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It was bonding time once again. That was the term used to refer to every night when there was no power and most of the occupants sit outside their various flats in different sizes of benches.

I was having a conversation with Biodun, who was my closest friend in the building. He was living with his sister in one of the flats. A young lady walked past us to sit beside Mr Chinedu and his wife, which bench was just few metres away.

Biodun: Mehn! This Udenme babe tight.

Me: you can say that again, bro. So na she be Udenme?

Biodun: Ehn na

Me: She’s really tight. Abi you self dey do her parole?

Biodun: no no. You know I don’t do street paroles na.

Me: I would have been surprised.

Biodun: she fit you wella o

I chuckled

Me: Mr Match Maker. I feel you.

Biodun: for real

Me: I hear.

There was silence for a while.

Me: Men I saw one babe today.

Biodun: for where?

I narrated what happened during the game.

Biodun: Talk to Chinenye. She’s the link you need to get to her.

Me: that’s a great Idea, but you know me and Chinenye don’t flow that much.

Biodun: you now have a reason to.

Me: no kidding.

Biodun: ok na bro. See you tomorrow.

Me: alright.

Biodun went in. I also noticed Mr Chinedu and his wife were already going in, but Udenme was hesitating to follow them. The couple went in and I was about to follow suit when I heard a thin sweet voice from behind.

Udenme: excuse me.

Me: yes?

Udenme: are you Ayo’s brother?

Me: Yes. Hope there is no problem?

Udenme: not at all. You have done a great job with Ayo In her mathematics.

Me: oh! Thanks. But how do I get to know that?

Udenme: I took her and Precious on the subject yesterday. She was good.

Precious was Mrs Chinedu ‘s second child, who attends the same school and also In the same class with my little sister, Ayo.

Me: oh! You’re the new teacher on the block

We both chuckled

Udenme: not really



Me: aright. You have a good night.

Udenme: you too.

I heard a knock on the door and sat up from the bed. I sat up, switched on the light and rubbed my eyes slowly to steal a fleeting glance at the wall clock. It was 3:00am. Damn! Who could that be? I opened the door without asking who it was. I was appalled when I saw Princess standing right at the doorway.

‘’What are you doing here at this time of the…..’’ i couldn’t complete the sentence. ‘’Shhh’’, she put a finger on my lips and said, ‘’don’t ask questions. Just be ready to catch what about to throw at you’’. My eyes brow rose.

She walked in like we were both living there. Before I knew it we were on the couch tearing each other’s clothes off. I climbed on top her and began to kiss her. I started from her lips and down to her jaw. I moved to her neck, licking and sucking each Bosom and making a trail of kisses down her stomach. I looked up at her and smiled. She smiled back at me. That was enough motivation to continue my trail.

I placed her leg on my shoulder and made a trail down her leg, when I got to her inner thigh she moaned in anticipation. I plunged my tongue into her wet Kitty-Cat and she moaned even louder. That was weird because my mum would’ve woken up with the slightest sound. I began to lick and suck her Kitty-Cat like it was the best meal I have ever had.She put her hand lightly on the back of my head and rubbed it. I felt that was an encouragement to ride on.

Shortly after, she was moaning my name ‘’Gala………..cious, please don’t stop’’. I wasn’t planning to. She came few minutes later and whispered ‘’my turn’’.

We switched positions and she made her way to the Royal Highness—–Gala. She licked the head in little circles. I moaned softly. She grabbed my balls and massaged them with her hands, while she moved up and down my gala. I moaned a little louder. She moaned softly and took the entire gala into her mouth. And rapidly moving up and down from the head to my balls. I began to thrust faster and more urgently rushing for gala spit. I came after telling her I was about to, so she pulled away and stroke my gala.

She started to stroke gala again till it gained consciousness. She lay back on the couch. Gala was about to make an entry to the promise land before I felt a tap on my back.

Mom: wake up, Mr man. Are you not going to work?

I opened my eyes and It was my mom. Damn! I was dreaming.

To Be Continued…


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