, ‘ He sat beside her, ‘I’m scared of girls.’
She lowered her gaze, ‘I’m scared of boys too.’
‘Are you scared of me? ‘
She shook her head, ‘Are you scared of me? ‘
‘No babe.’
She smiled. ‘Can we be boyfriend and girlfriend? ‘
He met her gaze and it locked. Some minutes passed …
‘I think we can.’
‘So where do we start from? ‘ Her look was that of confidence.
He leaned so close that he could feel her breath.
She closed her eyes.
He touched her face. She trembled slightly.
He closed his eyes.
He kissed her softly and slowly. She followed his lead.
The kiss deepened and they became lost to their environment and
the world.
Indi removed his T -shirt.
Ini assisted him to unbutton her blouse.


After exchanging pleasantries with the security man and asking
about Chidubem’s whereabouts, she sighted the car. She
She peered as though the car was going to start blaring. She
frowned knowing he could afford it but it was an unnecessary
expense. Cynthia went back to sit with the security man.
Thirty minutes later, Chidubem drove in and parked. He least expected her but he dare
not show it.
She jogged towards him and he opened his arms smiling. He
loved her enthusiasm ,that was one of the things that had
attracted him to her and for the past couple of months, he missed
‘Hi Rosebud.’ He kissed her forehead, ‘How long have you been
waiting? ‘
‘For like forever.’ She reached up and brushed his brows with her
He chuckled. ‘I’m sorry Bestie, you. know I wasn’t expecting
‘I couldn’t wait to see you and tell how my exams went, besides I
missed you. You were not picking your calls, your major line was
switched off.’
They had not seen for two months.
He led her into the house. ‘It’s about time you own a key to this
house. ‘
‘I don’t want .’ She stated simply.
In the bungalow, the type expected of an architect who frowned
at anything less than the best. Chidubem stoop in her front .
‘what do I offer my bestie? ‘
‘Sugarplum, is that not a Toyota Camry 2013 model? ‘
His heart skipped a beat. ‘Yes it is.’
‘Hmmmm …’She paused thoughtfully, ‘you didn’t tell me you were
going to buy a car.’
‘It was a gift.’
‘What! ‘ Her eyes widened. ‘From who? ‘
He swept her swiftly into his arms and ran around the center
table.’My bestie is amebo hahaha … my baby is amebo hohoho
…’ He cooed.
She screamed amidst laughter. ‘Ohooo …amebo’s father put me
down.’ She pinched his hand.
He eventually laid her on the sofa and kissed her cheek. ‘Be right
back, Let me take my bath.’
She studied him.’Are you Okay? ‘
‘I’m Splendid. ‘ He grinned.
‘You look weak, kind of sick.’ She sat up giving him a scrutinizing
‘Maama I’m fine jur, stop looking at me like that.’
‘Baby, are you keeping things from me?’She searched his
‘Though you look cute looking at me like that but you know I
can’t keep things from my bestie aka my heartbeat.’ He laughed
heartily as she eyed him.
‘You know I love you so much. Which other girl can give me this
professional TLC ? He stood and acted like a ballet dancer. ‘Who
but my own Eni can make my life so colorful? He swirl.
‘Go away.’She blushed and shoo him.
He jogged out but stopped midway .’Please don’t raid my fridge. ‘
‘I pray o! ‘
He laughed and she joined him.
He closed the door behind him and hit the tiled walls with his
fits. ‘I’m finished! How long will I keep up with this …eeewo ooo !’
He wailed holding his chest. ‘No …No,I can’t lose her … no. ‘ He
fought back his tears trembling.
How do he tell her that he had spent his last night and morning in
two different hotels, with three different women, not just women,
two were wealthy widows and the other a married zonal bank
How do he tell the one he love dearly that he hardly spend a day
without having s*x at least twice? Not just with any lady but
older women.

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He held the bottle with both hands as he poured into a glass,
knowing it was one of the most expensive in the world. He
handed him the glass of chateau d’ Yquem, the special vintage
white wine.
Prince received the glass and took a sip, he was completely
unclad on the bed.He savored the taste, letting it linger. He close
his eyes.
‘Ambrose, you can indulge yourself. ‘
‘No thanks Boss.’ He was in briefs.
‘You have lectures? ‘
‘Yes Boss.’
”righty … get me my cheque book.’
He gave him a pen also.
He wrote him a cheque of two hundred thousand naira.
‘Thank you sir.’ He gave a low bow. ‘Boss? ‘
‘Yes Ambrose? ‘ He took another sip.
‘I won’t be able to come tomorrow night. A guy died in my
department and there will be a candlelight procession.’
‘Hmmmm …what happened to him? ‘
He sobered shaking his head. ‘He barked like a dog for a week,
his family took him everywhere to no avail. It was revealed that
he had s*x with a man whose husband was in a fraternity. ‘
‘I see …the reason for your distraction.’
Ambrose lowered his gaze.
‘Take your time.’ He chuckled.
‘Thank you very much sir.’ He gave a low bow and started
putting on his cloth.
‘Whatever …’ He waved a hand dismissively and shrugged as an
imagination of the story he just heard flashed in his mind.
Prince stood, stretched and strolled to the bathroom.
As the door closed, Ambrose jammed his fist on the wall
He had more things to tell him, he wanted to quit, he was
becoming afraid of the consequences of his actions but he was
scared, scared of his Boss. He shuddered as he remembered
How his Boss had almost strangled one of his colleagues in his
presence. He quickly put on his shoes.


Both stared at the strip.
Silence prevailed, the fear of the unknown saturating the room.
Wind of fate was present too.
‘What if I get pregnant? ‘
‘So be it Ini, I will be there. We will get the needed battles
together. I promise to be there even if I have to drop out of
school. ‘
She folded her arms and nodded.
He added pressure on the pipette and three drops of urine entered
the hole. He turned to face her. ‘We are looking as at this
together. Two pink line positive, one pink line negative. ‘
She nodded her heart beats quickened, her palms were cold.
He exhaled before extending his hand.
They covered the distance and saw the result.
Indi felt Ini became limp on him, She adjusted the pillow and allow her head sink into it.
‘Thank you thank you Lord, thank you Lord, Thank you Lord for
everything you have done …’
‘In our lives.’ Emmanuel interjected.
‘Thank you thank you Lord, thank you Lord, thank you for
everything you have done.’
‘Every time I see the break of anew day, I say thank you Lord …’
Emmanuel sang.
Temilade joined and they sang more worship songs for five
‘Sweetie were you able to read our Bible passage for the week? ‘
‘Yea Gorgeous I did.’
She smiled and turn to lie on her abdomen. she reached out and
took her Bible.
‘Isaiah chapter 60 verse one to the end is sweet passage, I had
to memorized verse one.’
‘I’m glad…’She drawled. She quickly inserted a eyepiece and flip
the Bible. ‘Oya close your eyes and tell me.’
Arise, shine for thy light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen
upon thee …It is risen upon us,it is risen upon our families, it
risen upon all we lay our hands on …’
‘Amen.’She supported shutting her eyes.
‘From verse one, I learnt that I have no reason to be down, I’ve
no reason not to shine.’
‘That’s right! ‘ Temilade seconded.
‘So what did my baby learn? ‘
‘l am very happy Sweetie that you read the Scripture for this
week .’
‘Mmmmh …’
‘I learnt that it’s a great privilege to be a child of God. The
passage speaks explicitly on the blessings and promises for
God’s children. We will read alternately verse 15,18,to the end
and personalise them prayerfully.’
They were having their once in a week midnight devotion.
The day after his expected arrival, he had called and told the
accident which left him with a sprain on wrist and ankle and
some bruises. His phone screen was smashed and had to make
do with that of a fellow passenger. They had been rushed to a
cottage hospital.
He had spent three days there and they had communicated.
Though she was disappointed that he had to go back to work but
she was grateful he was hale and hearty.
‘Have you been able to reach your parents? ‘
‘No. ‘ She sobered, ‘they hardly have my time, all engrossed by
their families. ‘
‘I’ll always be there for you honey, you know that right? ‘
She nodded before whispering, ‘Yes.’
‘I love you.’
‘I love you too.’


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