Must Read: The Enemy Who Loved Me- Episode 33


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He brought out a piece of rolled bunt
Me: Tell me how many people you have killed.
Jafar : ki na son ki ji?
Me: yay! I like the way you speak hausa..
I was tipsy already..
Me: but what does that mean?
Jafar: it means “do you want to hear”?
Me: yes
Jafar: Babu..
Me: yay…”babu” means no!..i know that one..
Jafar laughed..
Jafar : you are correct..
Me : so will you tell me?
Jafar: No, a gentleman does not say those
things to a lady
Me: you get sweet mouth o…chai..
Jafar : it’s time for you to sleep
Me : what if I don’t want to go tomorrow, and I
want to stay here instead?
Jafar: I wouldn’t allow you..
Me : you will carry me out?
Jafar: wouldn’t need to do that, you are a lady..
Me: hehehehe, I won’t be a lady tomorrow..
I prayed God gave me the strength to control
myself whenever I was high, but he didn’t
Jafar: you are more fun than I thought..
Me: so you mean to say you thought I was
Jafar: not that..i just thought you would be
uptight like the average daddy’s girl.
Me : so you are calling me a daddy’s
girl?…goodnight young man!
Jafar: goodnight dear, you can sleep on the
bed, I will crash here..
Me: you better join me on the bed..
I realized I sounded like a mad woman, he was
enjoying himself…he was laughing..
Me : rotten boy, I didn’t mean it like that jor, I
meant you should not sleep on the floor
because of me..
Jafar : I know, its fun watching you talk lie this.
I think you have been sad for a while. The wine
is releasing you..
He blew out a cloud of weed, the AC converted
it to a mist..
Me: I want to smoke too..
Jafar : not tonight..
Me: what if we don’t see tomorrow?
He was quiet for a while, I realized I had said
another silly thing..
Me: I didn’t mean it like that. I would just shut
up and sleep..
Jafar: okay dear..
Me: you wouldn’t beg me to talk?
Jafar: not this night ma..
I climbed his bed , wen t to the edge of the left
hand side and covered myself with the blanket..
He sat on the right hand side for a while, before
he lay down too. There was a gulf between us.
My phone rand, I wasn’t scared, even if it was
Eli, I had Jafar by my side. It was Toun.
Toun: I am home, how are you?
Me: I am fine, I am so happy you home..
Toun: thank you dear, are you in Jafar’s house
or Timi’s?
Me: I am with Jafar..
Toun: Tana, you don’t love Timi anymore, you
are crazy about Jafar….dont waste time and let
him know. Look at me, I didn’t know I had
limited time with Abayomi, I was fooling around
with Naetochukwu…
Me : babe, I think you should rest…how about
we talk tomorrow?
Toun : I love you Tee..thanks for everything…
greet Jafar for me..
Me: love you too dear..goodnight..
Jafar was quiet at the other side of the bed, he
had extinguished the blunt.
Me: Toun send’s her regards..she is home
Jafar : Ok…
He kept quiet again..i wasn’t ready to sleep
Me: Oya! Lets just say one more word to each
other before we sleep…I will start…”goodnight
Jafar, and thank you”
Jafar: sha baki na
I didn’t know what he meant again, I didn’t
care, I just loved the way he spoke hausa…I
rolled to his side of the bed, held his face
between my palms and kissed him..we
kissed….i lay on top of him , his hands were
around my waist, I sucked his lower lip
gently..he sucked my upper lip, till our tongues
sizzled against each other..i just wanted to eat
the guy alive…damn!such a good kisser…I
should be feeling guilty as regards Timi but I
wasn’t…he must have realized because he
raised me up gently…and I was once again on
the left side of the bed..
Jafar: Goodnight Tee
Me: Goodnight Jafar….wait…what does “sha
baki na” mean?
Jafar: I thought you knew..
Me: No, I don’t…
Jafar: It means “kiss me”…
I laughed as I rolled back to the right hand side
where he was…that was where I slept..


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