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Malik and i dated for like 4 or 5 months before i broke up with him, I was fed up with him already, I was kinda ashamed walking with him, people would be staring, some will be calling him “orobo”, I was feeling embarrassed and he sweats a lot, I tried my best to fall in love with him but I just couldn’t fall in love. He begged and begged me after I broke up with him, he even cried, this guy was madly in love with me, he sent so many people to beg me but my mind was made up already and moreover I’ve already met someone new on 2go, this one’s name is Emmanuel.

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I’ve met someone new, his name is Emmanuel Nwabeke, Emmanuel was initially disturbing me while I was still dating Malik, I was so obsessed with him, he’s so handsome, very cute, he’s 21, he wasn’t a student he was a barber, I liked him a lot cos he’s so funny, he’s very lively even my friends liked him despite the fact that they’ve not met. He’s short, with a brown skin, and has huge Joystick. He calls almost every time, its not even that we are dating or something, we were just friends but we both wanted more, we would exchange nudes, he would send pictures of him masturbating and ejaculating, he has a very fine Joystick. Cool guy, nice voice but the only Sh*t about him was the s*x part, he the worst of them all, that dude needs to be checked medically. On the first day of our meeting, I invited him over to my place cos I was always at home alone from morning till afternoon, I was already through with my computer school, still looking for admission. I invited Emmanuel over to my place, wow, cute guy, he has this nice haircut being a barber. We talked and talked, he said he wanted to be my boyfriend, I told him I was gonna think about it. While in the sitting room with me, I’m a kind of a girl that knows how to seduce any guy, I purposely didn’t wear pant or any underwear that day. I was just opening my legs for him to check out my Kittycat, he noticed it, who wouldn’t notice such except he’s gay, he became horny with his reaction, this is the system I use in getting guys in my street, church and computer school. Then he asked for a kiss, which I gave with joy sef, from kissing ooo, we moved to something else, we began to smooch, kiss, squeeze, undressing.

Me: Stop! What are you doing? You’re not my boyfriend..

Emmanuel: It doesn’t matter, I’m sure you want it too..

He moved closer to me and start kissing me again.

Me: Stop jare, we shouldn’t do this on our first date.

Emmanuel didn’t even seem to care, he pushed me on the couch and began to kiss me, romance me, I’m a big fool, I’m too cheap and I don’t know why, that’s why guys take me for granted. We began to kiss, romance, then I told him to let’s go to my room. On the bed already, the kissing became so intense, he loosened his belt, pull off his trouser and brought out his Joystick, its big not even average but it is useless. He wore condom, he laid on me to insert his Joystick into my Kittycat, all of a sudden the erected Joystick became soft.

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I was surprised when his Joystick became soft, what is going on? He stood up removed the condom on his Joystick, masturbating himself t get hard again…

Emmanuel: Wow! I’m soft already (smiling)

Me: What happened?

Emmanuel: I don’t understand, make me hard again babe

He moved closer to me again, kissing, smooching, he told me to suck his Tips, which I did and he became hard again, he quickly wore his condom and told me to lie down. I laid on the bed, he climbed on me to penetrate my Kittycat, immediately he inserted his Joystick in my Kittycat, he became soft again.

Emmanuel: Oh God! (He frowned his face and stood up)

Me: Maybe we should not do anything since your Joystick doesn’t want to respond.

Emmanuel: It happens like this…

Really? I was surprised, he removed his condom and was wanking himself. I just laid on the bed and was watching him as he was wanking so that he can be hard again, I was totally disappointed, the orgy was not there anymore cos I was frustrated already, I wasn’t feeling it anymore, the S#xual feeling died instantly. He continued wanking, wanking and he was moaning ooo, I was just looking at him with annoyance and irritated already. He kept on wanking and moaning…

Emmanuel: Don’t worry baby, I will be hard now..


I didn’t even say anything cos I was annoyed already, he kept on wanking, he finally became hard, he quickly wore the condom jumped on me and inserted the Joystick, come and see the speed he used to insert his Joystick in my Kittycat, fear catch me. He inserted his Joystick in my Kittycat, I felt it cos he has a big Joystick, he began pounding me, Bleeping me, he was moaning, he was squeezing my Bosom, kissing me, Bleeping me, I was beginning to enjoy it, he was going up and down, Bleeping me really fast, I was moaning, I was beginning to enjoy it, the orgy came back again cos I was feeling it, he was going up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down and he stopped again. To my surprise Emmanuel has Pour already, Jesus Christ, I was totally disappointed. Ehn! He didn’t even spend up to 2 minutes on top of me, he has Pour already? Could you believe that it was that moment that I was beginning to enjoy the s*x, as in I wanted more seriously but he has Pour already. After he finally ejaculated, he was just breathing heavily, he laid on the bed looking exhausted. I looked at his Joystick, I saw the condom was filled with plenty Pour.

Me: Have you Pour? Just like that?

Emmanuel: Yes baby…. Wow, you’re so sweet, I really enjoyed you.

He cuddled me and kissed me… Like seriously? He enjoyed me? Sincerely speaking, that guy needs to visit the doctor, he’s doomed sexually. I wasn’t comfortable with him through out, I just couldn’t wait to dispose him off my house. Handsome, slim and s*xy** dude like that with a very big Joystick but he doesn’t know how to use it well, what a shame! So disappointed, and it was because of this fool that I broke up with Malik. Immediately he left my place, I deleted him straight on 2go, later in the evening he called me, I told him never to call me again, I broke up with him and I advised him to visit the nearest hospital. I was totally disgusted, the feeling died from the moment we had the poor s*x, believe me don’t you ever  judge a book by it cover.



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