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That was how I started plaiting hair for people in the village, making little money out of it, I would go to the villagers to advertise that I’m a hairdresser, I was doing more of home service then, I would go one house to another to ask them if they would like to plait their hair, I was getting customers, parents will bring their children to come plait their hair, I was getting popular in the village because I was the only hairdresser at that time, people will come from other villages to plait hair. Money was coming in one way or the other, I don’t have a shop or a saloon, I was doing it in front of our house, I pasted a hairstyles’ wallpaper on the wall for people to select the style they want. Registration had begun in school but my school fees wasn’t completed, I’ve saved money from my hairdressing business but it wasn’t sufficient to pay my school fees, I was attending lectures tho but not done registration yet. Two days to last day of registration, my money was completed, not really completed tho, Martins helped with some money to make it completed. That was how I paid my school fees, attending lectures, no money for textbooks, but was photocopying textbooks of my classmates, turning it to handout,I wasn’t dressing very well to school, my dressing was so shabby,  doing repetition of clothes, so I never really had friends cos I wasn’t looking so tush, who want to make friends with a village rag dressing girl like me. I continued my hair business in the village cos I was going to school from home, our village is not far from the campus. I was making money from it, feeding my son and helping my grandmother out of it, I needed a shop but I don’t have enough money to get a shop, you know God does his things miraculously, I got a shop, a free shop, it was one of my customer that gave me a shop for free, she gave me the shop out likeness cos the woman likes me and my son, she liked me because I was hardworking. God bless that woman, she gave a shop in the market place, the shop is an old dirty shop, abandoned shop, I just had to manage it, before you know it, it was growing, my shop was getting developed.

Parents were bringing their daughters to come learn how to make hair in my shop, I started having apprentices in my shop. I humbly advertised to students and classmates to come make their hair in my shop. Students were coming to my shop to plait their hair cos so many students were living in our village, people were queuing to make their hair in my shop. I was growing, I got hair dryer and so many instruments in my shop, my salon’s name was “Cha Cha Hair Saloon” Cha Cha is a name given to me by Martins, acronym of Charity. Thank God my mother sent me to learn this job in my aunt’s place back then, my aunt was a very versatile hairstylist so I learnt a lot when I was with her, sigh! The way God does his thing.

I enrolled my son to a nursery school, taking care of my grandmother too, my parents didn’t even know what was going on cos they didn’t bother to check on us, they’ve abandoned us totally. I didn’t even care about them anymore cos I was enjoying my life as a village girl. While in my 3rd year, I opened another shop in another location and I also moved to a bigger shop. I didn’t have any friend during this period, I wasn’t interested in friendship thing cos I was focused as a single mother. I began dating Martins after so much begging, he was serving in another state when I accepted to date him, Martins deserved it cos he’s done a lot, we didn’t have s*x cos I don’t have the time and he was also far away. I was happy with Martins but his mother was frustrating my life….

Martins’ mother wasn’t happy about my relationship with him, she was always attacking me to leave her son. So many times she would come to my shop and embarrassed me, she gave me a tough time. She never wanted her son to marry someone like me, a single mother like me, she never wanted her son to father another man’s child. This woman threatened to kill me if I don’t leave her son, she even reported me to the king and the chief so that I can leave her son. She even brought a young village girl for her son to marry her. Its not her fault, I wouldn’t blame Martins’ mother, she’s a good mother cos I would also do the same thing, I will never allow my young and handsome some to marry a single mother. I can’t blame her, its my fault, its my cross to carry, I made a mistake. It was hard to get  a single guy to date or marry ooo, you rarely find a single guy that will marry a young single mother. I’m a pretty girl but a woman, so many guys approached me but most of them were married men, single guys approached but once they found out I have a child, reverse is the case. I fell in love Martins, Martins was also in love with me but I wouldn’t want him to disobey his mother, his mother’s blessing is very important. I had to let Martins go, the pressure was just  too much, the girl betrothed to Martins will ganged up with her friends and attack me, embarrassed me even on campus.

I broke up with Martins, that’s the best option. Martins begged me not to go, he proposed to against all odds but I turned it down. It was a bittered separation, after the separation between me and Martins, i became lost, I lost concentration in school, it was even in my finals but thank God I graduated with good grades. I missed Martins, the kiss, the caring Martins, I missed the hot s*x we do have, how Martins will bang me, he would turn me on, giving it to me so good, sucking my Tips and fingering my Kittycat, the crazy styles we do on bed, the way he handled my Bosom, I remembered our last s*x on the couch. Martins was perfect, the perfect guy for me but I lost him the way I lost the other guys but this was the most painful one ever. We were so in love, so in love but God knows the best.

Martins eventually got married to another girl, he was working in an oil company, then he was transferred to Abuja, I stopped seeing him. I graduated from the university, I already served in Oyo State, where I opened another Saloon in Ibadan. My son was already six years old, big boy, lol. Business was moving, my saloon was growing,”Cha Cha Hair Saloon” was growing, I already have three shops in Delta state, another one in Ibadan. I became self employed, i dated few guys but most of them were married men. Anyway, I became independent, I became a successful entrepreneur under the age of 30, I never expected to be this big at all.


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