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T-boy was a student like me. He was studying Environmental Health Science but he was a year ahead of me in the college. He was among the big boys in the campus. We got to know each other through one of my course-mate, Tope.

T-boy was very generous to me; he used to give me raw food. He sometimes took me to beer-palour for relaxation and I started taking alcoholic drinks in minimal again.

T-boy called me one day to meet him at that relaxation joint for a discussion he has been pestering me about. I got there and met him with some other guys drinking and smoking as if they don’t care about life.

“T-boy, how is it now? I saw your call and here I am” I said and pull a chair close to their table to sit down.

“Barman, please give my friend……”

“Star.” I cut in. The barman brought the beer and I continue “You said you wanted to discuss something with me all this while and you are yet to divulge it to me, hope I am safe o?” I said amidst laughter and merriment.

“Don’t worry now, we have the whole day for ourselves.” He said patting my shoulder.

“See this man, why are you in such a haste?” demanded Skul-boy one of his friends.

“No mind am jare, maybe we wan chop am ni o.” Another one put in jokingly and we put aside the issue for the meanwhile.


I began to hallucinate and my eyes were blurring by the time I was on the fifth bottle.

“T-boy, let me be on my way  so far you are not ready to talk o.” I said this so as to take my leave because I was getting drunk and it was getting dark because the time was around 9pm.

“Give this ‘Jew’ two slap to wake am up” thundered T-boy with full authority….

I was given two thunderous slaps that clear off my intoxication. I was about to shout for help when T-boy brought out a pistol and ordered me to follow them into a thick bush nearby. I complied without muttering a word because it all looked like a dream to me. Why on earth could T-boy ordered his friends like a servant to slap me? Where did he get the pistol from? Where and why and why are they kidnapping me? All these are my thoughts but I was woken up again with another slap from my behind.

“Kneel down there!” Commanded T-boy.

I went down immediately. “But what have I done wrong that warrant being kidnap T-boy?” I asked amidst tears.

“Who told you I am kidnapping you en?” He paused and looked into my face with a light from his hand phone and continues “I no kidnap you o, this is association of big boys, and we rule the college.”

“Big boys indeed!” I muttered.

“This is what I have been waiting to discus with you, to join us and rule together with us in the college.” He paused for me to assimilate his word and continues “All your sufferings in campus will end and you will be living big like us.” he finished his sentence and asked me to declare my intention.

“I can’t join cultism even though I am poor and needy, God will provide for me.” I answered him and stand up defiantly to go.

“Talk and die, silent and walk.” He warned me.

“No problem.” I assured him and I left for my hostel.

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I couldn’t believe my eyes, so T-boy is a cultist! So human could be devilish like this, T-boy of all people! He was one of the easy going types and that’s why I moved along with him. I started withdrawing myself from him.

He would see me in the college campus and intimidate me as he deemed fit, but I took it as nothing since I was afraid of reporting him to the authority.

I could remember a day while reading under a mango tree in the campus. T-boy was passing through the place and he saw me.

“Hey boy!”  He called out and I was jerked up from my book.

“How now?” I managed to stutter out with fear and intimidation.

“I can see that you are now avoiding me in the campus and off campus.” He pointed out and takes his seat beside me.

“Actually I have been busy these days, that’s why I haven’t seen you.” I lied and bury my face in the book in front of me even though I couldn’t see anything in the book.


“I know you are lying but I can’t force you against your wish.” He paused and sipped a drink that is in his hand. He continues “My brother, I can’t lie to you, I was forced to join this fraternity and I understand the pains it can caused so I have promised myself that I will not force anybody to join.” He finished his statement amidst self-pity and I was moved to pity him too.

“But no going back and if you need my help, you know where to find me.” He said and took his leave.

I heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly pack my books before he changes his mind and come back for me.

Things went on normally till the second semester of my 200level when I wanted to pay my school fees.
The fees was forty thousand naira only this time around. I called my Uncles and explained to them. They asked me to send my bank account number to them which I did and to my surprise twenty thousand naira was sent and when I called them to asked maybe it was mistake, what I heard shattered my heart.

I was told that that was what they could raise and I should find means to add the rest. I cried as if I would die that day, I rallied round but all my effort proved abortive. I even went to labored at a building site, all I could raised was seven thousand naira only and  I felt sick afterward because I wasn’t used to that kind of rigorous work before. I had to use one thousand out of it to treat myself and that left me with six thousand naira.

When I got to school the following week, I saw a notice that the fees will closed the following day. I look up and down, there is no one to help or call upon. Then I remember T-boy maybe he can be of help.

I saw T-boy in his hostel smoking marijuana.

“I knew you will come.” He said with confidence.


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