Deeba Ahmad

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”Sister, you are so lovely, so cute. Believe me whenever and wherever you accompany me, it enhances my value. Every one looks toward us. Guys forget to close their eyes.” Sheeba winked, and handed her sister the cute, maroon dress she was searching for the last one hour.

“See this one.” As she gave the dress to Deeba, she stepped backward to give her sister a critical look who held the dress up her body and turned to look at her own image in the mirror.

“You’d look so fabulous, so feminine in this. Believe me.” Sheeba said with sheer appreciation in her eyes and then added.

“You could be a model, infact. Just change yourself a little.” Sheeba said enticingly. “If I were you, I could even apply for a Miss. World contest.”

“But Sheeba, I never wear a half-sleeved dress.” Deeba opened her tongue for the first time in this discussion.

“So what?” Sheeba raised her brow in a ‘who-cares’ style. “There is always a first time for everything. All of your cloths are out of fashion now.”

“But Sheeba. It’s so tight….it will reveal the mold and shape of my body, don’t you see?”

“That’s the whole point behind the idea.” Sheeba grinned meaningfully. “You’d look very ‘womanly’ in this dress.”

“You want to use my body to get people’s attention?” Deeba asked in a low voice. The idea didn’t sound good to her.

“Come on buddy.” Sheeba said with disinterest. “Don’t be over religious. Okay, we are Muslims and everything but it doesn’t mean we should not walk with this modern age.” Sheeba said, totally displeased by the sister’s conservative and ‘backward’ attitude.

“Oh, my arms would be so Unclad.” Deeba protested, throwing the dress on the bed. “No, I am not going to wear it.”

“You’ll look really pretty in this outfit, Deeba.” Sheeba said, trying her best to convince her. “You just need to come out of this weird shell of yours to see this beautiful and wonderful world of ours.”

“Look my dear sister. We’re not perfect. In-fact nobody is. And, all of us do so many sins everyday. Do you think if you don’t wear this dress, it would make you a good, ideal Muslim?” Sheeba had her own point of view.

“I never said that.” Deeba said, her voice weak now.

“Then don’t deny your natural needs and womanly urges.” Sheeba said, looking directly into her sister’s eyes now.

“Look Deeba, every woman needs to wear something wickedly glamorous, at least once in her life.”

On her remark, Deeba felt weak and tired. Slowly, she sat down on the edge of her bed, thinking something.

“Now, that’s not so hard. Is it?” Sheeba asked, almost done with her argument as she saw her sister’s surrender.

Deeba drew a deep breath. “No, I suppose not.”

“That’s like a good girl. Now, get ready. We’ve already wasted so much time.” Sheeba tapped her lightly on the head and went to change her own dress.

When they reached the wedding place, Deeba was nervous but a little excited at heart as well. And, for the first time, she felt that she was the center of everyone’s attention tonight. Although, she was not the only one with ‘that’ kind of appearance, she noted.

Almost every Pakistani girl there had her arms Unclad, and wrists bare due to her half or quarter sleeved dress. Each girl’s hair was completely uncovered and her figure was totally revealed. Each of those girls was thinking of herself as the real ‘Miss. World’ at the moment. Their high skirts were showing their hips. The typical swells of their bosoms were drawing eyes of many males of almost all age groups. But for those girls, those features and gazes from the men were compliments; pieces of admiration and it all made them really happy and satisfied.

“Oh my God, Deeba, where have you been with such a s*xy** body?” Her cousin Maria had exclaimed in shock and surprise.

“Deeba, I really like your dress tonight. It fits so nicely over your body.” Another of her cousin had said with envy.

Even many of her male cousins openly admired her dressing and outfit tonight. They thought she was looking like a real woman for the first time in her life.

But Deeba…….she felt differently.

She felt ashamed, exposed, embarrassed and shy despite of her sister and cousins’ continuous adoring remarks.

She felt like every male eye was piercing through her body. It occurred to her that all of them were doing ‘window shopping’ on her, like not everyone was willing to buy her but all of then were willing to throw a detailed look at her.

No, it was not her……it was her body, they were praising. They did not like her as a person, they just liked her body.

She winced with pain. She felt like a devalued, showpiece, which has no inner value at all. Her only purpose was just to ‘show off’ herself like an item for sale.

Right then, she realized something. Yes, for the first time she realized that she wanted to keep herself from this dirt and rubbish. She didn’t want to include herself in this west-crazed, media-inspired girl community.

Her mood remained off for the rest of the wedding and she didn’t talk to her sister despite of her inquiring questions.

She felt like she’d done something wrong and dirty. Her whole being felt like a nasty body, which had been used to achieve some specific purpose. She thought, she was suffering from some bad, disgusted disease, which had no cure at all.


“Take her cloths off.” Someone’ s harshest and roughest voice was enough to send cold, cruel waves through her spine.

“Whao……what?” Her tongue trembled like the rest of her body.

“Welcome to the grave, young lady.” One of them laughed cruelly. They were two in number. Their faces were so ugly; their big red eyes were throwing flames outside. Their ears were as big as an elephant’s. They had large, spiny teeth, even larger than those she had seen in Dracula’s movies. These sharp teeth were enough to cut her into smallest pieces.

It was so hot there, with no light and no oxygen inside, pure darkness everywhere.

No, it was not some horror movie. It was scarier.

Pure terror and sheer horror gripped her. She cried out in misery

“Oh my God…..” She wanted to cry but no tear emerged…..she wanted to scream but no voice came.

“Scared?” One of them asked sarcastically. “Why now?”

Instead of answering, she just stared at them with her breath caught in her throat.

“See…..we have a little gift for you.” One of them said wickedly, his teeth, bloody teeth showing to the fullest.

“Yeah, show her.” The other scary creature said.


Only then, she saw they had some boxes in their paw-like hands. While looking into her eyes, one of then opened the box slowly.

As her eyes moved toward those big boxes, she almost died at once again. She wished to die……but after all, she was already dead. That’s why she was here.

Those boxes were full of thousands of dangerous lizards and scary insects. Ranging from big, spiny, red cockroaches, giant scorpions, huge black spiders, to the terrible cobra snakes, almost every fatal insect and deadly reptile was there.

“More than what you bargained for?” He asked horribly.

“You didn’t feel any shame or fear while showing your body and cloths to the lustful males in the world. Why are you scared here?”

She couldn’t believe her ears.

“No please. I beg no. No.” Her screams became cries.

“Please give me something to shield myself…… PLEASE!” She screamed with all of her power.

“Aha. Funny it is, isn’t it?” One of them asked from other. “She now needs a shield to cover herself. What was she actually doing before? She never needed it in her life.”

“What a scene it would be.” He said to his fellow. “I can’t wait to see these things crawling and creeping over every inch of her body which she used to show very proudly. And then, they’ll slowly lick and eat her flesh…..leaving only bones afterwards.

“What…..what are these?” Completely horrified, she asked.

“Can’t you see? They haven’t eat your eyes yet.” He laughed seductively.

“These scary insects and lizards are the lusty glances of those males who used to stare at your expose body interestingly. You didn’t mind then, why so fearful now?” Another told her without any expression of sympathy or gentleness.

“God…..NOO…..” She yelled. “I hate bugs…..” She stated, shaking and swaying from one side to the other.

“But you didn’t hate lustful male eyes in the world, did you?” One of them brought the boxes nearer, slowly, inch by inch.

“Give me something to cover myself. I need something to cover myself.” She begged.

“You did not choose Hijaab in that world, why do you need it now?”

“Just send me back to the world once more…..just one more time.” She was crying violently now. “I’d not make my creator angry. I’d observe my Hijaab. I’d cover my hair and body properly.

“Sorry shameless. Your time is over. It’s our turn now….”

“God help me, help me.” She screamed with all the remaining power of her lungs.

“Haha, now you remember God? Where was this ‘God’ when you practically disobeyed him?”

“But….my Allah loves His creatures.” She said, her eyes growing bigger with fear. “He can’t punish me like this. He is not a tyrant.” She said breathlessly.

“It’s not any injustice or cruelty.” He answered without any mercy. “It’s only the reward of what you have done in the world with yourself. You were told about each and everything and yet you paid very little attention.

“These insects, these flames are your own creation. You willingly used to do greater sins in the world despite warning and cautions. Now, your sins have acquired these forms.” The other told her and drew even nearer.

“Make her bald. She was very much proud of her hair. She loved to show it to all of those men.” One of them ordered, and from somewhere, the other brought a big, shiny object out.

Her heart stopped beating as she saw it. But hadn’t it already stopped beating a long time ago when she died.

It was the longest and sharpest sword she had ever seen. Blood was already dripping from its sharp edge, drop by drop. He deliciously licked his lips with his long, lizard-like tongue and moved forward.

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“No….no…. For God’s sake.” She inched behind. She wanted to run but there was no space. She wanted to die but she already had. There was no way out. Not a single chance left.

She felt like she was about to fall at any second. Her resistance fading by every moment passed.

“Don’t ever use that word again.” He clenched his big teeth strongly, producing a scissoring sound.

“God’s sake? Did you ever think about your God’s sake when your were given a full chance in the world?

With the sword in one hand and the box in the other, he began to walk toward her.

“No.” Slowly, she repeated, her screams now turning to mere whispers as she felt her power leaving her body. She was about to fall on the ground when she heard something.

“Leave her.” It was a kind, very kind and gentle voice.

He stopped right then and there.

“You sure, precious lady?”

“Yes, I am.”

“She still has her conscience alive.” The humble lady explained gently. “She’s not totally shameless yet. I take her guarantee, she’d never do anything intentionally again to make her creature angry.”

“Come here, girl.” The lady extended her arm and took her hand into hers. Her voice had a soft romantic quality in it. “I’d help you. Just don’t disappoint those who love you more than anyone else.

Both of the scary creatures shrugged their shoulders and putting one final glance at her, they turned back and left.

Only then, she was able to see her helper

She was a lady in a broad, black veil, completely covered from head to toe. Only her big, black eyes were visible.

“Always remember girl.” She said, as she brought Deeba out of her grave, back to her beautiful, pleasant world.

“Allah never leaves us alone even in our worst conditions. He gives all of us at-least one chance to get rid of the bad, so that we won’t complain later that ‘O Allah, when we were helpless, why didn’t you support us? When we were in the dark, why didn’t show us the light?” She told her decently, as she brushed her scattered hair softly with her gentle fingers.

“Now, how and when to avail this chance is our responsibility. This chance may come in the form of some man, teacher, friend, or book…..or maybe even from some story.”

“Close your eyes for a moment. Would you?” She said pleasantly. As she spoke, Deeba could see her eyes smiling.

Speechlessly, Deeba obeyed her.

After a brief moment, when she opened her eyes again, her helper had left. The graceful lady had disappeared.

“No….don’t leave me please.” She started to cry softly, tears running down her cheeks.

“Please, I need your help. I need your support. Don’t leave me alone”

And this was when she felt someone shaking her shoulders.


She heard her sister’s voice.

“What happened?”

“What?” She opened her eyss finally.

“For goodness sake, you have been screaming and crying. Anything wrong?”

“Umm…No.” She took a long breath and relaxed her body. “I’m sorry I disturbed your sleep.”

“It’s okay.” Sheeba smiled. “But I’m shocked that you still have nightmares.” Sheeba smiled and then got back to her bed. “Good night, dream girl.”

“It was not a nightmare.” Deeba murmured to herself. “It was an eye-opener.”


That night, a totally new Deeba was born.

The next morning, after offering her prayers, she made a promise to Allah that she’d never willingly disobey him. That, she’d try her best to avail the glorious chance He had given her. She also thanked Him with all her might for showing her the righteous path.

After that, she sat on the place of her prayers with calm, content mind and satisfied face, thinking about various possibilities.

She remembered her mother once saying that, ” So sad, we begin to understand our religion and our life only in the end. And then, it seems like we’ve wasted our whole life.”

She didn’t want to do the same, certainly.

Maybe she’ll look for something new, something challenging in her life. She had gone through four years of college and still don’t know what she wanted to do.

Making her mind, she rose and dialed someone’s phone number and emptied all of her heart.

Days spent by then, but she couldn’t forget what she had seen, nor did she want to. She felt a big change in herself now. Her life suddenly had become very meaningful. Now she was living for some purpose, not like an animal that only lives to drink, eat, sleep and have fun.

She was vacuuming the carpets in her house one morning when the phone rang. She pushed her hair out of her face, switched off the vacuum cleaner, and went to the living room to answer it.

“Assalamu alaikum and good morning my daughter.” A voice said cheerfully.

She felt a small tingle of happiness charge through her.

“Maulana uncle?” She said aloud. “It’s so good to hear from you. Have you searched something for me yet?”

“Yes, this is the reason why I called you.” He said in a deep voice. “I’ve searched a school for you. It’s new. The teachers are nice, the atmosphere is good and the people are very caring and friendly.”

“Where is it?”

“Not very far from here.” He told her. “Plus, they have their own transport system.”

“That will do pretty good.” She said, satisfied. “What’s the name by the way?”

“It’s called, A S I…..AhleBait’s School of Islam.”

“Okay, Thank you. I will come and see you soon.” She said smiling.

“See you then.” He said and disconnected the call.

Ever-since she told Aariz about what she had in mind, he advised her to look for an Islamic school where her knowledge on the religion will be improved. He introduced her to Maulana Uncle who promised to look for a good one for her as soon as possible.


“Anger is a condition in which the tongue works faster than the mind.”


There was a complete silence in the classroom, and they could hear each other’s breathing.

“All of us should be very patient. Especially women should really have the wealth of patience and tolerance. A woman who has control over her temper is very successful in all fields of her life, especially in her married life.” She finished writing on the board and turned to face her students.

“So, my dear students, I was saying that…..” She addressed them in the sweetest, feminine voice.

“Devil has entered into our homes in the forms of English, American and Indian movies. Now you can see couples kissing, having s*x, women dancing on the television screen in almost every home. Innocent children and teenagers are visiting adult sites on internet, accidentally or willingly. Innocence is fading away; people are becoming senseless day by day. Love for the world is increasing and love for the hereafter is decreasing. Now, we have more fear of people than we have of Allah.”

“Madam, you said people are becoming senseless. Could you please explain it further?” A teenage girl from the back rows asked, confused.

“Yes, why not Sakina.” She replied modestly. Her voice had a musical quality in it, very impressive and effective.

“Being senseless means, when you lose the sense to differentiate between bad and good deeds. When you’re unable to distinguish between what’s good and what’s bad, religiously, you’ll be called a senseless person.” She explained. “Let me give you some examples.”

For a moment, she remained silent, like she was choosing her words and then she proceeded,

“Why is it so hard to tell the truth but yet so easy to tell a lie?” She asked. “Why are we so sleepy in the mosque but right when the prayer is over, we suddenly wake up? Why is it so hard to talk about Allah but yet so easy to talk about nasty stuff? Why is it so boring to look at an islamic article but yet so easy to look at an exciting channel on TV? Why are mosques getting smaller but yet dance clubs are getting larger? Do we ever give up? Think about it!” She said with grief in her voice.

“Today, a father provides his daughter with cable TV, internet and movies but not with Hijaab and Islamic knowledge. That’s because we’ve lost the sense to differentiate between the good and the bad.”

As she addressed the class full of girls, Deeba sat there mesmerized, looking at her with pure interest and sheer fascination.

Her teacher was of medium height. Only her big, black eyes were visible through the cloth that covered her face and body, big black eyes shadowed by long curvy lashes. For sure, her eyes were large and expressive, enhanced by the hint of some strange sadness in their depths. Her body, her hair, and her fave were covered in a black Abaaya. Still, there was some specific attraction and grace around her, some particular charisma, which made her decent and unique. Her personality was strong and powerful, enough to bend even the most daring male eyes.

“As Muslims, we believe that Allah knows each and every thing we do and He is watching us continuously.” She carried on.

To Be Continued…


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