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My own daughter?’ Imaobong touched her chest and stared at
the principal in complete disbelief.
‘Yes Mrs Okoh, for three days she has not uttered a sound, she
has not talked to anyone. Her expression has been blank. Her
best friend and we all have done everything to no avail. ‘ The
principal exhaled. ‘I had to send her to the school clinic yet
nothing. ‘
‘Is this a joke or something? ‘ Ima adjusted herself on the seat.
‘Iniobong is one of our best student, we are all pained and
worried about this new development. I suggest you seek
professional help.’
Ima shook her head before she stood and picked her bag. ‘I want
to see Ini.’ She was exasperated. She was going to make sure
she wished she never thought of this prank talk.more of
executing it. She followed the principal out of the office.


AFTER much interrogation,
Iniobong kept staring at her, her expression unreadable.
‘Am I not talking to you? ‘ She demanded for the second time.
Imaobong slapped her and was about to do so a second time
when the school nurse came between them.
‘That is not the proper thing to do . Beating her is not the best, it
could make her condition worst.’
‘Madam, she is pretending! ‘
‘How can you say such a thing, it is no fun to play dumb for three
days, three good days .’ She emphasize showing her her fingers.
‘Iniobong is one of the nicest child and we are quite close. So I
can say without any doubt that she is not pretending. You should
calm down and find out what’s wrong, she needs you to care and
love her now more than ever before. Get her professional help
please Madam.’
Ima looked at her daughter sizing her up. ‘Get your things and
meet me in the car.’ She hissed.
Ini picked her bag and made to head out with tears rolling down
her cheeks but the nurse took her in her arms. ‘Hush …dearie, it
is okay. I know you will come back to school fine. l want you to
know that I won’t stop praying for you. ‘ She look at her face and
wipe her tears with her palms. ‘It is well.’
Ini nodded and left.
She saw her tremble. ‘some mothers ehen …’ she mused and

‘Sunshine please …’
‘Please don’t sunshine me, I wasn’t your sunshine when you hit
me twice. ‘
‘Babe I have said I am sorry. Didn’t get you the bouquet of
flowers, perfumes and cloths?’
She laughed hysterically. ‘Prince do I appear to you like I lack
those things?’
‘Aww … easy on me already. ‘
‘You think you can hit me and get away with it. Which
responsible man hit his girl? ‘
His anger was brewing but he had to keep it in check.He exhaled.
He couldn’t believe he had joined the train of guys he used to
describe as weaklings, so this what they did to pacify a lady . He
was determined to keep a relationship for the first time in his life.
He was beginning to grow a soft spot for her bravery and
‘Sweetheart I promise not to hit you again. ‘
‘Hmmmm …’ Cynthia returned thoughtfully.
‘I really want you back babe. I have a show to attend and I want
us to walk on the red carpet side by side.
‘On one condition Prince…’
‘Anything for you babe.’ He smiled,loving the fact that he had
‘You will come to my house, prostrate and apologize. ‘
‘Huh? Babe …’ He began to protest when the beep sound of the
call being disconnected hit his ears. She had ended the call.
‘Damn it! ‘ He tossed his phone angrily on the bed.

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That girl must have some nerves.’ He muttered and pace the
room but he wanted her for keeps.
He worked his fingers through his scalp and sat on the bed. His
phone sang, on sighting the caller ID, he hissed.
‘Superman, how far? ‘ She was one of his client, a 25 year old,
eighth wife to an Emir.
‘I’m Good.’
‘My body is trembling already and It’s aching for your magical
touch.’ She giggled.
They had an appointment in a couple of hours.
‘Bintu, I have something to do right away and don’t know when
I’ll be done.’
‘No… no nooo Prince, you can’t do that.’
‘I will send one of my boys over. ‘
‘I didn’t pay half a million to have one of your boys come over!’
She was exasperated.
‘You will get a refund by morrow. ‘
‘No Prince, why are you like this now. Don’t deprive me, don’t
suffocate me please. ‘ She was on the verge of tears.
He hissed and ended the call.
He head to his wardrobe, deciding to see Eniola.


She heard the footsteps and wipe her tears but it came back all
in torrents.
He rushed to her side. ‘Baby, baby … what is it ?’ He tried to
cuddle her.
She sniffed and shrugged away his arm.
‘Your friend called me to inform me you have been crying and
you’ve not been picking my calls since yesterday. What’s
wrong? ‘ His brows creased worried. He had never seen her in
this condition before. ‘Bestie, talk to me. Is everything all right at
home? ‘
‘Chidubem …’ Cynthia wiped her tears once more and clear her
voice. ‘I want to be alone.

‘Alone?’ He almost whispered, the coldness of her voice
penetrated and down his spirit. Something serious must be
wrong, he couldn’t remember when last she addressed him by his
name. ‘I can’t leave you alone, not now, not ever.
She shook her legs in an effort to calm the agitation that was
building within her.
‘Baby, what’s all this now? I would never have believed a day
would come when I have to beg for you to trust me.’ His voice
portrayed how hurt he was.
‘I had a mind set that most men were same but I met you and I
felt I was wrong …’ She gave a short laugh . ‘Only to be fooled
Astonishment and Confusion found a meeting point in his mind
and he blanked out momentarily. His heart beat quickened, he
found his voice. ‘Cynthia …what are you talking about? ‘
Cynthia gave him a cold stare that send shivers down he spine.
She handed him her phone and his hand trembled as he received
He look down the screen and gasped.


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