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In school the next day, people were talking
about a cult clash that happened the night
before. Although i was 100% sure that no death
was recorded, students were saying 4-3, 5-2
blaaablaaa…counting phantom deaths..The
school was filled with color flaunting. The
different groups were showing each other that
they were gallant..
Our new residence was not to be mentioned to
anyone, even our movement around campus
was restricted to public places. We had just a
week to the Election and the fever was
spreading like fire…
The campaigns was on full throttle now, only if
these guys dancing up and down knew what
was happening behind the scenes. Most people
didnt even attribute the cult clashes to the
Timi and i had texted all night…He told me how
much he loved me and how we should travel to
Lome after our exams on holiday. He kept
trying to convince me to leave the room and
meet him at the passage for tender, love and
care. Though it sounded appetizing, i coudnt
leave Toun…
Abayomi and Timi came for us after classes,
interestingly they were not the only
ones…sparrow and Aji were waiting with the
Volvo too…Some weeks ago i would have felt
trapped…but i was glad with the extra
security…i was tempted to call Jafar to just
check up on him…but it sounded silly…
Toun declined following us, she said
Naetochukwu would be coming for her…and
that she would join me in the hotel later..
In the hotel, Abayomi went to his room while
Timi followed me to mine…he didnt wait for me
to drop my bags before he pounced on me…I
thought he wanted a quick kiss but the way he
was breathing suggested that he wanted
more…I was all sweaty and sticky from class
but Timi was having none of that.
Timi : baby i have missed you…
Me : Ahn and i have been together
Timi : You know what i mean….
Me : tell me na…
Timi : i want to feel the inside of you…
i ran my fingers through his cute face, i couldnt
stop marveling on how handsome he looked…
Me : Oya lemme havd my bath first….
Timi : i can join you na…
Me : Shut up…ashewo boy….
He laughed as i left him and undressed to take
my bath.. When i finished, Timi was sprawled
on the bed, sleeping. Though i was hungry, i
decided to wait to Toun before i ate. so i found
a free space on the bed and slept too..
It was getting dark when i woke to the sounds
of someone knocking the door, Timi was still
sleeping. I opened the door to see Toun, her
face was blank. I tapped Timi, who stood up
and greeted Toun before vacating the
room…she didnt even bother replying him.
Me : Toun , whats wrong with you?…
she went into the bathroom without replying.
After waiting for about 30 minutes without
hearing from her, i entered the bathroom too…
she was beneath the shower crying her eyes
Me : Toun talk to me, is it about Eli?
Toun : No…
Me : Talk to me…
Toun : just leave me alone….
i stepped closer, i didnt care that the gown i
was on was getting wet…
Me : I am not going anywhere…
Toun : Fine, stay there!
Me : Please Toun…
She turned to me and stared for a while….
Me : You dont have a shower cap on…
Toun : Naetochukwu Fuccked me….
I gasped.
Toun : He fuucked me in his car!…oh i feel so
i hugged her….her heart was breaking….
Me : Let it be between us…..
Toun : too late for that…..i called Abayomi and
told him…I couldnt keep that away from him…
Me : what did he say?
Toun : He hung up….
Me : i am so sorry…
Toun : i just wanted to get back at him….i
thought i would
feel better….i dont….i feel like drowning…..
I led her back to the room and ordered Tea and
fried plantain for us….i assured her that
everything would be alright…
Trying to sleep, i got a call. i intended ignoring
the call but with the elections fast approaching,
everybody was important…so i picked up..
Me : Hello?
caller : Tanatolo….
Me: Eli?
Eli: you no dey your house…hehehehe…Why
you dey hide hen you knw say i go find you?
Me : Eli, leave me alone, you and i have no
Eli : You tell me say you and Abayomi go step
down, na me all of una dey use play, ba?
Me : How did you get my number?
Eli : When i finish with una, then i move to
Jafar…na una i go use remind everybody who
runs this town…
Me : Eli please…
Eli : As it stands now, even if una step down, or
lose…them don pay for una
Me : who?
…he hung up…
I decided to keep the call to myself, no need to
add to Toun’s problem. I wondered if Timi was
part of the people that could be harmed..then i
thought of Jafar and decided it was right to call
Jafar : Tana whats good, isnt it really late?
Me : sorry, Eli just called me..
Jafar : How did he get your digits?
Me : i dont know…
Jafar : what did he say?
i told him everything…
Jafar : go back to sleep now, there is nothing to
worry about…
Me : Aii, thanks Jafar…
Jafar : cool..
thr next question i asked was very silly, only
God knows how i think sometimes….
Me : are you sleeping alone?
Jafar : eeeerm….why?
I was embarrassed…so i flipped the script…
Me : wanted to know if you were alright…
Jafar : By sleeping alone?
Me : Nevermind na…you sef!
Jafar: Haha ….goodnight Tee…
Me: did you just call me Tee?
Jafar : yes….i hear your friends call you
that…you have a prob with that?
Me : Not at all o…it just sounded cool…
my phone cranked, showing there was a call
waiting….it was Timi…
Jafar : Sleep well…
Me : wait!
Jafar : what?
Me : You did not tell me if you were sleeping
Jafar : thought we had forgotten about this…
Me : i havent…sooooooooo?
Jafar : Yes i am…
Me : simple answer you cannot say since….
He laughes and hung up…
i answered Timi’s call…
Timi : hmmmm, you phone has turned to
business centre…
Me : sorry, was talking to a friend…
Timi : who?
Me : Jafar..
He kept quiet for some seconds….
Timi : i guess he has the right, afterall he is your
He sounded sarcastic…
Me : so how are you, Oluwatimileyin?
Timi : Abayomi is really down, Toun slept with
that guy…
Me : Yea..i know…
Timi : its all messed up…they didnt even roll out
for long…she don pull pant…
Me : dont talk about Toun like that!
Timi : i am sorry…thus confinement and not
being able to hold you even with our close
proximity is killing me….
Me : sorry baby….
Timi : Tomorrow you will give me some sugar?
Me : Yeye boy…goodnight jor…
Timi : goodnight wifey…
I tried sleeping that night, but my mind d kept
rotating among images of Eli…i was still
The next morning, still sleepy eyed…i quickly
showered, Toun was already dressed up and
waiting for me…She sounded better though i
knew she was in pains..
Abayomi and Timi took us to school, through
the ride, Timi and i were the only ones
talking..Abayomi didnt even bother greeting
Toun…Infront of the mini-campus school gate, a
large group of people gathered. I was sure it
was National,campaign people saying plenty
sweet things, but the closer we got, it was
apparent that something in the middle was the
centre of attraction. something tragic that
made some students put their hands on their
head..Timi parked beside the school gate, as he
and Abayomi strolled to take a look.. I was
curious so i got down i followed them, my heart
disadvantage made me have to squeeze myself
before i got to a vintage position. I regretted i
Lying in a thick pool of blood was Aji…with a
bullet hole on his head…and his left hand
almost detached with something very
sharp…He must have been dead for a while
because flies had started perching on him…His
right index finger was gone….That was Eli’s
signature…He cut’s his victims index finger and
put it in his pocket…
At that point…the earth started spinning…

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