Must Read: The Enemy Who Loved Me- Episode 44


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I was rolling in bed.
It was difficult to sleep, everywhere felt like
Jafar, from the smell to the bold colors of the
room. I tried listening to music but they were
his songs. Naeto C’s “Kini big deal” was working
for me until; Naeto C said “Kilode my darling?”
and I wanted to die. Jafar loved that part of the
So I went to the kitchen, two guys were
smoking Kush there, they quickly exited as I
entered, I picked up a piece of cloth and a
bucket full of water and went outside to Jafar’s
Benz. It was in the same shape in which i had
brought it back. The back Glass was still
broken, with shreds of glass on the seats, his
blood had stained the front seats. I soaked the
chairs with water and detergent and started
brushing the blood out. In no time the contents
of the bucket was deep red..i sobbed as I
My hands were bruised when I called it quits, I
sat on the back seat when a phone rang, I
picked up my phone then I realized it was
another phone that had rang. I found the Nokia
phone beneath the seat; it was the phone that
the police-man who was leaning close to my
window was holding. it must have dropped in
the car when Jafar hit him.
The excitement I got from finding the phone
was nothing compared to how I felt when I
went through the contents…towards the end..i
became shocked…I called Uche, told him to
meet me in Jafar’s car.
Uche: I think say you don sleep..
Me: no..i couldn’t..
I gave him the phone to peruse..
Uche : are you serious?
I just nodded my head…I was still
Uche : where did you find it?
I told him how everything happened, including
Jafar’s last attempt to avoid the tragic incident.
Me: you know what I realized?…Jafar actually hit
the guy at my side so he won’t be able to shoot
at me, in the last moments he put me first..
Uche : him na correct guy…
Me: VC called me, asking for a meeting with us
this weekend..
Uche ; what do you think?
Me: would Jafar have attended?
Uche : Yes, he likes the VC..
Me: we should go then…
Uche: so when do we move?
Me: move where?
Uche : with this information we have got…or
are u not up to it?
Me: oh…as soon as possible…
Uche : are you sure?
Me: I can barely wait…but I need a favor…
Uche: what?
Me : let’s keep it to just you and I for now…
Uche: No problem…


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I bade him goodnight…
I woke up some hours later, it was very cold
and I was hungry..i went back to the room to
find the left over sugar-cane Jafar and I had
munched in the fridge. As I ate it I thought of
the past few months..i remembered the
meeting I had with Abayomi, Kofo, Michael and
Uche…I never knew that gathering would
change my life ..But it did…
And tomorrow, it was about to be changed
Morning came slower than I had hoped, but
when it came, I was ready..
I went to the bathroom, stared at myself in the
mirror, I looked horrible. My eyes were swollen
and I looked drain..i stripped off my clothes and
turned the shower on…I sat on the floor as
water washed over me for more than thirty
I didn’t have enough black clothes, I intent to
buy as soon as I got the chance. I wore a black
gown with a pair of black shoes. Jafar’s black
Loius Vuitton Shades was in his wardrobe…it
didn’t really fit me, but I wanted something of
his to be with me at all times..
Uche and “Last-born” were waiting in the Hilux
when I got outside, our journey was taking us
to Irolu.
As we passed the area in which Jafar was killed,
I found it hard to breathe. My phone vibrated…
Me : Timi what’s up?
Timi: I am good…calling to see if I can see you
Me: that would be nice, I would come to your
house later tonight..somethings came up that I
would like to inform you..
Timi: cool, should I cook anything?
Me: not gotten my appetite back..but thanks..
Timi: you know I always got your back…
Me: I am grateful,Timi..
The hotel we were going to at Irolu was called
“Mother Care”. It had been well described in
one of the messages seen in the cell Phone. My
prayer was that the Police-man hadn’t
suspected that the phone was with me.
The hotel was hidden by a Rubber plantation,
but after a sharp bend along the narrow motor
path, it exposed itself in all its majesty. It was
not hard locating the Suite that we were
looking for. He had registered in the Hotel as Mr
Williams. When we got to the door, I told the
guys to chill outside while I entered. I knocked
but there was no response. It was a big suite so
I suspected that the occupant must be far from
the door. I turned the handle of the door,
luckily it opened. The place was luxurious, the
door ushered me into the sitting room, it was
unoccupied. So I tiptoed in the direction of the
room. I started hearing moans before I got
there. The door was slightly ajar so I peeped.
Lying on the bed was a man, a very busty girl
was riding his face, his tongue smacking in and
out of her, she grabbed at her bosom in
ecstasy, another girl held his dicck in her hand
and was sucking it like her life depended on it.
The room was dark but the party happening
was visible. I tiptoed inside the room, they
didn’t notice as they were engrossed in their
activity..i turned on the switch by the wall..
Man : Hey! Who the hell are you?
The two girls sprung up from the bed with their
bosom giggling as they picked their clothes and
ran out of the room..
Me: Good morning Sir..
Man: who the hell are you?
Me: I am Tana, and you are?
Man : Get the hell out of my suite, what kind of
rubbish is this?
The foolish man took his time in tying the bed
sheet around his waist…
Me: sorry for disturbing your tryst, but what I
need to ask you couldn’t wait..
He went to the Inter-com…
Man: I will call the Receptionist to come and
boot your out of here, I am sure a Police station
shouldn’t be far away…
Me: don’t be silly..
He was taken aback; his right hand squeezed
his grey beard…
Man: Are you mad? Do you know who you are
talking to?

Me: Yes I Know, Prof Agbaide.

The DVC stuttered..
Prof Agbaide : young lady, who are you, what
do you want and how did you find me?
Me: I am here as regards Jafar?
Prof Agbaide: who is Jafar?
I brought out Jafar’s gun from my purse…
The renowned professor of Maths and Statistics
fell on the bed..
Me: any other wrong answer and you get a
Prof Agbaide : Who was he to you?
Me: My life…
Prof Agbaide : I am sorry, please…please…I
have a wife and kids…little children…please
spare my life….
Me : why did you order for him to be killed?
Prof Agbaide: It wasn’t my making, it was
orders from above…it was beyond my power…I
am a Christian, I didn’t support the move.
Me: I have all the messages you exchanged
with the cops, you even described him and the
car he drove…
Prof Agbaide : I was just following orders..
Me: So you would be the Vice-Chancellor?
Prof Agbaide: that wasn’t the ultimate aim, the
school was going in the wrong direction, Jafar
and his guys were the stumbling block.
Me: National would probably have won and
given you the mandate you required..
Prof Agbaide : Even with National, Jafar was still
a problem..
Me : so you killed my best Friend, Abayomi…
and Jafar?
Prof Agbaide: I didn’t kill them, I was just
following the script..
Me: Good
Prof Agbaide : Now that Jafar and Eli are dead,
we can start afresh…I am influential enough to
make you the next SUG president. Believe me!
Me: are you serious?
Prof Agbaide : Yes
Me: wont that be lovely?
Prof Agbaide : I will give you 3million Naira cash
Me: you are generous sir…do you know people
think you have been kidnapped or even killed in
Prof Agbaide : I just wanted to stay out of the
politics for a while, you know I told you I am a
Christian..i was tired of the deaths..
The image of the girls with him earlier flashed
through my mind, I smiled at the Christian..
Me: No problem…
Prof Agbaide : Thank you my daughter, what
department are you in? I promise you that you
will graduate with a 2’1. Truthfully…
Me: You are far too kind sir…
Prof Agbaide: it’s my pleasure dear…just put
down the gun…
I did as I was told. I could see the smile of
victory spread across his face.
I started to leave the room..
Prof Agbaide : don’t leave like this, let me give
you money..
Me: don’t worry…I am okay…
Uche and “Last-Born” were waiting by the
balcony as I stepped out..I walked down to the
Hilux to wait for them, in about ten minutes,
they joined me. “Last-Born” was holding
something wrapped in a piece of cloth..
Me: Uche, wetin “Last-Born” dey put inside
Uche : Na the man head, we no wan waste
bullet on top the pig..
Me: Oh…
“Last-Born” joined Uche in front as we drove
back to Ago-iwoye..


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