Must Read: The Enemy Who Loved Me- Episode 6


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I must have slept because I woke up to
Abayomi’s tap.
Abayomi: time to go home sleeping beauty.
Me: oh thank God you are safe, what of Toun?
Abayomi: she is fine, let’s go dear.
I wanted to ask about Timi, but it would have
sounded weird. It was about 6pm when
Abayomi for me. I recognized the rickety Mazda
immediately we stepped outside. Toun was
seated at the back, Abayomi joined her. Timi
opened the door of the front seat for me…why
didn’t Abayomi just sit in front with him…silly
Timi: how are you?
I saw genuine care in his eyes when he asked
that question. I had been scared, I didn’t know
what would have happened if he hadn’t come
for me.
Me: I am fine
Toun: we were looking all over for you until Timi
told us you were safe.
Abayomi: yeah, we were..
I know a reasonable person would have told
Timi thank you , but I wasn’t ready to be
reasonable with this boy that scarred my heart.
Abayomi: Timi, you get any idea wetin cause
those people to throw way like that
Timi: baba, I no know o…you will need
protection though, atleast till the election is
Toun: baby, I think you should consider those
people o…them uche
Abayomi: yes babe, I thought about it..what do
you think Timi?
Me: no way… we cannot be coerced to dine with
the devil
Timi was smiling..
Me: why are you smilling?
Timi: I always liked your strength..
Yeah right, after rescuing me from fright some
hours ago….mumu boy
Abayomi: what do you think jare Timi?
Timi: I will go with Tana on this one..
Abayomi: I don’t know what else I expected
from you sef,,,mchwww..Toun baby…kiss me
Toun: how does kiss enter this matter now?
Abayomi: baby I thought I would lose you…I
realized I havnt even kissed you today..
Timi: you both should get a room o…
Toun: babe no kisses jor..
Before we knew it, both of them were kissing at
the back
Toun: I love you boo
Abayomi: me too dear…
I caught Timi stealing a glance at me…..



In mini-campus, the gun shots were all they
were talking about, though we hadn’t recorded
any casualty, students exaggerated the entire
incidence; some saying as many as 3 students
were killed. Since it was Monday morning, I
tried forgetting about everything elections and
focus on my studies. I had Bot-305 from 9-11,
Toun as usual was beside me gisting me on how
she and Abayomi spent it. The lecturer was
running late as usual when we heard beatings
of drums from outside the auditorium, then
some students danced into the lecture hall. At
the middle of the dancing was National. He was
dressed in buba and sokoto..He went to the
front of the auditorium to address us..
“Great Nigerian students!”
“great!”, students replied
“I am here to give you important reasons why
you should vote for me as the next SUG
president of this great institution. Just like you,
I am tired of the lies, corruption and
incompetence that have corroded the
institution known as the SUG. I am fed up of
the students not having a voice to fight for
them when the authorities come up with
painful policies. I cannot sleep at night because
of the insecurity the entire student body faces,
our lecture halls are overcrowded, our library
books are outdated, and we don’t have a
proper school transport system”
Students were excited; he had gotten their
“it is a shame that we don’t have a school
hostel, even with the amount of money the
government is pumping into the school, it’s a
pity that our graduates might have to wait 3/4
yrs. before they can get their certificates..i say
all these must stop!!!!!!!!”
The students started banging the table. They
were excited..
“I am your man, my government will serve you,
we will listen to you…we are not far away from
you…most especially….we are you!!!!”
Students couldn’t take it anymore; they lifted
National up high, shouting “you have won”
I looked at this foolish students in my class,
have they forgotten I was running for vice-
president for Abayomi?..i mentally noted all the
chief dancers in my class..
Toun: see this people o…don’t they know my
boyfriend is running again?
Me: don’t mind them o..
I picked up my phone and dialed Abayomi’s
Me: boss, you have to come to mini-campus o,
National is campaigning here…abeg come
Abayomi: I am coming, call Timi, and tell him to
meet me there in 15 min
Okay, it’s been more than a year I had dialed
those digits, I hadn’t forgotten any digit
Me: come to mini-campus, Abayomi wants you
here with him..
Timi: I am here.
Me: where?
Timi: at the back of the hall you are seated in..
I turned back to verify his claim…true to his
word, he was there, in a white shirt and blue
Timi: I have been following National’s train.
Having a feel of him
Me: and what do you think, Do you think we still
have a chance?
Timi: you have always have a chance
Me: whatever mehn….hope you have propped
Abayomi for the speech he must deliver..
Timi: not at all…I have other plans..
National and his people were already leaving
the auditorium, with a thunderous applause in
their wake….
Timi: that’s my cue…I am next…you should be
Me: next for wha…..
He hung up…I saw him go to the front of the
stage…Toun looked at me surprised…
Timi started..
“Greatest Nigerian students!”
“great!” students replied
“greatest Gbo Gbo”
“Gbo Gbo”, they replied
“greatest gba gba”
“Gba Gba” they replied
‘Greatest shhhhhhhhhh”
There was pin drop silence…then Timi started


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