Must Read: Home Advantage (18+) Episode 7

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I didn’t notice the expression on my face was glaring till my supervisor came to me and said, ‘’Galacious, you have been smiling all day, even when offloading the 50kg sodium. You win lottery?’’

Chidi cut in like the question was directed at him. ‘’Lottery gini? Oga this kind smile and the type person dey smile on Saturday when a babe don promise to show on Sunday.

I managed to dodge the conversation without answering the supervisor’s question. Chidi was right on one hand, ‘a babe’ was involved. Matter-of-factly a Princess. On the other hand, no, ‘babe promised to show’.

I bought a voucher at Nureni’s on my way home. I checked on the kids, who were busy with their homework. I greeted Udenme the way I usually do, pretending nothing happened. Like she didn’t rock my world last night. I didn’t even know where I got the ginger to work the way I did at the factory earlier today. Well, about that, I think Princess was responsible.

I took a shower and headed to Biodun’s flat as he was already back from work at that time. He brought out the ‘’Whot card Game’’. We played for a while before I started the conversation.

Me: Guess who called me last night?

Biodun: Your mum

We both chuckled.

Me: you no sari guess

Biodun: You know na. Oya hit me

Me: That babe I told you’’



Biodun: Chinenye ‘s friend?


Biodun: Looto? (for real?)

I nodded to confirm.

Biodun: How she take get your number?

Me: I don’t know. I don’t even want to.

Biodun: So you don let her know as e dey go?

Me: No, In eve burst. We didn’t talk much. You know

Biodun: Ok so you wan to play the player’s game now?

Me: I don’t get It

Biodun: How are you going to cope with two babes na?

Which two babes na?

Biodun: Chinenye ‘s friend and Udenme?

Me: Udenme ke?

Biodun: Guy no dey feign ignorance here. I know as e dey go.

I don’t really know why I was trying to hide the Udenme affair from him. He was my confidant when it comes to issues like that. I could trust him with almost anything—-almost.

So I let it all out. I was still narrating the last night’s rumble to him before me phone rang. The caller id was ’’Princess’’. I already saved her number after I knew it was hers.

Princess: hey Chinny, please what time is tomorrow’s practise again?

Me: Wish I knew

Princess: Wish…… oh! Sorry. I wanted to dial my friend’s number. I’m very sorry

Me: It’s ………

She hung up before I could tell her that was not a problem. I told Biodun about it and he was of the opinion she did that deliberately.
I picked up the phone again and called her back.

Me: hello

Princess: he, I told you the call was a mistake.

Me: I heard you’re the first time. I was about to call you when the call came in.

Princess: hmmm

So we spoke for few minutes before my N200 naira credit ran out. She called back immediately and the conversation continued. I got though know she and Chinenye attend the same tutorial class.

To Be Continued…



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