Must Read: The Enemy Who Loved Me- Episode 29


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We returned to the hotel, already we heard
news that lectures for that day had been
suspended. Sparrow was at the Hotel lobby
when we got in, you could see from his eyes
that he was devasted…I gave him a hug and
went inside the room, soon i was surrounded by
Timi, Abayomi and Toun.
Me : Abayomi, dont you think we should just let
go of this elections?
Abayomi : I have been thinking about it too, i
never imagined it was going to be like this..
Timi : but we have come too far, elections is
next week friday..
Toun : If you guys step down now, they have
won..Eli and National…
Toun walked to where Abayomi stood and
looked into his eyes…
Toun : You have always wanted to be the SUG
president, please dont give up…
He answer her…
Me : But we are not even sure of winning, its
Timi : you have a point bby…
Abayomi : i will call Jafar, lets hear what he
Abayomi placed the call, after some seconds, he
hung up..
Me : what did he say?
Abayomi : They are taking Aji’s corpse to the
mortuary, he will drop by on his way back..
Timi : that settles it then…
Toun : Please i have something to say…
we all looked up, apart from Abayomi…
Toun : You guys are more than my friends, you
are my family..thats why i am begging you
guys to forgive me…
Me : Toun , stop! …for what?
Toun : Tana, i have to say this…I slept with
Naetochukwu thinking it will make things right,
but it was a silly thing to do…i am sorry
Abayomi…please forgive me. I aint saying we
should go back as bf and gf…but i need to
know you have forgiven me, so it can reduce
the dirtiness i feel on me…
It was Timi and my turn to look down…But the
didnt day anything…so i looked up and went to
hug my friend, Toun…i helped her wipe away
her tears…Yes i am a hugger!..
Abayomi and Timi left the room and i was left
alone with Toun…
Toun : Thank you dear…
Me : Dont worry, Abayomi will come around…
Toun : i hope he knows i am really sorry…….
She started crying again…
Me : stop it, its not like he didnt sleep with Kofo
and all…
Toun : does that justify my action? in the car?…
Me : Alrigjt, lets eat…food makes things better…
She giggled amidst her tears…
Toun : Glutton like you…
there was a knock on the door, i wondered if
Jafar had arrived so soon..
It was Timi.
Timi : Toun, Abayomi wants to see you…
I was surprised, but she was more surprised…
Toun : serious?
Timi : Yeah…
Toun bounced from the bed and started
powdering her face…looked at herself in the
mirror and left…
Timi : those people are crazily inlove!
me : Yes o…
Timi : do you love me like that?
i wondered where this question was coming
Me : ours is different…
Timi : explain…
Me : Those people are as good as married….
Timi : and we are?
me : modern lovers…
Timi : this has to do with Jafar right?…
me : oh no Timi…Ahn ahn…
Timi : i dont know, i just feel this vibe about you
Me : you are getting Paranoid…
i sat on his lap and gavd him a full kiss on the
lips. he started carrying me to the bed…
Me : Timi, i am hungry…lemme call room
He grudginly let me go…i picked up the inter-
com and dialled ‘0’…
Me : Hello, is this the kitchen?
Receiver : yes
Me : please can i have fried yam and egg
Receiver : Yes, give me 15 minutes..
me : Please what is your name ?
Receiver : Standd Ma,
me : Standd you have lied to me before, last
night you said 15 minutes, and it actually took
45 minutes..
Receiver : sorry ma…seriously give me
me : Ok o…..
Then i hung up….
There was a knock on the door again..Timi went
to open the door…
Timi : Ah Jafar howfar?
Jafar : i dey…
Me : Jafar…sorry for the Aji….
he shrugged it off…
Jafar : please call the other guys, we have to
Me : Abayomi and Toun?
Jafar : Yes.

Abayomi and Toun walked into the room with
the same unreadable look. While Toun came to
sit on the bed wit me, the three guys stood.
Abayomi : So Jafar, i am thinking of stepping
Jafar : Tana, you too?
Me : yes…
Jafar : Timi, you are with them?
Timi : nope
Toun : Me too, afterall by next week it will be all
Jafar : I have not been completely honest with
you guys…
i didnt like the sound of that, nor the grin on
Timi’s face…
Abayomi : please go on…
Jafar : You guys are an innocent pun to a bigger
puzzle. The VC of this school,was appointed by
the last govt. After the next state election,
there is a deal with National to disrupt school
activities and inturn make the VC culpable. Eli is
the link between the government and National.
The government puppet is the present DVC,
Prof Agbaide… he is eargerly waiting.
Abayomi : But the governor can just get a new
Jafar : i said the govt, not the governor. The
people around the governor want to milk the
Me : Why are you against them?…so sponsoring
is was just for face value…?
Jafar : The DVC is among the founding
members of Eli’s group…We are fightinh for our
survival…if they win….we are finished in this
Me : Jafar, Eli said he bam”ed you…why are you
guys in seperate groups now?
Jafar : True, he was the one that initiated
me…but he broke our creed…and started
corner bamming people.
Toun : what is corner bamming?
Jafar : Initiating people on his own, without
permission from the congress.. He was booted
out. He joined his present group…his lust for
blood and violence sped him up the ranks…
Me : Hmmmmm
Jafar : If you guys wanna step down i
understand..but you will still be protected till
this ish is over…
Abayomi : Wow…ok…we will call you to let you
know whats up…
Jafar : i will be glad
Toun : i am sorru about Aji…
She came to hug him….ok….Toun is now a
hugger too…
Jafar : please be on the low…will see you guys
He was walking out, i quicky followed him…
Jafar : Sparrow is ok yh?
Me : Yes, it is relieving to know that he is
we walked to his car when i noticed he was
Me : Why are you alons, where is Uche and the
rest of your guys?
Jafar : They are in Aiyegbami, this is not the
time to be on the open… Its dangerous…
Me : Are u crazy! so you came alone! what if
you are attacked?…what if you are
I didnt know where the tears came from, but
my eyes were filled…He held me and used his
sleeves to wipe my eyes…
Me : i dont want you to die…
Jafar : I wont die…
Me : You better not…
Jafar : Or?
Me : dont joke with me young man!
Then we started laughing, i still had tears in my
eyes….i didnt even know why. Once again i
watched him drive off…i ran back to the room
and fell on the bed…Toun asked me what
happened, but i didnt answer her, i didnt want
her to see my tears…I must have slept off, cuz
when i woke up, it was getting dark..
Toun was watching Disney channel, i wanted to
go pee, i was still feeling sad…my phone
Me : Hello…?
Jafar : Its me Jafar
Me : I know jor….
i giggled….
Jafar : just called to check on you…
Me : Awww, thanks…
Jafar : goodnight Tee….
me : what did you say?
Jafar : i said goodnight…..
Me : No jor…say it exactly as u said it….
Jafar : so you heard me?….
Me : say it naa….
Jafar : goodnight Tee…
Me : I like the way you say ‘Tee’…
Jafar laughed…
Me : Goodnighy my Gee….
He laughed harder…and hung up…
I dont knw how o, but i was feeling better
again…then i remembered that kitchen girl had
not brought my food!


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