Must Read: Home Advantage (18+) Episode 9

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I was at the pitch later that Sunday evening when someone informed me about my mum’s arrival. I knew it was going to be hard for Udenme and myself to continue our escapade, or royal rumble as she called it. That would not be a problem for me as I wanted it ceased.

I was at home after the game listening to mum’s experience at calabar when my phone started ringing. I picked it up and it was Princess. I headed to my room as mum motioned me to go ahead.

‘’Hello, Mr Ronaldinho’’

‘’Are u still on the pitch?’’

‘’No, I’m home now’’

‘’Would you mind seeing me off? I’m about to leave Chinenye ‘s house.’’

‘’Oh, ok. I’ll be out in ten.’’

I met her and Chinenye just outside the street.

‘’Make sure she gets home safe,’’ Chinenye warned patting on her friend’s shoulders. ‘’I will’’ I assured.



I took her hand as we walked toward her house. We talked about academic and religion. I hated discussing the latter. She advised me to choose one of my parents religion because I told her was in between the two.

She later asked, ‘’do you have a girlfriend?’’. I didn’t hesitate to answer, ‘’No, I don’t’’. I didn’t ask her but she confessed of not having a boyfriend.

‘’Thanks for walking me home,’’ she appreciated as we got to her house gate. ‘’Well, who wouldn’t?’’ I replied. She knocked and turned back around to give me a kiss on the cheek and whispered, ‘’good night’’. She went in as the gate was opened before I walked back home——–alone.

I met Udenme just outside my flat as i got back home. ‘’Where are you coming from?’’ she asked like my mum was covered by her body. I opened my mouth to respond but before I could utter a word she added ‘’….and don’t tell you went to the Mei Tea,’’ because I know Ayo’s mum already cooked when she arrived.

She was right. One would have thought my mum should have rested after her long trip, but she couldn’t wait for her Ronaldinho ‘s son to return from Nou Camp to make dinner for her and her daughter.
‘’ok, I saw a friend off’,’’ I replied.

‘’Ok. Now that your mum and my sister are back, how do we continue seeing each other?’’

I knew what she meant with that question, but I teased her first. ‘’like we’re seeing each other right now’’

‘’C’mon you know what I mean’’

‘’Oh, royal rumble? I smiled

She smiled back and nodded.

‘’ Well, I’ll figure that out,’’ I assured.

‘’Please do. Good night’’.

’ Well, I’ll figure that out,’’ I assured.

‘’Please do. Good night’’.

We both walked to our separate flats. Mum was listening to a program on Radio Lagos as I stepped into the parlour. One thing I’ve never and I think I will never do is listen to the radio while there is power.

Me: hello mum


Mum: Audu must have been glad seeing you these past few days

Me: Of course mum.

I chuckled.

Audu was the name of Mie Tea guy.

Mum: Lazy boy

Me: Mom, you….

She cuts in

Mum: Son, if you are to going to tell me a lazy person cannot work at the steel company nor play football, save it. I have heard it all before. Your food is in the kitchen.

Me: But it’s true mum.

Mum: Kitchen!

Me: Okay.

I went to the kitchen to dish and back to the parlour

Mum: I spoke with Mrs Williams this evening. And we’ll be meeting next weekend.

Me: Oh! Great.

Mum: You can unmute the T.V now. I’m off to my room.

Me: Good night mom.

Mum: Sweet dreams.

She left for her room and took the radio with her.

To Be Continued…


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