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Aariz called Shaheryaar at his office first thing the next morning.

“I want her phone number”.

“Whose?” Shaheryaar could not get him.

“Come on Yaar.” Aariz said, displeased at his friend’s memory. “I’m talking about Komal, your cousin’s cousin.”

“Oh,” Shaheryaar took a ling breath. “Are you really serious Aariz?”

“Now that’s totally ridiculous,” Aariz said with artificial anger. “Didn’t you guess anything last night?”

“Umm, yeah but I thought it was just simple, plain admiration and that’s all. I didn’t think you were really into her.”

“You forgot what you said last night?” Aariz smiled. “That you’ve got a black tongue. Now here’s another proof for that.”

“But are you sure?”

“What the hell do you mean by that?” Aariz asked angrily.

“I mean, are you sure about your feelings? Are they real or do you just want friendship with her?”

“I already have a lot of female friends and you know that very well.” Aariz stated. “It’s not just time passing. For the first time in my life, I am feeling something really genuine, straight from my heart.”

“But…..” Shaheryaar said after few moments. “She…. She is different .”

“What do you mean by different?”

“She is not from our community, man.”

“Oh, does that realky matter?” Aariz laughed emptily. “I thought she is alien or something.”

“Aariz, this is not some game or fun.”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you, stop kidding and give me her phone number.”

There was a brief silence on the other side, then he heard Shaheryaar’s breath.

“Okay. I don’t have her number right now. But I can take that from Shahper uncle.”

“Do that soon.”

“Alright buddy, I’d call you in twenty minutes.”

As Aariz set the receiver back to the cradle, his breath grew fast.

“So Mr. Aariz”He told himself. “You finally got what you were looking for, huh?”

“My ideal, the princess of my dreams, my ‘girl’.” He placed his hands behind his nap and sighed contently.

“How would she react?”

“What would be her response?”


From what he’d guess after his short meeting last night, she looked friendly, outgoing and social kind of girl. Exactly like the kind of girl he had in his mind. Smart, open-minded and modern, one who could be freely able to move in society, walking side by side with him.

He had to have this woman…….this prize, this angel.

He leaned back and closed his eyes. He had not been able to sleep for a minute last night. As whenever he tried to close his eyes, her face came in front of his eyes.

“Yes, all the symptoms were there.” He thought and smiled at himself.

He still remembered the soft brush of her long dark brown hair, the sweet smell of her perfume.

To say she was stunning was an understatement. But at the same time, he was sure that his attraction to her was more than physical.

And then, the memory of his conversation with Shaheryaar came into his mind.

Things had been so true so far. He couldn’t believe it.

“Does marriage change one’s life?” He had asked

“Well yes. It does.” Shaheryaar had told him.

“How much?” He had asked again.


“On what?”

“On circumstances, natures, characters and …… your fate.” Shaheryaar had finally said.

He opened his eyes and smiled.

But he was sure about one thing; his life had changed even before marriage.


The alarm clock went off precisely at ten o’clock in the morning. Komal rolled over with a groan while her hand fumbled over the bedside table to find the clock and shut it off. The urge was strong to go back to sleep but her conscience wouldn’t let her. She tried to push the sleep from her face without success and lethargically swung her legs from beneath the silky bed-covers onto the floor.

Her eyes, heavy with the sleep, opened to mere slits as she stumbled to the chair where her cotton robe was lying.

Just then, her bedside telephone rang with full disturbing sound.

Angry and confused at the same time, she first looked at the wall clock of her bedroom and then reached to answer the phone.

“Damn. You never leave me Mawara!” She hissed in an angry tone, without even confirming about the person on the other side.


“Hello?” She asked, even more confused. “Who’s this?”

“Good morning.” After a brief silence, came a heavy, purely masculine voice, which was enough to stimulate the deepest nerves of her being.

She didn’t say a word, trying to recognize him.

“Don’t think too much. I don’t like philosopher kind of girls.” He laughed soberly.

“May I know who you are?”

“Sure, why not. I’m very much willing to give you my whole bio-data, if you’re interested,” Said the voice on the line.

“Listen…..” She opened her tongue harshly. “Whoever you’re…..”

“Aariz,” He breathed, before she could say further. “Aariz Ali,”

He didn’t let her finish her sentence but did finish her confusion in the most fabulous way possible.

“Oh,” A long shuddering breath escaped out of her lungs through her trembling lips as she sat up straight.

She was almost about to tell.him ‘I wasn’t expecting you to call”, bug caught her tongue just at the moment.

“I hope I didn’t disturb your sleep, did I?

She smiled in answer and said. “Why do you always take permission for things you’ve already done?”

He laughed loudly this time.

“Do remember your words Ma’am.” He said, his voice smiling. “That was something very meaningful.”

Only then she realized what she’d said and what could be its ‘after effects’.

“So, how was the wedding?” He asked anxiously, after a brief pause.

“Very nice, so beautiful.”

“So are you.” He said spontaneously.

She was speechless for some moments, then said,

“That was very superficial remark.’

“I always keep ‘deep’ things saved for later times.” As he spoke, she could easily guess that he had not stopped smiling for a second.

“May I ask how did you…….

“Get your phone number?” He interrupted again, never giving her a chance to speak properly.

“It was pretty easy. Your cousin Daniyal is my best friend’s cousin as well.”

“Oh,” She giggled. “Seems like very close relation.”

“Are you being sarcastic?”

“No”, She answered. “I’m only being honest.”

“I like……” He said huskily, his tone suddenly became serious and deep. “I like honest people, because I am a honest man myself.”

She kept herself silent this time.

“Also, you told me you were about to go back to London soon……” He continued. “And that’s why I didn’t watse time.”

As he spoke, her breaths grew fast.

“Basically I’m a simple and straight forward person, Komal,” He told her, his voice even more deep and heavy now.

“I don’t believe in flirtatious movies dialogues and cheap styles of expression. So I decided to tell you the truth right away.”

“And what’s your truth?” She wanted to ask but her tongue didn’t follow her mind.

“And the truth is that,” He said.

Oh God, he even seemed to be reading her mind.

“I really like you and want to meet you.”


“What” She was totally shocked and taken aback. “But why? What do you have in mind?”

“I was wondering if we both wanted to go out?” He said in a flow.

“But…..” She said, her voice high. “But we don’t even know each other properly.”

“That’s what I thought too.” Aariz said, “buy I’ve been thinking and it occurred to me that meeting each other would be the best way possible to know each other.”

She couldn’t say a word in answer.

“Take your time Komal,” He said softly but firmly. “I don’t want to force myself upon you. But I have just one request….” He finished his sentence.

Her heartbeats had become so loud that she thought if he could hear them.

“And that is, don’t deny your feelings, and don’t betray your heart.” He whispered, and then added. “And now even if you refuse my offer, reject my suggestion, I won’t insist. I’d take that as my fate, my luck.”

He didn’t say a word after that, but she could hear his breaths. He sure was curious to know her response and was desperate to see her reaction.

“I…….” She began to say, but felt like her throat was obstructed. “I…..I’ve never ever done that.”

“Neither did I.” He told her.

“Okay,” She finally released the long breath she was holding for so long. “When and where do you want to meet?”

“Thanks.” His voice became loud and shaky with intense happiness. “Thanks so much Komal.”

“Thanks for what?”

“For trusting me, believing me.”

“It’s alright.” She smiled for the first time in their conversation. “I think you’re nice.”

“Now I won’t say a second ‘thanks’ for that. How about tomorrow night, if it is not too short notice?”

“Err, tomorrow’s no good, I’m afraid, it’s my best friend’s birthday. How about Saturday?”

“Saturday’s great, I’ll book a table somewhere nice if you fancy it.”

Komal was always up for good food. “Sounds great.”

“Umm. Okay, but do you know my address?”

“Of-course not.” He laughed.

“I’m actually staying with my uncle’s family here in Defense.” She told him her address.

“I’ll be there!” He was feeling very happy indeed.

“Well, see you then! Bye for now.” She put down the receiver.

Her first ‘date’ with any guy ever. She thought and sighed.

The line had been crossed and there was no stepping back.

To Be Continued…


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