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Me: Oh my God!

Damilola: What? Are you scared of it?

I couldn’t talk but to smile, I was really surprised it was his real Joystick, a 20year old boy Joystick big like that, his Joystick was really hard, I pulled off my skirt too, we were both Unclad and we began kissing and smooching. I was playing with his Joystick, then he asked if we should do it in the sitting room or we should go to my room, I insisted we should do it in our sitting room, on the rug on the floor cos my room was kinda scanty and dirty. He laid me on the floor and brought out a condom and gave it me.

Damilola: wear it on my Joystick..

I giggled, I tore the wrapper and wore it on his Joystick, then he began to finger my Kittycat, rimming my Kittycat with his Joystick.

Me: I’m scared, I’m still a virgin, I hope you won’t disappoint me..

Damilola: I love you, I can’t disappoint you..

As he inserted the Joystick into my Kittycat, I felt it all over my body, I moaned so hard, he brought it out again and inserted it and he began to F**K me slowly, slowly, moaning, he became faster a little bit, kissing me, squeezing my Bosom, Bleeping me really fast this time, moaning so hard, pounding me on the floor with with his heavy rod, he lifted my legs up and was really Bleeping me, Bleeping me, Bleeping me, Bleeping me, breathing heavily, sweating, there was no light, kissing me, sucking my Tips, saying he loves me, Bleeping me really hard…

Damilola: I’m about to Pour, aah yes, yeah, aah.

He became faster as he finally Pour and made that ejaculation sound, guys with ejaculation sound, very funny they all make a sound when they want to Pour. Damilola brought out his Joystick, removed his condom breathing heavily, he slept beside me, breathing heavily. He smiled at me, I smiled at him too.

Me: You’ve finally disvirgined me, I just hope you won’t disappoint me, I’m scared.

He didn’t say anything, he was just smiling. He kissed me again, he began kissing me hard this time, he stops.

Damilola: Do you want more? I want more…

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I agreed, I wanted more seriously. He stood up to get another condom, he was already hard sef, I was surprised he’s hard so fast like that, he wore the condom, laid on me and inserted his Joystick in my Kittycat, kissing me, Bleeping me so fast this time, he F***ed me so hard, he turned me over and was Bleeping me from behind, I was just moaning so wild, he kept banging me, squeezing my Bosom, Bleeping me, till he finally ejaculated. He was just saying “wow”, after he finished. He was weak, he was just spanking my Buttocks, smiling at me.

Damilola: I need to clean up, I need to shower.

Me: Okay, let me take you to the bathroom so you can shower.

He picked up the Pour filled condoms…

Damilola: where are you gonna drop these ones (laughs)

Me: You will dispose it when you’re going, let me get a black nylon.

I showed him the bathroom, then next thing he said while in the bathroom was i should join him again, so that we can F**K again. 3rd round? I totally declined… He didn’t even argue, he was just calling me coward. He cleaned up, we both left my house that day, locked the door, went back to my computer school as he went home to his family’s place. Later in the night, I discovered Damilola didn’t even call me, which is rare. I logged into my 2go account and I saw his chat, I opened his chat and what I saw was “So you are not a virgin”. He said he was disappointed in me and that he was really hurt that I lied to him, I tried convincing him that I’m a virgin in which he disvirgined me , the next thing he went offline and he deleted me on 2go. Few minutes later, I got a text message on my phone from him, saying its over between us, he said he was interested in virgins and not wide Kittycat like me  and that he purposely F***ed me 2 rounds after he discovered I was lying to him, saying he even planned to F**K me more than that, he insulted me, he said i let him down cos he had planned and boast to his friends that’s he his going to disvirgin a girl for the first time. I got angry and replied him with curses, he’s a very foolish dude, so he’s looking for a virgin in this century, he must be dumb. We eventually broke up, I was pissed off, I sent him curses almost everyday, it really pained me a little bit, I just have to bone him even though I enjoyed his Joystick, my mission was accomplished somehow, I wanted more s*x with him but the foolish boy was looking for a virgin. Ode!

Moving on to the next dude, awwwww, Malik!


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