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Kofo was buried two days later at Ago-iwoye
cemetary. The only family member of hers
present for the burial was her younger brother.
Most of us who were kofo’s friend attended,
even National came to pay his respects.
Abayomi had confessed to Toun that he still
slept with Kofo after she had warned him. Toun
told him it was okay, she understood what he
was going through…but she broke up with
She had to move in with me for a while, till her
heart got unbroken…
Me : So have you spoken with Abayomi today?
Toun : Yes i called him this morning, he is doing
Me : alot of people are saying it was a lecturer
that impregnated her, i am sure you must have
Toun : It doesnt matter if it was Abayomi or not.
The fact is that he straffed her when he told me
he had stopped…
Me : The poor boy needs you right now, atleast
go visit him
Toun : What is this?…am i disturbing you
here ?…or is Timi complaining?
Me : Ah ahn…no jor…you know i want you
around…oya lets change the topic…
Toun : Good…i sm visiting Naetochukwu
tonight….he invited me to his house…
Me : same Naetochukwu?
Toun : Yes. or you still fancy him?
Me : no…not at all…
Something had changed about Toun since the
break up with Abayomi…She sounded angry all
the time…
Me : Will you follow us to campaign at Main-
Campus this evening?
Toun : Ofcourse i would, You and Abayomi are
my pals for life…
Me : thank you..
There was no Electricity, it was a very hot
afternoon. Although one of Obasanjo’s
campaign promises had been to provide more
electricity, it had gotten worse. Thank God
Yar’adua and Buhari were playing it easy…Atiku
followed Obasanjo’s footsteps..
I wondered if i was like them, making promises
just to win an Election. i shuddered to think of
the violence usually perpetuated, unfortunately
even my own elections was showing signs of
violence. Two cult groups were using the
elections as a show of supremacy..We the
candidates and the students in general were at
the middle..
Timi and Abayomi came to pick us up by 4pm
for the campaign, some other guys followed
them with their cars too…The singing and
dancing took a lower tone, we had to honor
Kofo. We seemed to be getting an upper hand
as a result of the death.. Students who
remembered her as our former campaign
manager vowed to vote for us..Even Yewande
came to express her sympathies with us….
Shortly before the end of the campaign,
Naetochukwu came with his Avalon and
scooped Toun away, Abayomi saw him leave
with her…As he and Timi dropped me off at
home, he shared his fears with me..
Abayomi : do you think she will take me back
Me : truthfully?
Abayomi : yes Tana…
Me : i dont think so, she says you remind her of
her Dad…
Abayomi : Wow…..
Me : yes…
Abayomi : you think she will straff
Me : that is really noty business….
Timi : i hate that boy mehn….
Abayomi : chai…Adetoun has left me for real…
The tear that rolled down from his cheek got to
me…he really loved her…i vowed to scatter
Toun and Naetochukwu’s plans, must win Toun
back for my bestie…my oga..
Toun came in very late smelling of alcohol. I was
glad she even decided to come back that night.
I allowed her to sleep, intending to talk to her
about the Naetochukwu ish when we got to
So as we went to the cafetaria to eat around
noon, i brought up the topic…
Me : How is Naeto?
Toun : he is good, never knew he had an
interesting sense of humour…
Me : Abayomi saw you leave with him…
Toun : Tana ! my life doesnt evolve around
Me : The guy loves you….
Toun : i am not ready to talk about him…stop it
Me : Ok…i am sorry…
Toun : i am sorry too…
Me : so how was the date?
Toun : it was good, drank guiness for the first
Me : did you guys…hmmmm hmmmmm?
We were seated now, waiting for our order…
Toun : No…i kissed him though…
My heart broke a bit…
Two guys came to seat opposite us, i
recognised Daniel, he visited John in my
compound a couple of times…After exchanging
pleasanteries….i continued with Toun…
Me : so did he ask you out?
Toun : no o…but i enjoyed myself…he will come
to the house tonight…hope you dont mind?
ofcourse i mind you fuccking heartbreaker…
me : No i dont mind, dear..
Suddenly there was a hush in the cafetaria, two
guys came in..all eyes were on them,
unfortunately, they were coming in our
direction…One of them stopped to talk to a
light skinned lady, two tables away. The other
one came directly to us…
Guy : Make una Waka, we warn use this seat…
Daniel and his friend looked at him. but decided
to ignore him, a lot of eyes were on them, i was
sure they didnt want to be seen like sissies…
Guy : una no dey hear word abi?…
Daniel and his friend once again ignored him,
until the guy lifted his shirt from the side.
showing the shinny metal butt of a gun.
They stood up without further ado…
Toun : Tana lets go…
beneath the table i was sendind a text to
Jafar….i could smell trouble around me..My
raising up my head to answer Toun, coincided
with the other guy joining the first on the
seat…He didnt need to introduce himself, i
could see he had just one eye..
Eli : Tana …. howfar na…hope say i meet una

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He had a face that would have been called
handsome if not for the numerous scars. He
was smoking a stick of cigarette even though a
big sign said “no smoking”..
The other guy sitting next to him had his eyes
fixed on Toun. I was scared shitless…
Me : Hello, i dont know you…
Eli : No vex, you fit call me Eli..
Me : Nice to meet you
We stood up to heart was beating
fast, i hoped he wasnt gonna stop us..
Eli : una don chop finish?
Toun : yes we have…
She rolled her eyes at him…
Eli : Sit down small make we yarn as brothers
and sisters…
Toun : No thank you…
Eli : if una no sit down now, i go empty this
Machine for una belle…abi u dey crase?…
Toun became very humble, i quickly sat down
along-side her..
I looked around the cafetaria, the place that
was filled up was now empty..i was shaking….
Eli : Tana, you go need step down. you and
.i go check am today but him no dey
Campus..but you go tell am say i don discuss
with you. abi?
Me : I will discuss with Abayomi.
Eli : People dey always say, Eli like wahala…Eli
dis, Eli dat…but no be so..
Me : okay…
Eli : The SUG president go be National..We don
gree teytey
..tell Abayomi say make him no believe say we
no fit get am o
..and you yourself…nowhere to hide..
The lady running the cafetaria came with a
plate of fried beef and dropped it carefully
infront of him..
Me : can we go now?
Eli : Not yet…
He and his other guy ate in silence….i was
wondering how long it would take for Jafar to
come or send his peeps, i eas freaking out..but
then i realised it would be dangerous for Jafar to
come, Eli might just take his revenge..
It was around 2pm when he stood us and
commanded us to follow him outside…His Black
BMW was packed beside the cafetaria, his
colleague whom he called Orisa ushered us in…
Me : where are you taking us to?
Eli : Lol…no fear..
The story about his Molest escapades flooded my
Me : Eli, allow us go…i will discuss with Abayomi
about stepping down..
He ignored me, instead he lit up another
cigarette and drove out of Mini-campus…
He continued driving in silence, Orisa rested his
head on his chair, sipping a bottle of London
dry gin..
I got a text on my phone…it was Jafar….
Jafar = I am behind you guys…dont be
Fool! i was scared for him more…
Me = He has guns, Jafar dont worry, he wnt
harm us…but he will kill you…
I hoped the text i sent to Jafar brought him to
his senses….
Jafar = dont worry…
As if on cue, Uche’s Hillux overtook Eli with
Uche driving and Scanty by his side, while
Through the side mirror, Jafar’s Benz was
directly behind him…
Eli noticed Uche’s Hillux, he looked at me and
smiled… Toun was completely petrified…
Eli : your people have come for you abi?
i didnt answer…Uche was slowing down on
purpose…Eli couldnt move as fast as he
wanted.. He picked up his phone with his left
hand dialled a number and put it on
was Jafar he called…
Eli : howfar Jafar?
Jafar : Eli…
Eli : na because of these jews you dey follow me
like this?
Jafar : Doz girls na my people…
Eli : You don bam them?
Jafar : Eli , free those girls…
Eli : and if i no free them?
Jafar : We go murder you for this town…
Eli : Lol…you no fit na…before i count 10, if you
and Uche no commot for my side i go scatter
Tana head….
Jafar remained silent…
Eli : you dey doubt me abi?
Jafar hung up….
Orisa brought out his pistol and placed it on my
Uche swerved to the right, allowing Eli have the
road…through the mirror, i saw Jafar back
Eli started whistling as he drove us towards





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