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Malik, Malik, Malik….. Gosh! I was so obsessed with this dude, not because he’s cute, not because I was in love with him but because he was the son of a rich man, a popular man in my town, a politician, his father owns one of the biggest company in Lagos and several petrol stations. What do you expect? He’s a student of  Babcock University, he’s rich, he has money, he drives too. He’s cute but the only Sh*t about him is that he is fat, with a small Joystick, he’s too fat for my liking, butter boy. Well, he is cute at least but the money is enough to attract any girl. How I met him was really funny, I used to know Malik when I was young back then, we went to the same primary school, we don’t talk then cos he was my sènior, I don’t see much of him anymore cos they went to boarding school in Abuja but I do hear about him. So while on 2go that day, let me say 2 days after me and Damilola broke up, yeah 2 days, I’ve got to move on, yeah call me bad girl, whatever! Anyway, while in the chat room on 2go I commented that I needed a cute guy in my area stuffs like that, so Malik was the first person to respond to me, we began chatting in the chatroom before he added me on 2go, he didn’t use his picture as profile picture in there first, so I wanted to know who he was. We began chatting and chatting, I asked for his picture, he never wanted to send it, he sent me someone else’s picture, I knew he was lying, I was beginning to suspect maybe he is handicapped or something, for days he didn’t send his picture to me whereas I do send my own pictures to him, he claimed he knows me that my face looks familiar, I was beginning to get pissed for not sending his picture. I ignored him most times, so while chatting one day he eventually sent me his picture, I couldn’t help but to laugh, the first thing that came to my mind was “what is this?”, I didn’t chat with him again, when i discovered he is too fat. I looked at the picture again his face looks familiar so I remembered he was the one, Malik Animashaun, ehn, when I discovered he was the one, I went online straight to chat with him, the first thing I said was “sweetheart you’re cute and okay for me”, he couldn’t believe it cos he thought I was going to run away like every other girls cos he’s fat. Run for where, I began saying sweet words to him that he’s beautiful the way he is and he should be proud of himself, to cut the long story short, we began dating. I just have to manage him cos of his money, so many times I would request for recharge cards, he would send it to me fast, fast, correct!

So we finally met in Mr Biggs, that was the reigning place for big boys and girls back then, I saw him, he cute ooo, with a clean skin but fat, he’s very friendly and nice but low self esteem cos he’s fat. He brought his car that day, he dropped me in front of my house with his car that day, thank God almost all my enemies were outside that day, come and see how they were staring at me, na so me self package, all my enemies, I don arrive. Let’s move on, Malik would buy gifts for me, he changed my phone, he was totally in love with me, seriously in love with me. He’s caring, he’s sweet but the only thing I wasn’t feeling about him is that he eats too much. Gosh, so irritating. Well, the s*x part, and I thought fat people are not good on bed, Malik surprised me…

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Like I said earlier, Malik didn’t disappoint me at all when it comes to s*x, all my mind was all fat guys are boring when it comes to s*x, cos we all have this believe that fat guys will suffocate you during s*x. Well, Malik was actually disturbing me for s*x all the time, I would avoid him cos I was scared of having s*x with him, merely looking at him Unclad with his fat body always scare me, I don’t want him to kill me and moreover his Joystick is small, something like; it is small in length and big in width. Each time he demands for s*x, i would just kiss him, romance and give him Mouthaction but he wanted more, its actually got a point that he stopped calling, he wouldn’t come to my place, if I call him he won’t pick my calls because I refused to give him s*x. Anyway, I finally accepted to have s*x with him cos I was broke and me I needed money to change my hair, so he invited me over to his place, while in his room cos he has his own personal room, we began to kiss and all that, smooching me, he’s good at kissing cos he has nice lips, the way he was squeezing my Bosom was out of this world, he unbuttoned my shirt, brought out my Bosom from my bra, I was surprised Malik is this experienced, I guess it is too much of X-rated cos his room is full of pornography. He began to suck my Tips, sucking one boob while squeezing the other one, I couldn’t help but to moan, I was enjoying it. Both of us already Unclad, he reached out for my Kittycat and began to finger it, please don’t doubt all these “get inside children” ooo, they can be something else. The one that even surprised me the most is when he began to suck my Kittycat, gosh, I couldn’t believe it, he was eating it like a real pro, I was just moaning really hard, he was eating my Kittycat while squeezing my Bosom the same time.

He brought out condom, I’ve never seen that type of condom before in my life, the colour is red. Red condom, he wore it while me was on the bed, his Joystick was hard as usual, it can be big when it is hard, I was scared somehow, I hope I won’t suffocate when he climbs on me, Malik climbed on me and began to F**K me really sweet, I could feel the Joystick wella, I actually thought fat people are worse on bed but Malik convinced me, he was pounding me really hard, kissing, smooching, going up and down, moaning, believe me there is no man a lady can’t have s*x with, our heart and body can take any man during s*x, fat or thin, our body can carry it during s*x. Malik was giving me different styles, with his fat body and small Joystick, I was feeling it, it was sweet, he didn’t Pour on time, he was fuxking me really fast at some point, I was just breathing fast, moaning, sucking my Bosom, Bleeping me till he finally Pour, damn, never doubt anybody. Both of us panting, sweating, breathing heavily, kissing me, still squeezing my Bosom, he brought out his Joystick from my Kittycat and removed the condom, I was still surprised Malik could be so good like that.

Me: Wow! I can’t believe it (breathing heavily)

Malik: Believe what? (Breathing heavily)

Me: as fat as you are, never believe you’re good at it.

Malik: (laughing) Don’t judge a book by it cover, you’re really funny..

Me: When did you start having s*x?

Malik: When I was 17 years with our housemaid, she disvirgined me (laughing)

Me: Blood of Jesus, your housemaid?

Malik: Yes, what? Its nothing joor, it wasn’t only me that was Bleeping her then, my brother too was doing her. I have s*x regularly but with prostitutes since girls don’t wanna date cos I’m fat. You’re my first girlfriend..

He kissed me, it was obvious he was in love with me.


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