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The money was raised and given to me by my ‘brothers’ and that settled the issue of school fees for now and all that matters now is ‘relation’ with my fraternity brothers.

Everything about me changed drastically, I went from being a noisy student to a cool-headed guy, in order to portrait myself as a gentle and easy going type. In short I became a green snake under the green grass.

My academic performance dropped but I still manage to keep it at upper-credit grade because I always rate my education as a hard earned and I have promised to see it to the end. I even manage to squeeze in student unionism in between so as to mask up my activities.

I don’t get flared up easily and I will be the first to apologize to you when you offend me even if you are at fault! Even though I always feel superior to all I would still keep my feelings under check because nobody amount to anything in my view.

I went back to my old ways of smoking and drinking just to always keep me high. I lost my self-discipline because I couldn’t control myself anymore; I was controlled by the occultist spirit! Who says cultism is not attached with spiritualism? After all, they too serve particular gods.


I don’t love nor hate anybody; all are equal in my perspective. None is my friend neither was any my enemy. Yours is to know your boundary because I don’t condone nonsense. My merciful, kind and soft heart was exchange with stony and rigid one. I do away with a permanent girlfriend so as not to be deceived and got carried away with feelings. Though I have been losing some human feelings since the days I have been losing my parents and loved ones; the rigid feelings began to multiply even more. I used to feel that since there is no one here who loves me, I can do whatever I like with my life and the worst that can happen is death, so I don’t give any damn about life or its sweetness.

Due to my intelligence and ruggedness, I rose quickly from a floor member to an officer within the space of one month! I became the Public relation officer of my group.

One day we went to a club and a fight ensued in between us and the rival cult, our number three man was wounded in the fight. When we got to base I was called out.

“Tuyil, you don dey among us now e don tey.” T-boy our leader reckoned.

“Yes baba, no be lie.” I replied while wrapping my marijuana.

“We get operation for you, the target and the site will be communicated to you later.”

“No lele baba.” I responded and we closed the chapter till another day.

The target was revealed to me and I went for the operation alongside Skul-boy but on getting there, the guy suspected our movement and called the policemen to the scene. He was the Hitman of the other fraternity that fought us that day. We were given hot chase by the police and I was even happy because I don’t want any bloodshed on my hand and conscience.

Although the operation was not successful, they were happy that I could dare to undertake it. Unfortunately our wounded friend died in his parents’ hospital. We mourned him for a day and when we got to meeting that day, I was summoned into the middle of the circle.

T-boy rose up and address us thus; “As we are all aware of it that JAY-5 is dead and the post of our number-three officer is vacant.” He paused as we all echo RIP to the dead and he continue with his statement “We the council of elders have decided and have chosen Tuyil as the new number three.” He concluded and sat.

The announcement was welcomed with mixed feelings as some were happy with it and some were not. Nevertheless, I was sworn in.

Hostility sets in among my brothers toward me because they said how a new member could have that kind of meteoric rise within that short period of a time.

I discovered that I now have four enemies to watch out for. They are; the rival cults, the school authority, because they can rusticate me if they discover, the security personnel and my own fraternity member!

Something happened to me halfway in my final year that changed my mind again; I met my priceless and inestimable jewel, Tolulope.

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There was a riot in school one day about the mysterious death of one of our lecturer and I went there for sight-seeing as it may serve as a means to uncover another rugged soul.

I saw this girl sitting with her two friends and a guy was sitting there with them, so I went there to join them.

“I love you and you can’t deny.” He said to the other girl. This got me laughing because it was strange for me to phantom that feelings he called love.

All of a sudden, I felt a jolt as I looked into the second lady’s eye. She looked aside and responded to the guy, “Ore don’t mind him; there is nothing called love jare he only want to his share of the cake.”

I cut in; “Please if you don’t mind me, what is your name?”

She brought out a paper and wrote TOLULOPE MARY in it.

“Okay Tolulope, if don’t mind me I can show you that there is love and it is quite fun and good to experience if only with the right person and…….” I ran out of words and she just laughed and strolled out of me.

I ran to her, got her number and gave her mine.


As I was about to leave she asked of my name. I felt reluctant to give her because that name ‘TUYIL’ strike fears into the mind of students even though they don’t know the figure behind the name.

“My name is em erm…” I stammered and she just laughed and finished it for me.

“Olatuyil.” And she left me to my amazement.

I began to wonder where on earth did she got my name from and to cap it all she mentioned it as if she was there on my naming ceremony day!

Later in the evening I called her maybe we can meet to discuss more on the subject.

“I am sorry I won’t be able to meet up ‘cos  I want to pack to my new hostel.” She replied me and I felt bad and miserable for the first time since three years.

“Ok. When do we see now?” I asked her pleadingly.

“Tomorrow in the school.”

“But the school has been shut down for a month now because of that riot naw.”

“Okay. Anytime God wishes.” And she ends the call abruptly.

“Hello……..hello….” I dropped the phone in anger and heads to the hostel general bathroom to take my bath.

I heard a motor pulled up infront of our house and some hostel-mates shouting “Fish don com oooo.” Fish is our name given to a fresh occupant of our hostel. I ignored the ecstasy in anger and went straight to the bathroom.

As I was about to come out of the bathroom I heard a voice singing in the vacant room adjacent to my room (actually the two rooms are sitting room and bedroom before the landlord converted it separate rooms) a song that will forever linger in my memory, P-square’s
[i] Everything you do do do
Everything you do do do
Everything you do me
I go do unto you…..i know you love me…… on[/i]

I straighten up my head and listened up to the voice. It reminds me of someone i have met before……..



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