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In the midnight, Alex banged me really hard again, he was just giving me different styles, he kept banging me, banging me, pounding me. There was this time I sat on his Joystick, that was one of my favourite moment with him, I really enjoyed it, I was riding his Joystick as he was squeezing my Bosom, moaning, moaning, tilting up and down. Banging me, tip by tip of the bed, I can’t help but Pour, my legs were shivering seriously. I was just squirting, his bed sheet was soaked seriously that day, but he was really enjoy my sweet Kittycat. He banged me, like a Adult star till he finally Pour. We slept of again, I was really weak and I’m suppose to leave his place very early in the morning. I quickly woke up around, 5 am, I quickly wore my choir uniform. I woke him up to see me off, he asked me why I was going so early I just to had to give him excuses. I have to be early enough cos it was vigil I told my parent I was going. He sha stood up with his erected Joystick, he was Unclad, he wore his boxers and his singlet. He went to his drawer and gave me transport fare, then he kissed me and ask me when we are gonna see again. I told him I don’t know yet, but we would definitely see soon, I must not miss this again, I will definitely come back to see my boyfriend for s*x of course since I enjoyed it. He saw me off to the bus stop as a sweetheart, I finally left Ketu that early morning to my house. I got home so early, knocked on the door, my mum came to open the door…

Me: Good morning mum.. (I entered the house)

My mum: Morning dear, you’re back so early..

Really? I’m back so early? I should waited a little bit longer for another round oo, cos Alex was hard that morning and that really turned me on… Already in the sitting room…

Me: Yes mum.

My mum: How was the service?

Me: It was just there, not really interesting but we were the best last night.

My mum: Did you take the lead song?

Me: Yes now, I did justice to the song, I sang the song very well, everybody was just dancing and shouting. He really enjoyed me mum.. (Sigh)

My mum: He really enjoyed you?


Me: I mean they really enjoyed my performance ( fear catch me)

My mum: What’s the name of the church again?

Me: Triumphant chapel.

My mum: Okay! I’m going back to sleep, your food is in the kitchen, you can warm it.

My mum left me alone in the sitting room, can you imagine, she almost caught me there, so stupid of me. Anyway, I enjoyed the s*x I had with Alex, I can’t wait to have another one again. Yes, we almost had another one again in his place but something I never expected happen, gosh, men are just dog.

Me and Alex continued chatting, chatting about our last encounter, so we decided to meet again the following week. Although, he was the one persuading me to one again the following week cos I wasn’t sure if my parent would allow me go this time. However, I told my parent about it but they were not giving good response, they were surprised that its every week we would be going for vigil. Especially my mum, she didn’t give me a positive answer, so I told Alex about what was going on at home even though I didn’t tell him I won’t be coming again, I just told him I wasn’t sure yet, letting him know its under probability.


I began to do all the house chores just to please my parent, I became a good girl all of a sudden, before my calls to help, I’m already there helping. I kept reminding her about it but she didn’t give me any good response, whereas Alex kept on bugging me, disturbing me if I would still come or not. The way Alex was disturbing me on this was scary, he calls me almost every time just ask if I would still be coming or not. I even though it because Alex misses me, I thought because Alex was so in love with me.

Friday finally came, Alex was the first person that called me that morning asking me if in would still com, i told him I wasn’t sure, while calling me my phone went off. My battery was flat and there was no power to charge my phone. God so good, my mum agreed I should go  but it was late in the evening that she accepted, after I begged and begged her. I was suppose to inform Alex about it but my phone was switched off, battery was flat and there was no power to charge it. I can’t  use my phone to call him, I wouldn’t want her to suspect me. So I left home around 6pm, since I already know his place and he’s also expecting me. There was traffic that day, so I got to his place around 8:30pm. I knocked on the door, Alex opened the door….

Me: Surprise (smiling)

But Alex was shocked…..

Alex: What are you doing here? I thought you said…..

Me: Don’t mind my mum jare, she finally agreed this evening.

Alex checked his wristwatch, he wasn’t happy to see me, he was scrating his head.

Me: What is the matter? Are you not happy to see me?…. So you won’t allow me to come inside, I’m even weak, the traffic was just too much.

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He didn’t say anything….

Me: What is wrong with you?

I pushed him aside and entered his room, to my surprise I saw a girl laying on bed wearing Alex’s shirt. Not just any girl ooo, a small girl, this girl should be way younger than me.

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I greeted her, looked at the girl’s face. What is going on? Who is she? Alex didn’t enter oo, he stayed outside. I sat on the plastic chair. He finally entered but was unable to look at my face….

Alex: Charity meet Nkechi, Nkechi meet Charity.

For real? We greeted each other again, Alex sat on the floor, pressing his phone. I could feel Nkechi was nervous, she’s a minor, she’s a small girl. How come her parent allowed her to sleep out, so this small girl is not a virgin. So the agbaya Alex is having s*x with this little thing, gosh, I was so confused that evening. I didn’t know what to do, if I should go back home or sleep over, it was late already, I didn’t know what to do. Alex didn’t even say a word. The next thing he asked was if I’ve eaten, I told him I wasn’t hungry, then he now asked me if I would still be sleeping over, I looked at my time, it was almost 10pm, how I wish I can just go home that night but I dare not, of anything happens to me. When he asked me, I didn’t give any reply. He kept pressing his phone, laying on the  rug(floor) , Nkechi was sleeping on the bed while me sitting on the chair, weeping in my mind. We didn’t say a word to each other, the tension in that room was absurd.


12am, we were still in the same position. Then Alex said I should come sleep on the bed if I want to sleep, that I should sleep beside Nkechi. I declined, I told him i would sleep on the rug instead, telling him to sleep on the bed beside Nkechi. Like play, like play, Alex moved to the bed while I slept on the floor. Alex and Nkechi sleeping on the bed, I couldn’t sleep. Now it was 1am, I began to hear both of them murmuring, I could hear Alex apologizing to the girl, the stupid girl too was saying she shouldn’t have come, that she was afraid. Alex told her he didn’t invite me, that I’m the one forcing myself on him. They both thought I was asleep and I could hear all what they are saying, before I know it, Alex was already banging the girl in my presence, haaaa! It was then that I realised that men are dogs, men are heartless. Alex made love with this girl right in my presence, he wasn’t even bothered if I was there or not. Alex was really banging this girl, i no fit cry, I could hear Alex telling the girl I was asleep. I couldn’t sleep, I was horny. After they finished having s*x they slept off. I was unable to sleep, how can I sleep, I can’t now, I just kept on checking the time, morning should come quick so that I can leave that place. I tried sleeping, all of a sudden i discovered someone was kissing me on my cheek, I woke up it was Alex.

Alex: Baby I’m sorry, I didn’t know you would come, I’m really sorry….

I pushed him away, I didn’t say anything, i told him to leave me alone, I was really mad at him. He kept on forcing himself on me, kissing me, pulled off his boxers, he kept on kissing me, apologizing, I didn’t know what came over me, can you believe that Alex banged me too on the rug. He banged me really hard, he made love to me. I was really ashamed of myself, but I wanted the s*x too, at least my coming to his place won’t be in vain. He banged me inside out, till he finally Pour. Very early in the morning, around 5am, I quickly woke up, dressed up and tapped him that I was leaving. I picked my things, looked at Nkechi on the bed, she wasn’t asleep, meaning she saw us having s*x on the rug too, she was shy as well. I finally left Alex’s place, that was the last time I saw him. I deleted him straight in my life, I was really disturbed till I got home. So unfair how men treat we ladies, so unfair….



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