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That was her only response and then turned her head away, smiling with her friends, not even caring to glance at him again.

And Aariz……

Open-mouthed, he just stared at her, as she walked away without deigning to give him a second look, clearly ignoring him.

It never happened to him that he met some woman and she ignored him. It never occurred to him that he wanted to talk to some girl and she did no talk.

“K…Komal,” He name choked past Aariz’s swollen throat, but that was all. He couldn’t say anything else. He could only stare at something that was truly unique in every aspect.

This girl was different, really different. She was quite something.

We do not know how beautiful legendary Helen was, or how charming and attractive historical Cleopatra was, or how shapely classical Atalanta was-but if one saw Komal, he would have a fairly good idea about these women.

She wore a narrow, pink choori-daar pajama, finely embroiled Hyderabad Kurta with net’s dupatta. She looked typically traditional and yet typically modern.

Her shoulder length satiny dark brown hair framed a heart-shaped face that would cause any male to turn his head when she passed. Her sparkling brown eyes were the eyes that one could drown in for, and were set slightly apart and her dainty, pert nose was freckle free across its bridge. She was also heavier with her make-up, using blusher on her on high cheekbones, and mascara to darken lashes long and thick as Barbie doll’s. She already possessed the flawless skin, and the high cheekbones that would make her desirable. She wore her hair lose, straight and shiny. Thick and bright, it was the color of dark nut, and matched eyes that titled at the corners, giving her a faintly exotic appearance which men found irresistible.

Her full ripe mouth had thick, naturally upward-curved lips, the lower lips protruding slightly in an almost perpetual little-girl pout, which added a sensual look to her round dimpled chin and soft satiny complexion.

Her best feature, though, was, he thought, her hair……hair to die for. It was long and luxuriously thick. It fell around her pretty face and dainty shoulders in cascading waves of nut brown

And her figure……

He had never seen such a perfect body. Curvy, shapely, ultra-feminine, her appearance reminded him of some ancient Greek Goddess. She was tall, but proportioned. Her finely fitted dress perfectly revealed the attractive ups and downs and seductive highs and lows of her slim shape.

“Hey” Shaheryaar waved his hand in front of his eyes. “What happened?”

“A lot”, He breathed automatically.

Sometimes, people just enter your world and -whoop- Things will never be the same again.

He pulled his gaze away and turned to Shaheryaar, who was standing beside him.

“Did you see her?” Aariz asked enthusiastically.


“Who? Komal?” Shaheryaar replied.

“Yes, her.” He said, trying to indicate his new object of desire without being obvious.

His eyes flickered from Aariz to Komal, then back again.

“People say I have a ‘black tongue’.” Shaheryaar smiled devilishly. “Means, whatever I say. It always happens. Remember what I told you?”

“Yes,” Aariz replied blankly. “You said I’d fall in love today.”

While he spoke to Shaheryaar, he didn’t miss a sibgke chance to take a detailed look of her.

Through out the evening, his gaze didn’t leave her. Wherever she went, he wanted to see her, observe her.

The way she stood, the way she talked, everything about her was so lovely that he thought it would hurt him if he tried to look somewhere else.

And then, she turned back with a real grace, but he was transfixed. There were two or three other girls with her, but he wasn’t looking at them.

Almost against his will, he found himself going behind her.

“Stop it Aariz.” A voice came. “You don’t even know her. Don’t be so stupid, you’re a twenty six year old grown man, not some silly teenager craving for opposite s*x.” His conscience warned him, but his feet didn’t listen.

He saw she laughed at something, and this was the instant she turned back and their eyes met. Hers two, and his two, became four. The nature smiled and feelings laughed.

It felt wonderful and touchy.

Again, giving him a quick glance and flashing her don’t-you-wish it-was-you smile, she turned to face away like nothing happened.

But that was not the truth. Of-course a lot had happened and they both knew it.

Exactly at the same instant, she playfully clapped her hand and let her hair fly about her head, while her soft laughter danced on the wind.

“Tyrant.” He clenched his teeth and smiled. “This ‘who-cares’ style suits her.” He thought.

On the other side too, feelings were not much different.

Although she tried her best to keep herself ‘apparently’ normal and calm but only she knew what did it.

Of-course, she was very much used to men’s glances, but this man…..

There was something unique in his eyes. It did make her uncomfortable, but not in a bad or disgusting way.

She felt like high school all over again.

“Hey come on! What’s happening to you Komal?” Rubab looked into her cousin’s eyes with deep concern.

“I….I’m alright.” She tried to smile.

“You sure?” Rubab asked again, like she was not sure.

She nodded in silence.

It was very astonishing for Aariz. For the very first time, some girl had not really taken any interest in him. She was not looking at him again and again, unlike rest of the girls.

Unable to take his eyes away from her, he watched her walk away from him without ever looking at him.

For the rest of the wedding, he tried his best to get a chance so that he could talk to her properly.

His wish came true when the dinner was served and she sat alone in a corner of house’s enormous lawn, listening to soft music as she ate. Stars as bright as the sequins on her Kurta were popping out all over a black velvet sky and the summer breeze was warm.

To Be Continued…


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