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My uncle’s condition has gotten worse more than my expectation. He could no longer walk and talk. He has been confined unto a wheelchair and you need to guess what he needed or wanted by his actions.
I would bath, clothed, feeds and cleanup for him. I will the one to take him to hospital every Tuesday for his medical check-up. He resides in Badagry and his hospital was Lagos University Teaching Hospital at Ikeja.

I would drive there and come back the same day usually late in the evening and will dropped him at home to go and then leaves for a bunk there because smoking has become part and passel  of me.

Mummy noticed that things have changed drastically in my behaviours and she saw me at the backyard smoking hemp one day.

“Uncle, (she normally calls me that) what am I seeing?” she directed the question to me in astonishment.

“Indian hemp and if you are not contented with it, you can flush yourself down the toilet!” I swore at her, puffed smoke in and out into the atmosphere and left her to her amazement.

She would lock her room and kitchen while going to work and would later give me food in the night.
I would laid down in the bedroom and be reminiscing over this life whenever I haven’t smoked, it even got to a time that I started writing poems just to express my feelings.
Here was one I wrote for my birthday and the death of my mum.


Once upon in March
He came into this world like a chick
That has just been hatched
Only to grow up to big man soon
But without a sliver spoon.
Never was he idle
But his Destiny is like a riddle.

Once upon in March
She sailed on like a yacht on the sea
Because her smile he no longer see
For death has laid his icy hands on her
He could only laugh with his folded arms.
Standing there grounded, listening to all cries
Only then did he realized that life is like flies
It comes to goes.

And another one when I felt dejected and was hoping for death to come and end all my pains.


When will I, my head put to rest
On an appeased soil not necessarily in a casket
Happy will i be if I leave while young
While the dew is still wet on the grass
In the absence of funeral gong
Seeing them wail over a lost carcass
Mad with furry will i return
With a furrious spank
For little did they know that,
Dust has gone back to dust
So let me be on my way before Dusk.

I continue taking care of my Uncle for almost two month when suddenly he can no longer recognizes nor respond to stimuli. Luckily it was his appointment day which was Wednesday and I quickly I rushed him down to Ikeja and called his two brothers to inform them about the development. His wife kept on complaining that she needs to attend her brother’s wedding which was slated for the weekend. She followed me to the hospital but left in the evening leaving me alone to take care of her husband.

When it got to the fourth day she has gone, I called her to know maybe she has abandoned her husband here with me in the hospital.

”Hello ma, when are you coming? Because I can no longer understands your husband condition again.” I said to her clutching the steering of the car and twisting it as if it would broke.

“Actually I will stop by to see you tomorrow when I will be going for my brother’s wedding on Saturday.” She said and I can feel the emptiness in her voice.

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“Do you just say tomorrow? I asked her with furry and step-out of the car and I mistakenly colluded with a Nurse. I continued without mincing words, “You can’t be serious at all, let me inform you, if you don’t show up as early as 7a.m tomorrow I am leaving this place because I can’t continue suffering for your sake here” I paused for her to answer me but she didn’t. I continued “I have been sleeping outside here for the past three days with mosquitoes and I am also getting down on malaria now and you are there sleeping and snoring loudly in your room”

“Please oga, your noise is disturbing our patients here.” One of the Nurses warned me and I step out of the ward.

She came to her senses and sounds sober. “I am sorry, I will be there early.” She replied me.

“You better be sorry and here as fast as you can.” I said and switched the phone off in my attempt to end the call.

I noticed that my Uncle was ominously calm this morning and all of a sudden he could speak though inaudible but at least I can grab some of it. He called me faintly, “Tuyil, thanks s….o mu….ch for all your ca…re and sup…por..t.”

“Thank me later when you are okay.” I said to him with tears dripping down from my eyes to his bed sheet.
“Where a….re my……….. children?” He asked me with tears also streaming down his face.

“They will be here very soon.” I said this to calm him down and stop his questions.

Then all of a sudden he started gasping for breath. I called the Doctor and he asked me to step out so that they can attend to him. Simultaneously his wife entered into the ward and seeing the situation started wailing but ignored her.

I noticed the Doctor shaking his head and I colluded with his wife as both of us tried to enter almost the same time.

“I am very sorry, we lost him.” The Doctor broke the news and went out.

I just sat down on the floor of the ward and keep on wondering what is happening to our family. Could this be a curse? Or is it my ill-luck that is affecting them? Because this man has promised to send me to school before the year runs out, in fact I have already secured admission into a University for the Pre-degree course there.

This is how another dream of mine went into oblivion. And I came back to Ekiti to continue with my wayward behaviors.


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