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That was my little sister ooo, I quickly jumped from the bed, I told him to get dress, I quickly wore my clothes. I was really panicking, the stupid kids kept on knocking on the door, I had to tell him to stay in the room while I go open the door for them. I opened the door for those kids, they entered. They were asking me silly questions, I actually share the room with my younger ones, I didn’t allow them to enter the room. I had give one silly excuse sha, they were hungry, I was looking for away to dispose these kids but they are so stubborn especially my immediate junior, she can be frustrating. I had to give them money to go buy ice cream cos I know they love that, immediately they went out, I quickly went to the room to meet Alex, I told to start going, can you imagine the fool was asking about what we were doing, he moved closer to me again, kissing me, I told him, he was begging me, saying my siblings won’t catch us that should find another to give them. He was kissing me, he pulled me close and was squeezing my Buttocks, he was really getting into my head.

Me: No, no, no stop. Some other time, we can’t do it here please..

Alex: hahaha, why now? Your siblings won’t catch us now, I will be fast with it. Please baby


He kept on smooching me…

Me: Nooooo! Stop, some other time. Please..

Alex: When would that be?

Me: Maybe in your place but not here

Alex: Can you come to my place? Talk now…

Me: I will try… See come and start going before those evil kids come back..

He asked for a kiss, I gave him but he was taking it to far, I had to push him away. He finally agreed to go, I quickly went outside to check if my siblings were coming, I had to survey very well, I signaled to him to come out, that day was funny. I had to be careful, thank God I wasn’t caught cos my kid sister would definitely tell my father and if that man finds out, he would skin me alive. Later that night, me and Alex agreed to meet at his place on Friday and I was to sleep over. How am I going to tell my parent that I’m going to Alex’s place? What will I tell them? I was confused, cos I know they won’t even accept such. I finally figured a way out, my Dad is a pastor, yes, I would tell them I have a vigil, a teens vigil in another church. I had to lie to my parent that, another church invited we teenager’s choir for ministration, thank God they accepted. I couldn’t believe it, it was so easy, I even thought they were gonna find out from the teen pastor, but they didn’t, I was super excited. I was happy, I couldn’t wait to go meet my baby, I’m gonna have s*x all night, its gonna be mad fun, its gonna be a non stop s*x. I will finally feel that long curvy Joystick inside of me, gosh I love s*x, I love boys, we girls love good things now, so many of us have done bad things like this before.

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Friday finally came, he had already sent directions on how to get to Ketu. I left home around 6pm, I have already packaged myself well, well. I got to Ketu, one bus stop like that, I called him to come pick me, which he did. He took to his place, his place is so awkward, he’s living in the ghetto side of Ketu, his place is not fine at all. Living in face to face, one room, I entered the room, it was okay, still better. He entertained me, he put his television on, I was watching one Indian movie, all of a sudden I discovered Alex was pulling off his clothes, including his boxers. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, he’s hot, he wrapped his waist with his towel. I was sitting on the bed, he jumped on the bed, laid on the bed, he started touching me…

Alex: Are you enjoying the movie? (Touching me seriously)

Me: Yes…. I don’t really like Indian movies like that.

Alex: Okay…. I love you (flirting with me)

Me: I love you too (giggled)

Alex: Come closer now, why are you far from me? Are you shy? Come closer…


I was kinda shy, I moved closer to him, he rose up to kiss me, we continued kissing, kissing, smooching, on the bed already, we continued, kissing and smooching, he was just squeezing my Bosom, he unbuttoned my choir uniform,  squeezing my Bosom in my bra, he helped me remove my bra, he began to suck my Tips, squeezing and sucking my Tips, he removed his towel, I was really horny already, I saw his Joystick, damn, my body shivered, long curvy Joystick. He pulled off my skirt and my underwear, Alex, dipped his mouth in Kittycat and was eating it really hard, he rimming me so sweet, I was really moaning so hard, he was eating my Kittycat while he was squeezing my Bosom, he moved up to kiss me, kissing me so passionately at the same time, fingering me, he began to suck my Tips again and was fingering my Kittycat simultaneously, I was just panting, moaning, he was really fingering me, squeezing me Bosom, kissing me, then he stopped, he kissed me….

Alex: Can you suck me?

I nodded, I rose up and grabbed his Joystick, I began to suck the cap first, licking the cap, sucking his cap and he was shivering as I was sucking the cap only, boys do shiver when you suck that cap. I kept on sucking his Joystick, I’m not an expert but I tried my, he quickly removed his Joystick from my mouth stood up and went to his desk to take condom, he brought a condom, he tore, he wore it, I was laid on the bed already, he laid on me, kissing me, squeezing my Bosom, he held his Joystick, he placed it on the tip of my Kittycat, he began to rim me with  it, he began to insert his Joystick slowly inside my Kittycat, I wouldn’t help but to moan, he also moaned, he removed it and inserted it again, he was doing it slowly, kissing me, squeezing my Bosom, moaning, Bleeping me slowly, slowly, he became fast a little bit, he continued doing it a fast pace, I was feeling his Joystick, he kept on going faster, squeezing my Bosom, panting, he lifted my legs, he held them and began to F**K me again, looking at my face, moaning, he was enjoying me, all boys enjoy my Kittycat, he turned me over, lifted me up for doggy style, he began going faster, faster, squeezing my Bosom as he was Bleeping me, i kept riding his Joystick too, it was heaven on earth that evening. We continued mummy and daddy’s style again, pounding me really hard, pounding me, he became slow, slowly, he put his hand on the tip off my Kittycat, rubbing the tip of my Kittycat as he was pounding me, pounding me, I began to Pour, Pour, legs shaking already, he continued pounding me, I kept on squirting, he continued pounding me, haaaaa! Till he finally Pour, breathing heavily, I squirted more than 4 or 5 times, he laid on me and was breathing heavily. We finished, we cleaned ourselves, he was just kissing me and smiling, saying I’m hot. After the s*x, he asked me what I was going to eat, I told him anything, he went out to get me a food, we ate and slept off like couples. Did you guys know we did second round in the midnight?


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