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After several months of staying away from social networking site, so I decided to check my Facebook account, I’ve never met anyone or date anyone from Facebook. I logged into my account, surprisingly I saw over 30 friend request, most of them are male. The ones I know and the ones I don’t know, I accepted all the request and I logged out. After few weeks again, i logged in I saw few friend requests and messages. I logged out, so one evening I was bored, really bored, i decided to log into Facebook to chat, then I receive a message from a guy named Iyke, I don’t know the guy but he sent flattering text messages. I checked the guy’s profile, believe me this guy is so handsome, he’s light skinned, very cute. I was drooling when o saw his pictures, I replied him cos I was attracted to him. I didn’t really chat with him that much, so I quickly went offline. The next day I went online again, I saw the guy’s messages again, I replied him, he was begging for my phone number, I didn’t give it out. He stays in Lagos, he stays in an area not so far from my side. I went offline cos he was really disturbing me, begging for my contact. We do chat but not often, I tried to abstain from him even tho I told I live. He wanted to date me, I didn’t accept, I told about my past experience with guys, he told me he was different from other guys, he told he’s not like them. So after 2 or 3 weeks, I gave him my phone number after so much begging and convincing. He started calling, I rejected night calls cos I see it as distraction. He begged to date me but I told him I’d think about it.

Iyke continued begging, this time he demanded to see me. He wanted me to come to his place or he comes to my place. Yes, Iyke told me he works in a hotel. So one day, i was at home in the evening, I got a call from Iyke, he told me he was in my area of which he had already told me he would be coming to see someone in my area. So he called me and begged to see me, he asked if he could come to my place. I declined, he kept on calling and calling till I finally agreed to see him. I told him we should meet in the next street cos of my parent, I wouldn’t want them to suspect. Iyke called around 5pm, that he was in my area, so I as expecting him to reach our meeting point probably around 5:30 pm or 6 pm. Iyke called me around 7:30pm telling me he’s in my street that I should come meet him at the junction. I told him I can’t come cos its already late, that my parent wouldn’t allow me to come out that evening. He wouldn’t stop calling, begging me to come meet him at the junction. I finally agreed to see him, I had to look for one excuse to give my parent so that they could allow me come out in the the evening. I lied to them that I want to go rent a movie in a video club. They agreed cos my family loves movies, so I went to meet him at the junction. Iyke is really cute, I must confess. We hugged, he tried to give me a peck, I pushed him away. So we went to the other street, got to one shop like that, we sat down and began to talk, it was dark and that shop is one corner like, its not an open place like that. The next thing he began to touch me, asking for s*x.

I was surprises, I was pissed, have s*x in someone’s shop in an open place. Even tho that place was dark, he asked for a kiss instead, I gave him the kiss, the kiss turned into something else, we began to smooch, i held his Joystick in his trouser, he’s huge but not as huge as the 16 year old Mathew. Then he was going too far, I told him I can’t have s*x in an open place, I declined, cos I was scared of being caught there. I wanted the s*x but I was scared, then he suggested we should go to another place that nobody can catch us, I told him I don’t know anywhere, I begged him to postpone  the s*x for some other time but he wouldn’t listen, he was just begging me, insisting we find somewhere else, kissing me, squeezing my Bosom. Songs suggested we go to a mechanic’s workshop in that same street, the same mechanic’s workshop that belongs to the guy whom was was asking me out, Sanjay, the same guy I embarrassed. Iyke kept on persuading me , I never wanted to go but I eventually followed him to the mechanic’s workshop. We got there, we began to kiss, romance, pulling off his belt and trouser, I pulled off my blouse and skirt too, I wasn’t wearing underwear that evening sef. He laid me on one plafond like that and began to bang me, he banged me really sweet and slow, he made love to me and I totally enjoyed it cos its been long I had one. Pounding me really hard, kissing me, squeezing my Bosom till he finally Pour, breathing heavily. All of a sudden I saw a man walking towards us holding a stick, shouting “thief, thief, thief”, thief? We quickly got up, the man threw the stick on us, Iyke tried to escape but he was unlucky as he was caught by another person waiting outside, while me I was fidgeting looking for my clothes.

The man that threw stick or should I say the man that caught us was San Jay himself, the mechanic guy. I knelt down immediately begging him that we are not thieves, for where, San Jay didn’t listen ooo. Whereas San Jay workshop was being watched by people in that street cos his workshop was robbed two nights ago, which I didn’t know of such happenings. I kept on begging San Jay to pardon me that I’m not a their, I was practically Unclad, San Jay didn’t answer ooo, he collected my clothes from me and started shouting on me, saying he’s going to disgrace me the way I disgraced him. He told to stood up, he stylishly touched my Bosom, looking at my Kittycat pointing his finger to it.

San Jay: is this not all you’ve been hiding for us, I’m seeing it for free. See your life, you dey use me do shakara (arrogant)…..

He pushed me out, holding my clothes, I began to cry, begging him to have mercy, before you know it people have gathered. I had to use my hand to cover my Kittycat, I was really crying, I never wanted to meet or have s*x with Iyke but he forced me. I should have followed my instinct, assuming i didn’t come to see Iyke, this wouldn’t have happen to me, temptation. They caught Iyke, come and see the way they were slapping Iyke’s face….

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That shame was just too much for me to bear, I kept crying profusely, they were calling me names, cos I was little bit popular in my area. Some of the women begged San Jay to give me my clothes to wear, he didn’t listen ooo. Until he walked me and Iyke to my parent’s house, the whole street gathered and there was light. My parent quickly came out, they were surprised to see me Unclad and also the crowd. Sanjay  started saying things he knows and this he didn’t know, most the things he said were heartbreaking lies, over exaggeration just to ridicule me, my mother descended on me and began to beat me, some of the women quickly came to rescue. Sanjay went on and on, saying rubbish, my father shunned him, collected my clothes from him and walked him out of our compound. My father began to ask Iyke questions, like his name, age, where he lives and all that. So my father told him to leave and warned him to stay away from me. My father just threw my clothes on the floor and walked inside, some fools in my street began to mock me that night, its not their fault, shebi Na Iyke cause am. Honestly I’m to be blamed, my mother pushed me inside the house, locked the door, some amebors were still in our compound trying to know what will happen next, my father got pissed, he came outside and walked the foolish people out of our compound politely and locked the gate. My father beat the living hell out of me, my father dealt with me to the extent that my mother couldn’t endure it anymore, she began to beg my father to stop beating me.

I became the latest news in our street, laughing stock, people talking about, daughter of a pastor, a rccg pastor for that matter. Anytime I walk on the street, people will stare, some will point fingers at me, the shame was just too much, even tho some were friendly enough to advise me. Honestly, I actually thought that was the end of my failure not until after 8 weeks that discovered that I was pregnant, I remembered Iyke didn’t use a condom. I tried calling Iyke to inform him about the pregnancy, he hanged the call on me and warned me never to call him again. To cut the story short, my parent found out about the pregnancy, I confessed it was Iyke who impregnated me, they tried calling Iyke  but he denied it, he insulted my parent, my family. We tried calling him again but he didn’t pick his calls anymore ton the extent that he switched off his line. I went to Facebook to reach out to him, I got to Facebook but he already blocked me. My parent asked me where he stays, too bad I don’t know the particular place he stays, they asked me where I met him, I shamefully told them I met him through Facebook. I was a total disgrace to my family, I was impregnated by someone I met on Facebook, someone I met for the first time, someone I don’t know his source, someone I know nothing about. This is a huge shame for me and my family, how do I survive this?

My mother opted for abortion by my father disagreed, he said I was going to give birth to the child and carry the shame form the rest of my life. Give birth to a bastard? A child that has not father, my father said I couldn’t live with him anymore and during this period he was elevated from assistant pastor to pastor. He sent me to the village to go live with his mother, my grandmother in Delta state. My mother wasn’t happy about the decision but I had no choice than to accept my fate. 2 days later, I packed my things and moved to the village, to live with my grandmother. They don’t want the street and the church members to know about my shameful pregnancy.


I finally relocated to the village, my grandmother’s place in Delta state. My brought me to the village, he explained everything to my grandmother. She wasn’t happy about it neither was she ready to despise me like my parent. Living with an old woman was hurtful, I cried day and night, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, but my grandmother was always by my side to comfort me and encourage me, she would advise me, satisfy me just to make me happy. My academics was put on hold, my life was ruined, so happy with myself. I went through a lot, hell, it wasn’t easy for me. I would go to the arm with my grandmother, carried firewood, cooking with firewood, grinding pepper on stone, doing all these hard chores with my growing belly. My parent hardly send money for my upkeep, I dare not call them to send me money or to complain. I just had to adjust, I would help me grandmother to sell her wares, she’s jack of all trades, she sells everything, I wonder how she combined them, at some point I got frustrated, it wasn’t easy. I had no friends, I used to keep some friends in the village cos we do visit home every Christmas but I just had to avoid them cos I was ashamed of myself, moreover I was pregnant so would want to make friends with a wayward pregnant girl. There was one dude in the village that we used to have s*x every December time me and my family visit home, he was my village boyfriend. A local champion but he was student of Delta State University and the side is also cute. His name is Martins, my village boyfriend back then before I got pregnant.

Martins was still friendly, despite the fact that I was pregnant for someone else, he do come visit me, to check on me. Each time I see Martins, I was never comfortable talking to him, I was so ashamed of myself. Talking to Martins was like I should enter the ground, I tried avoiding each time I see but he just won’t back off. We  became friends sort of, o the extent that villagers though he was having s*x with me, rumours.


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