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In the middle of the night, Komal awoke in a cold sweat.

With shaky hands, she took the glass full of water by her bedside to her trembling lips.


It’s enough now.

She had to inform him. She had to tell him the fact that was eating her up like a dangerous dragon.

The telephone rang as Aariz was preparing for bed. He reached out one hand for the receiver, his other hand held his toothbrush.


His voice was drowned in a sleepy way.

“Aariz?” The feminine voice rang like crystal chimes over the wires.

“Komal, is that you?”

“Are you alright, what happened?” With the telephone receiver wedged between his ear and shoulder, he went on brushing his teeth.

“I can’t keep it inside me anymore, I’ve to tell you this.”

“Yes, I’m here.” He blinked his eyes fully, his sleep miles away. “Tell me, what you need to tell me.”

“Not on the phone.” She sobbed. “We need to meet and talk.”

“But what’s the matter?” Any problem?”

The answer was sighed rather than spoken.

“Aariz, I’m waiting for you at Sun cafe!”

And then she hung up the receiver.

He set the phone receiver back in its cradle and sighed. Within ten minutes, he was ready to meet her. He rushed toward Sun cafe in his Honda Accord, a famous cafe that was not far from his place.

When he reached there, he was surprised to find out that she was already waiting for him.

Her beauty, her charms and her vulnerability was so intense and effective that it didn’t fail to inspire and impress him even in thus tensed state and condition.

She had tied her gorgeous bright, nut-shining hair into a long ponytail and wore a quarter sleeved plain white shirt of bosky and nice fitting jeans that revealed most of the details of her extremely attractive legs. He noted with interest that she had a pair of shapely legs tapering smoothly from their joint to the ankle.

“Wow.” He said, as she stood up to greet him. “You startle me, dazzle me even in your casual appearance.”

“Wow yourself.” She said without much expression. She ran one hand through her already tousled hair and sank into the chair.

“Now, what’s the problem?” He asked, gazing deeply into her eyes.

She swallowed hard.

A waiter appeared and vaguely, she heard Aariz ordering black coffee.

By the time they were sitting in an isolated booth in the back of the cafe five minutes later, she had found her voice.

“Aariz you have to listen with patience.” She said huskily.

“For God’s sake Komal, that’s why I’m here. Please tell me now.”

She opened her lips, her facial expression clearly showing the features of war that was going on between her heart and mind.

“God, why does this happen to me?” She cried silently.

She needed to talk him things, wanted to inform him about all those essential facts, which were confusing her, making her frustrated.

“There are two big problems in our way, two major obstacles.” She said, when at last she gained her breath.

“And what are those?”

“What would your parents think?” She asked, eyeing him critically.

“What would your relatives say? Would they accept me with open arms?”She asked another question, without waiting for his answer.

“Look Komal, it’s my life. Do you have to live with my relatives and my parents or with me alone?”

“But I don’t want an isolated life.” She protested.

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“You know very well that I don’t give a damn to these stupid social and religious restrictions or whatever.” He said with firm belief. “It’s my life and I have full right to spend or pass it in a way I like it. Frankly, it’s none of my relative’s business.” He said harshly, his voice filled with emotion.



She couldn’t reply, instead she just lowered her head.

Neither of then spoke much afterwards.

“Was this the reason why you called me at midnight and told me to reach here instantly?” He asked sarcastically.

She was silent.

He was angry, she knew.

They both rose from their chairs simultaneously.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you.” She said.

“No you didn’t.” His answer was quick and short as he accompanied her to the parking.

“I’ve my own car. You can go.” She said as they reached the place where their cars were parked.

“Lady.” He first looked at his wristwatch and then at her face. “It’s two a.m and it’s Karachi, a city of lights but a place of fights. You go and I’d follow you in my car to your house.


She didn’t argue then, instead she just opened the door of her Mercedes and got in.

As she drove, she could see in the back mirror, his car following hers.

He was caring, no doubt about that.

Few minutes later, she got out of her car and crossed the parking lot of her uncle’s house.

By the gate, she turned back to throw one last look at him and stunned. He was standing wonderfully with his back tipped on his car, his arms crossed on his chest and his eyes fixed on her.

“I know what’s making you worried and confused.” Suddenly, words left his mouth in the most effective way, his tone heavy and serious. “We are from two different communities and sects, rights? One of us is Shiyah and the other is Sunni?” He gave her a slight smile.

“It’s not just that.” She opened her lips but her feet didn’t leave her place.


She sighed and turned to face the man standing at her backside, for one last time.


“Hmmm?” His brows curved upward.

“I……..” She gathered all of her courage and power to blast the bomb finally.

Yes, this was the time. This was the occasion and this was the moment to tell him the truth.


To Be Continued…


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