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Toun: I am so sorry about Acho, so that guy
cheated on you?
Those were the first words she said I as entered
her room. In as much as I wasn’t heartbroken, I
wanted to talk to somebody about Timi. Toun
like Abayomi had been friends with me since I
was at 100L, they knew how it started, they
also knew how it stopped happening.
I was sitting in class when noticed a boy was
staring at me. I tried ignoring him but he didn’t
stop, it seemed he was looking for my attention.
I decided to steal bolder glances at the
stranger. Whenever he caught my eyes, he
blew kisses. After a while I started laughing, he
was laughing too. Though I must admit that he
looked easy in the eyes and Timi was fine
mehnnnn. He had baby-like features. His afro
was black and his shirt, chinos pants and
loafers looked smooth. Suddenly students
started moving to their sits, signaling the arrival
of a lecturer.
Lecturer: Timi! What are you doing here, aint
you an economics student?
Timi: mummy oh! I was missing you, that your
sweet smile…I had to follow you from main
campus to mini-campus.
He screamed back at her, she laughed so also
most of the students in the auditorium. She
evicted him from the class, I noticed a couple of
girls winking at him as he walked out. He blew
me one last kiss when he noticed I was still
looking at him. Toun was sitting beside me and
was very excited
Toun: that boy is fine o, babe don’t dull o..
Me: I don’t like fine boys, they have too much
Toun: commot dere, you dey fear heartbreak.
I am not sure I heard anything the lecturer
said, the boy with the blowing kisses kept
clouding my mind. After lectures as I strolled
out with Toun, I saw him standing at the
corridor. Fine as a button! The boy had been
waiting for me. I felt good.
Timi: Fine girl, how was lectures?
Toun left me without as much as excuse me.
Me: fine
Timi: I am Timi by the way..
Me: hello Timi by the way
He laughed so loud, his voice, his dimples…
were beautiful
Timi: what’s your name?
Me: Tana
By this time he was beside me, looking at me
like he was searching for something. I liked the
perfume he wore, and the way he licked his red
lips when he spoke.
Timi: Oluwatana can I buy you lunch?
Me: I am Igbo
Timi: Tanachukwu can I buy you lunch?
I laughed, I was defenseless…my brain said
“play hard to get”….
Me: No problem…
He took my hand and led me to the cafeteria
like we didn’t just meet me some moments ago.
After a while, I couldn’t stop myself from
holding him too, first gently….then firmly….we
fit effortlessly. I enjoyed the glances people
threw at us. he didn’t need to ask me out, I
believe we started dating during that walk to
the cafeteria.


Toun: gist me now, what happened?
Me: forget that guy dear
Toun: but you said you are heartbroken, or
were yoy lying as Abayomi said?
Me: nope, though I am not heartbroken..i am
Toun: Talk to me jare, is Acho threatening you?
Me: this is not about Iheanacho, it’s about Timi.
Toun: what about Timi?
Me: Those computer science guys that want to
sponsor our election insisted that kofo shouldn’t
be our campaign manager, they insisted on
Timi as one of the conditions for sponsorship.
Toun: eeeeeyahhhh poor kofo, and she liked the
position o…she is a hard worker.
Sometimes I wish I could tell angels to help me
slap stupidity out of some people, this poor girl
didn’t know kofo was working harder on her
Me: true, very hardworking girl..such a pity.
Toun: what will you do now, have you guys
been keeping in touch?
Me: no, I try to avoid all contacts. There was a
time I could have done juju for that guy to die
Toun: is it that serious?
There were a couple of things I didn’t tell
anybody, including Toun and her boyfriend
Abayomi. The only thing they knew was that
Timi and I were no more in a relationship; they
even believed I called it off though I told them it
wasn’t so. Everything was okay, I was having
the time of my life, all my prior relationships
were poo compared to Timi. He was wonderful
and always seemed to get me, we were the
envy of a lot of people, including my igbo
colleagues that felt I was blind. Then he just
called me one evening and told me we couldn’t
see each other anymore. I though he was
joking, one of his expensive jokes that
everybody knew him for, so I ignored him. Only
for me to go to his house and he insisted that it
was so. I kept asking him what I had done
wrong. Did he hear anything…did I disrespect
him, I even called his siblings…all to no avail.
After somedays of no word from him I got angry
and decided to forget about him, but it was
impossible. I saw Timi in everything, I deleted
his number but I had it stuck in my brain. I
threw away the PS2 he had gotten me for my
birthday. A month later I went to him and was
on my knees…I begged him to forgive me for
what I knew not, I cried on his floor…it was
unbearable. He just stared at me, he didn’t
utter a word, until I stood up, dusted my skirt
and left.
I reminded myself I was the daughter of Chief
That was 2006 April, this is 2007 and I still
remember some of the moments, like when he
bought me an arsenal jersey with number 1
crested on it, it was nice. I have never stopped
supporting arsenal even after he left me.
Toun: you guys won’t be seeing every time na,
after the elections you go your separate ways,
moreover I leant he is dating that Annie, the
one in micro-biology. I hate that girl ehn…too
I had also heard that he was dating her, It
wasn’t my business though, I thought Annie
was a girl that carried herself well, I am not sure
that was being too proud
Me: you are right sha, after 6weeks, it will be
Toun: so tell me about Acho, what happened?
Me: he started sleeping with Yewande, mass-
comm department, but its not his fault sha, I
caused it.
Toun: how, you are the victim here, not him!
Looool…you go fear woman rights leader na….
Me: its me really, I starved him of affection..and
later s*x..
Toun: its not like I Bleep Abayomi everytime he
is Hot, sometimes they need the chill pill..
Me: you won’t understand…anyways he is gone.
Toun: so what are you going to do now?
Me: I am going to focus on the elections and my
studies, lord knows I have a lot on my plate.
Toun: what of Timi?
Me: I will figure that out…come and put prison
break for me, Abayomi says you have season 2..
Toun: yes…yes…Michael Scoffield is so
handsome…lets watch!
Yes he is handsome I said to myself…. but Timi
is beautiful.


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