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I wrote my final paper but not without hitch. When I called my Uncles for the examination fees they responded that I am old enough to cater for those things and I was just 23years old!

Since T-boy wasn’t around anymore, I decided to wait till the following year maybe I would have saved enough to pay for it. Tolulope tried to raise me but she couldn’t as she too was going to the final yea.

Fortunately, my HOD called me in the evening to the examination and asked me to show myself to him with immediate effect.
I met him and the Dean of the faculty in the Dean’s office.
“Good afternoon sir.” I greeted them and the Dean offered me a sit.

“Olatuyi,” It has been long someone called me my real name like that.


“Sir.” I responded with shame and pain written all over my face.

“Do you know you are the most brilliant student in this department?” The Dean asked me but I couldn’t answer.

“Yes you are but you are also the most unserious student I have ever seen.” He was now angry with me. “Why haven’t you paid your examination fees? Or you don’t want to graduate?” he asked me in astonishment.

I broke down into tears and explained my whole life story to them. They were surprised to hear my outpouring like this.

The HOD then promised to pay the money which was then 38 thousand naira. I prostrated and thanked them in joy.

The Dean left us and I was about to leave the office when the HOD called me back and told me my greatest surprise.

“Olatuyi, why do you joined cultism?” I was amazed and my jaw dropped. “You think I don’t know abi? Actually I knew all along but I know you must have a reason because you strike me as someone who comes from a good family.”

I told him the circumstance that brought me into it. He was surprised but he said I should have open up to him before-hand but all the same he implored me to desist from it. I thanked him and promised to turn a leave which i did.


On the day of my last paper, I was in total joy because of all that I have passed through. I knelt down and thank my God for the unmerited favour He granted me. My mind went back to some of it.

[i]I was just coming out from Iya Bolu joint this particular day. I noticed that people were running for safety but for the fact that I was drunk, I couldn’t run so I turned to hide somewhere so far people were running too.

Unknown to me, I was their target. “That’s him” shouted one of them. Immediately i heard a gunshot from the back and I fell to the ground. They came over me and dealt some blows of stick on me. They left me to die with thought that I can’t survive it. But miraculously I survived! The gun only pierced my neck and nothing more.


I was later informed that it was T-boy that dealt with some Alora guys and he wrote my name in the back of the guy with hot iron before he left his house and they thought it was me. It was after I got well that we later resolve the issue.

Another was a day when we went for a birthday party and a fight broke up there. I ran as fast as my feet could carried me to my house.

I met Tolulope still awake waiting for me and the time was almost midnight. She complained about my late but I cuddled and pet her to sleep. I took a quick shower and ate the delicious food she had prepared since evening but has turned sour.

We had some s’ex and she wanted to clean up but I volunteered to help her bring the towel from the wardrobe.

I started having some tightness in the chest and I couldn’t breathe freely. I fell to the ground and started wheezing. She said she thought

I was exhausted and she called me but when she noticed I was gasping for breath she called out and thanks to God a neighbor came to my rescue and gave me his ventolin inhaler to use which immediately subside the Asthmatic attack. I  have never had any attack in my life and that was the first time it occurred.

Had it been the birthday party wasn’t disrupted, it would have been another story.

In my first semester in 300L, I was made the student union electoral chairman. The preparations were successful but the only problem I had was the issue of the SUG Presidency.

The school authority called me and presented their candidate for the presidency which is Ayo. I left the Provost office in total confusion because a drama is about to enfold.

I called Taiwo my Secretary to tell him what the Provost told me.

“Omo, Wahala wan happen be dis o.” he assured me. “What of Femi our own candidate and Segun the student’s candidate?” He asked me in full confusion because it was written all over him.

“Hmmm…..It seems we must allow this election to be free and fair o.” This came from Emeka the PRO.

“Yeah that is what we will do.” Chorused everybody except Taiwo.

Taiwo pulled me aside as everyone was departing. And told me that he has collected 45 thousand naira from Femi.


“O’boy return am o, you know say Femi na Aiye guy and he could be deadly.” I warned him and he promised to do so.

At the end of it all Segun won and the whole school was happy about it.

I was sleeping in the night in Lawrence house when I heard a knock on the door.

“Open this door or we go break am.” A voice commanded from outside.

I fired back in anger, “Who be be dat and who goes there?”

“Alora na me na me.” The voice replied in alora slang.

“Lawrence na your brothers.” I said jokingly to Lawrence because he was the head of Alora in the college.

“But my brothers cannot be threatened me naw.” He said confused.

He opened the door and to our amazement they came in with masked over their faces.

“You people don die today. You collected 45 bar from our capone and he no enter.” One of them said and broke the television set with his axe and that was when I knew it was Femi handiwork because he is an Axe-man.

I told them that it was Taiwo that collected the money for his own purse but they beat us mercilessly and we sustained various degrees of injuries. We were left in our own blood to die but thanks to the guy next door who called the police and we were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Taiwo nearly lost his life. His left eye was badly injured.

After we were discharged, the guys continue to trail us and I have to leave the school for almost two months before Femi was appeased to and he later understand that Taiwo acted on his own accord.

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I graduated from the College with a higher grade but I lost the chance of being retained in the school as the most brilliant student in the department due to my waywardness.

Me and Tolulope eventually drifted apart due to pressure from her parents that we were not compatible and it hurts a lot even till today because she was there when all was not, she brought me out of darkness with her aura of love and care and that is something I will always cherish for life!

I came back to my hometown and fortunately I got a tutoring job in a Health college and the pay was manageable (winks) and HAPPILY HE LIVE THEREAFTER!!!


Moral of the story: never let your situation tie you down, never because of your predicament ruin your future!



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