Must Read: Home Advantage (18+) Episode 11

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We were still dressing up when we had a knock on the door. I quickly pick up my phone and saw 14 missed calls from Jide. Chai! We already exceeded the two hours.



We had a knock again and I answered, ‘please hold on’. I asked who it was when I got closer to the door, but the voice that responded ‘‘Shina’’sounded strange.

Jide’s brother was Shina by name, but the voice I heard that night wasn’t his. I wasn’t afraid of anything really. Gala was happy at that moment, so was i. The problem might just be that gala’s future happiness at Jide’s house might not be guaranteed if it was Bro Shina.

I opened the door after about a minute and it was Jide.

Me: mehn! You scared me

Jide: I had to, Bro Shina is almost here.

We left immediately. I walked Princess home before legging it to mine.

It was 7:30pm that evening, I was chatting with one of the neighbourhood dude, Ikenna, when Udenme came from behind and kissed me. I stepped back with my eyes revealing how shocked I was at her move.

Me: what was that for? I asked with a straight face.

Udenme: I want to show them i’m already taken. She gazed at the right direction. I look at the same direction and there they were, Tunde and two other familiar guys.

Ikenna excused us.

Staring back at her I questioned, ‘’I’m yours? I don’t understand?’’

‘’You don’t understand?’’ she echoed like she was using Beats By Dre headphone.


‘’What am I to you?’’ she asked without answering my last question. ‘’A friend,’’ I replied. A friend?’’ she echoed again like there was a Grammy award for echoing.

I knew just what I was doing. I have been waiting for that moment to end things with her. I didn’t want anything or anyone jeopardizing my relationship with my Princess.

There was a brief silence before she questioned me again in a curious tone with her eyes flashing. ‘’Do you make love to your friends?’’ I did not hesitate to answer with and harsh voice, ‘’If I’m not in a relationship and they’re females, YES’’.

She stood completely still with a devastated look on her face. I didn’t feel the slightest bit of remorse. Suddenly her eyes flashed in anger and she made motion to slap my face, but as if I could read her mind, I caught her hand before she could strike me. Deliberately, I lowered it to her side. We stared at each other in heated silence for a while before she left my presence.

I knew how my words would have hurt her, but I had to do it anyway to avoid any complications with Princess. I needed to protect my relationship with her.

I got home and met Mrs. Chinedu and my mum in the parlour, I greeted them and headed to my room. I came out some minutes later and she was gone. Mom told me Chinedu’s mom and her children will be moving to Abuja very soon to stay closer to their father. ‘’Great!’’ what was the word my mouth could form. I didn’t know when I asked, ‘’will Udenme be going with them?’’ Mom stared with an Are-you-okay? kind of stare and responded, ‘’no, she will be moving in with us. Start making your room available for two.’’

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‘’Mom,’’ I chuckled. ‘‘Go and get your food in the kitchen and stop asking silly questions. She was right, that question was indeed silly.
My phone beeped as I was about to lie on my bed. I picked it up and it was a text from none other than Princess.

‘’I trusted you so much. I gave my all to you. Just few hours after giving my most precious asset to you, you were already making out with somebody else in public. Is that how heartless you are? I don’t want to ever see your face again. I hate you!’’

I called her phone several times that night but she didn’t pick up. Why would she? I was trying to protect the relationship, but I guess I didn’t do enough.


Mom went to see Mrs Williams on Saturday as agreed. She told me I needed to go see her too. They must have discussed several things but she told me when I got home that day that I needed to go see her too. Well, if there was somewhere I wanted to go then, it was Mrs William’s house. I needed to see not only her, but her daughter too.

For the first time since I have been going there, Chief Williams was around that Sunday evening. He shared a brief story of how he struggled when he was my age. Well, his hard work paid off eventually. He also made it known to me he was in support of his wife assistance towards me. He soon stood to his feet and said, ‘’you’re free to come her anytime’’. ‘’Thank you, Sir’’ I replied.

He turned to his wife and said, ‘’I’m going for the meeting now. I’ll be back before 8’’. ‘’Alright’’ she replied and winked at the old man as he flounced from the room.

‘’I have discussed with you mother…..’’ Mrs Williams explained and continued, ‘’…but the important thing here is you should enrol at a tutorial class in preparation for your exam. Working at that kind of environment doesn’t make reading easy. You of all people should know that.’’ I nodded in affirmation.

‘’I hope you know this in essence means that you’ll stop working at the factory. You don’t have to worry about the money. You’ll give me your account number before you leave, I will be paying some……..incentives in there’’. She said with a smile. I was dumfounded. I immediately prostrated in front of her and thanked her. She asked me to sit back up and i did.

‘’Do you know Success Tutors?’’ she asked. ‘’Yes ma’’. ‘’I’ll suggest you enrol there’’.

Where else if not the same tutorial class Princess was attending? ‘’ok ma’’ I answered.

To Be Continued…



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