Must Read: Home Advantage (18+) Episode 8

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I strode out of Biodun ‘s flat few minutes later. I tried checking on the kids but the entrance door was locked. I didn’t bother to knock. I went straight to my room. I couldn’t just stop thinking about Princess’ voice. I just couldn’t.

It wasn’t hard to know that she got a thing for me too. Well, perhaps not as much as I got for her. We discussed about ourselves, our lives, and academic plans. She couldn’t help but confess ‘’i like you, you’re so ambitious despite your humble background.’’ She was right about the ambition, but not just academically.

After our conversation, I knew we were going to be very close real soon. Now, how do deal with my calabar fling? I thought about it and decided to end whatever I have gotten myself into with her.

I was still in my room trying to change to my nightclothes before I heard a short knock on the door before opening. I peeped at the parlour and it was Udenme. She was on a tight top and a mini skirt.

Udenme: Are you avoiding me?

Me: avoid you? Why in the world will I do that?

Udenme: well, let’s see…..maybe last night’s encounter was so overwhelming that you can’t handle another royal rumble tonight.

Me: royal……

That was only the word my mouth could form before my lips was covered by hers. We were kissing while I was also running my hands across her back. She ran her hands through my hair.

Wait a minute! I just thought about ending things with her some minutes ago. What was happening that moment, according to my understanding, was not a way of ending things. I put that thought on hold.


Stepping back I opened my mouth to say something, but she put her finger on my lips. ‘’don’t talk, babe,’’ she whispered and kissed me again.
What did I even wanted to say? That I didn’t want to have s*x with her again? That I wasn’t a fan of royal rumble, but wrestle mania? Clearly, I wasn’t thinking straight. Don’t blame me, gala’s response to my last question was definitely ‘’yes, to royal rumble’’.

I started to fulfil gala’s wish. I pulled off her shirt, pushed my hands underneath and ran them up her back. She leaned forward against me and sighted. I hugged her as she nuzzled my shoulder. Then I unhooked her. She tensed and leaned away. I smiled at her and ran my hand around to lift her bra clear of her breasts. As soon as my hands were on her breasts, she sighed and relaxed again.

We kissed lightly. She brought her hands down and put them around my waist. She kissed my cheek and ear as I caressed her breasts. Then I cupped one in my hand and bent down to kiss her Tip. Her hands came up to rub my hair again.

I pinched her Tip between my lips, released it and I lightly licked it. I ran my tongue around and across it pressing my lips to her Bosom. Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could and sucked inside as much of her Bosom as would fit. I looked up at her and smiled, then knelt In front of her and rubbed my nose against her belly button, brushing it through the light fuzz of hair that surrendered it, smiling at the tickles. Both her hands rested on my head, but she made no attempt to guide me.

Then I opened her belt and unbuttoned her jeans. I pulled them open and ran my nose down through the thickening hair until I reached her panties. I could smell she was aroused. I pushed my hands inside her jeans and felt her warm, soft skin with her firm muscles underneath. Leaving my head pressed against her legs pushing her jeans down and pulled them away as she stepped out of them.

I was quite heated by this stage, so I unbuttoned my shirt. She ran her hands across my body as I stiffed my arms out of the sleeves and tossed the shirt to one side.

We made our way to my room after her mouth got busy with gala. Gala made its heroic entry into the promise land once again. I went back and forth for awhile before coming. I relaxed beside her. She made a fruitful effort to revive the dwindling gala. Few minutes later she was on top of me. Royal Rumble continued for about twenty minutes before gala spit the second time that night.

That was it for that night as far as I was concerned. I wasn’t surprised waking up alone on the bed the next morning.

To Be Continued…


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