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Ella Hannah

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Mr Osajie walked away briskly, taking Ruth’s bag along with him. We walked silently into our classroom. Thankfully, there was no teacher in the class.
I sat on my seat, with my head on the desk. I was in a panic mode. My father would kill me if he had any idea of what had transpired today.
Ruth and Hannah were deeply involved in a discussion at the other end of the classroom.
Ruth walked up to my seat, and touched me lightly, interrupting my thoughts.
“you look so tensed Ella”
“Shouldn’t i be? My dad will kill me if Mr Osajie reports. I’m finished” I said, almost sobbing.
“i ll handle Mr Osajie, he won’t report. I’m going to see him right now, i ll take care of everything”
Ruth was one handy friend. I was quite reassured by her words, as she left the classroom. I knew what she was capable off.
The next lesson proceeded as usual. Except for an interruption from the principal, reminding us that we would begin extra lessons the following week.
As soon as the teacher left, Ruth entered with Hannah’s bag firmly rested on her back.
She dropped it on Hannah’s desk, and walked up to me. I was quite surprised she got the bag.
“so what happened?” I asked rather excitedly.
“Forget about it, that man is a dog, i simply gave him what he wanted”
Ruth’s response shocked the day light out of me. My mouth opened in surprise.
Perhaps i had misinterpreted her response, so i asked again plainly.
” you mean you did it with him inside his office just now?”
“what is your own?” Ruth fired, sounding a little angry
“Or i should have allowed him to tell your parents? I bleeped him because of you , so get over it.”
I was perplexed. I wasn’t sure which was more surprising, Ruth’s affair with Mr Osajie, or the complete indifference she showed.
I kept staring at her with my eyes and mouth wide open.
My gaze must have embarrassed her a little, as she waved her palm across my face.
“do you think I’m the only one he has slept with”? Ruth asked defensively, leading my gaze towards our class captain.
I shook my head, everyone knew Mr Osajie to be a serial womanizer.
Rumour had it that he almost Molested our class captain in his office, when she went to submit assignments.
She came back with splashes of Pour on her skirt, making the story a little more confusing.
Seeing that Ruth was slightly upset, i thanked her for coming to my rescue, and tactfully changed the subject.
“Principal said we would begin extra lectures next week”
“really? Ruth said excitedly.
“hope your mother will not be coming to pick you after the lesson?” Ruth asked, eagerly anticipating a response
“probably not” I replied
“Good, because we are so grooving it. There’s this place I ll like Ehis to take us to…..”
The closing bell interrupted her mid way, and we both got up. I transferred all items belonging to me from Hannah’s bag into mine and headed for the car pack to meet my mum.
I looked around, and spotted her red Audi 80. In her usual spot. She was often the first parent to arrive for school run, hence her spot was always free.
I greeted her as i took my seat beside her. She responded, fixing her gaze on my wrist.
“that’s an expensive wrist watch, whose own is it?” She asked, focusing all attention on me.
“it belongs to Ruth , i forgot to give it back to her” I lied
“okay, better return it now before you spoil it”
I stepped out of the car, and carried my school bag along. I walked all the way back to my classroom, in search of Ruth.
She and Hannah were walking towards the gate house when i sighted them.
I caught up with them, and handed my wrist watch and phone over to her.
“my mum is asking questions ” i said hurriedly.
Ruth accepted the items, keeping them safely in her bag.
“don’t for get them at home, see you tomorrow”
I hurried quickly towards the car pack to meet my mum

The rest of the week was uneventful. We were eagerly anticipating the commencement of our lessons the following week.
It would turn out to be the week when the “good girl” died.

Monday morning came with it’s usual excitement and rush, but this one held something different for me.
Extra lectures will begin today, ss3 students will stay in school till 5:30pm.
It was suppose to help us prepare for waec and UTME examinations. It would afford us time to cover our syllabus in all subjects.
But my friends and i had different plans. It was going to be fun all the way. Over the past week, we have been busy perfecting our plan.
Fifteen subjects were taught in ss3, but every student had the liberty of picking only nine.
Whenever it was time for a lecture we do not offer, we are allowed to leave the class.
The timetable for the extra lesson was arranged in such a way that we would receive three lectures between 2:30pm and 5:30pm.
But here is the catch, since we don’t offer all the subjects, there were free periods in between.
Sometimes we even have one or two lectures only, leaving us a few free hours before 5:30.
My parents won’t be expecting me home till 6pm, so i could be anywhere i wanted to be.
The six o’clock alarm brought me back to reality. I have been awake, but a little lost in fantasy.
I looked at my door handle, to make sure it was properly locked. As i reached under my pillow for my phone.
I had been in possession of it for a few days now, and devised a means of hiding it from everyone in the house.
It was always on silent mode, i do not make or receive calls around the house.
The people who mattered were on bbm and whatsapp. I simply locked myself indoors, and chat away.
Whenever anyone knocked, I tucked it back under my pillow before opening the door.
I rarely made calls, but when i had to, i move out of sight, a little far away from the house.
Recharge cards weren’t a problem, i had Ruth and Ehis. All i had to do was ask. No one knew i had a phone in the house.
I grabbed my phone and looked through my whatsapp and bbm application, there were loads of messages.
I scrolled to the one from Ehis, and read it in a hurry
“looking foward to tomorrow, hope we would have fun, don’t forget your promise……love you”
I smiled to myself after reading it, it was sent the previous night. I must have fallen asleep while chatting.
“Love you too” i replied, and tucked the phone back under my bed and joined my family for morning devotion.
Again, i was only present in body. My mind and heart were far removed from the prayers. I had plans today.
At the sound of the final Amen, i headed straight for the kitchen to do my chores.
The excitement i felt was familiar, it reminded me of the previous Monday. Much like it, i was going to take another big step.
I had promised Ehis i would have s-x with him. Although i was still a little scared inside, i wanted know what it felt like. Ruth had infused a lot of confidence into me.
I took my bath quickly, and got dressed for school.
I looked through my wardrobe, and picked my favourite blue gown, folded it carefully and tucked it inside my bag along with my phone. I was good to go.
My mum was already seated in the car waiting for me. I took my seat next to her, and we headed for my school.

The trip to school was quiet as usual, me and my parents rarely talked. But i had to break this news to my mother this minute
“mummy, we are starting extra lectures today”
” and It’s only now you are telling me?” She replied, a little offended .
“well i forgot earlier”
“so when will you close?”
“I can’t pick you up at that time, you will have to come home yourself”
That was the exact response i had envisaged and prayed for.
“oh that’s not a problem, i can find my way home” i replied excitedly
My mum must have caught the excitement in my voice, as she warned sternly
” come straight home after lectures, you should be home by 6 at most.”
Those words went in through one ear and out the other. I still wish i had listened.
The morning assembly started with the usual hyms and national anthem, before we marched to our classes.
Unlike every other day, today will be long and unpredictable. I didn’t quite know how it will turn out for me. I strolled to the principal’s office to check out the timetable for the day.
It was perfect for my plans, i had only one subject, which means i could leave the school by 3:30. That would mean 2 hours with Ehis.
As i walked back to the class, i pinged Ehis, to inform him of the time-table. He agreed to pick me up by 3:30. Everything was set.
The day went by very fast, i could hardly focus in class. All i had on my mind was meeting Ehis later. I planned something special for him today.
At the end of lectures that day, we stayed behind as other students made their way home.
The school was rowdy as usual, hundreds of students made their way towards the gate.
The car pack was fully occupied by different brands of cars, with parents waiting eagerly for their wards.
It was a little strange for me. I wasn’t hurrying to get my stuff together, I wasn’t rushing out to the car park to meet my mum.
I just sat there in class, looking out the window and enjoying. the freedom i had.
I could do anything i wanted, and walk back home without feeling any remorse.
This is the time in my life when my parents control began to wane. There was little that could be done to salvage me, my heart has chosen a poor course.
As time progressed, the compound began to empty slowly. Most of the students had gone, the car park became empty.
Only my classmates were left in the school. Those who brought lunch had started eating, others went out to buy snacks.
I had neither. The money my mum gave me was barely enough for my transport. I didn’t think i would need lunch, Ehis would take care of that.
All i took was extra clothes. That was all i needed. I was becoming an expert at absconding from school.
I spent the lecture break chatting with Ehis, giving him minute by minute update on events around the school.
At 2:30 the bell rang, signifying the commencement of the first lesson.
The subject was English.
All through the lesson, i sat there fantasising about what my afternoon will look like.
The vibration from my phone jolted me back to reality. I rested my head on the table, with my phone beneath the desk to check out who it was.
” baby, I’m around……waiting for you”
The message was from Ehis, he was waiting already. I glanced at my watch, it was just five minutes before the lecture ends….i couldn’t wait.

The lecture couldn’t have ended any quicker. As soon as the teacher left the class, i hurriedly gathered my books, tucked them in my bag and headed straight for the gate house.
Ruth and Hannah where right behind me. They too had plans. It was time to execute.
As early as we were, we weren’t the first to arrive at the gate house. We met 3 other girls there.
I recognized them, they had left the class a while ago during the English lecture.
They weren’t wearing their uniforms anymore, the make up on their faces had completely transformed them.
One of the girls handed 1500 naira to the gate man, and he opened the gate for them.
There was a yellow range rover sport packed just outside the gate. It had a passenger at the back seat. He was a well dressed middle-aged man, probably in his 50s.
Two of the girls hopped into the back seat, while the third occupied the front seat.
Just before the door closed, i could see one of the girls kissing the middle-aged man shamelessly, as he ran his hands over her body. She looked so much like a LovePeddler.
But who I’m i to judge? Aren’t we very much the same? I thought to myself as i slowly took off my uniform.
I put on my gown hurriedly, and sat quietly waiting for Ruth to make me up. I still didn’t know how to apply make up. Every time i tried was a disaster.
Ruth got dressed on time. She looked so pretty in her make up. She was naturally endowed just like me. The tight-fitting short gown she wore made a fine print of her shape.
I sat motionless as she applied make up on my face, she was quite meticulous. She seemed so keen on making me look beautiful today
After a while, I looked at myself in the mirror. My own beauty made me proud.
I turned from side to side, trying out various poses. Everything seemed perfect. Even the gate man couldn’t help himself, i caught him staring.
I took my school bag, and we headed out of the school compound. Just outside, Ehis car was packed in front of another camry.
I didn’t bother to look at the occupants of the car behind, i simply took a seat beside Ehis, while Ruth and Hannah entered the car packed behind.
“you look stunning baby” Ehis said, moving in for a kiss.
His lips met mine without resistance, the shyness i use to feel was gone. I felt bolder and more confident in the presence of Ehis.

The car previously packed behind us overtook, and speed off. Ruth and Hannah waved me from the back seat as they drove out of sight.
Where they were headed, i had no idea. I didn’t know were i was going either, but i was so convinced i would have fun. The engines started and we drove off.
“You must be starved, should we get something to eat?” Ehis asked, as he slowed down to take a left turn into a street leading to sizzler.
I nodded in agreement.
We drove a little further, and Ehis pulled up in front of sizzlers.
“wait here let me get us something to eat.”
He alighted and walked towards sizzlers. I slumped into the seat, and started playing with my phone.
I pinged Ruth and Hannah to find out where there were headed. The replies came in fast.
Just like me, both of them had no idea were they were going. They just wanted to have fun, that is what everything was about.
I easily excused myself, thinking that i was somehow different from them. I was here because i ‘loved’ Ehis. Well at least i felt strongly for him and wanted to make him happy.
I spotted him coming out of the restaurant with two white customized paper bags in his hands. He was walking as fast as his legs could carry.
“G2g, later” i hurriedly texted Hannah.
“kk, make sure you use protection o, i no wan hear story later.” She replied almost immediately
I smiled to myself and tucked away the phone, as Ehis joined me in the car. He started the engine, and our journey continued.
We entered a surrounding that seemed familiar to me, then i realised we were heading to his hostel.
I was neither sacred nor worried. I thought I was ready for anything that could happen.
We arrived at his hostel, the compound was just the way it was when i last visited, only a lot noisier
It seems many of the students were back from school. Music from loud speakers played at ridiculously high volume made it impossible for me to hear my own thoughts.
Some of the occupants sat outdoors gisting and playing board games. The stares and gazes i was getting as Ehis and i walked to his room made me really uncomfortable.
Some of his friends would call his name out loud and make annoying comments. I just kept a straight face and ignored. I couldn’t wait to get out of sight.
We climbed up the stairs into his room. It wasn’t much different from how i last saw it, though it was a little untidy.
I sat down on the side of the bed, anticipating what will happen next. Ehis handed me one of the customized paper bags.
It contained a plate of rice and ice cream in a can. This was exactly what i needed, i was famished already.
Ehis headed for the door.
” I’m coming, i have to buy something from the chemist down the road” Ehis said, making his way out of the room.
” ok, but don’t leave me alone here for long” I replied, wondering what he had to buy at this time.

To Be Continued………..

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